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Audio Pro for Stacks Pro - Ultimate Audio player with CTAs thumbnail

Audio Pro for Stacks Pro - Ultimate Audio player with CTAs

To check out more information about Audio Pro, head over to ​https://www.weavers.space/stacks/audio-pro

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hey everybody Joe Workman here and I'm
really excited today to introduce you to
audio Pro this is a professional level
audio player that has some features that
I personally have never seen on the
market let's dive in so let's check out
the demos here for audio Pro if we
scroll down to the demos we'll see first
off one of the features here is a a
universal player now if you've seen
audio players across multiple browsers
you'll know that the native browser
audio player has very different looks
features um in every single browser this
unifies those features and the look and
feel across all browsers so that your
players look identical no matter what
device your users are viewing it from
now next up is the playlist now this is
a really big feature um that allows you
to import a playlist and not only can
you just add tracks individually you can
actually dynamically create these
playlists from Total CMS and feeds
here's an example of the Weaver Radio
podcast feed being dynamically displayed
inside audio Pro using the feed stack
now this last feature is the game
changer this is a feature I've never
seen in any other audio product out
there and if you notice during this we
have audio markers but not only do we
have the ability to Mark special plac
pie within our timeline that we want our
users to be able to see we can trigger
call to actions with those markers for
our users and you can add whatever
Stacks you want inside of these ctas
here I just have a little like a little
box with a button but you can add
whatever you want full subscription
forms you can drag and drop whatever
Stacks you would like inside of the CTA
you can have as many of them placed
throughout your audio as you
want super powerful now in this case it
actually pauses the audio but as soon as
I close the CTA the audio will continue
and we'll notice here I have a second
CTA here now that first one was the
built-in CTA in the audio player and
this second one shows that we can
actually integrate with the call to
action stack which has a lot of
different Integrations you can trigger
light boxes you can trigger here we're
opening up a peekaboo um but there's so
many other things that you can do with
the call to action stack so these CTA
Integrations are definitely a game
changer if you want to actually add some
interactivity to your audio players on
your websites this allows you to
potentially navigate users through your
audio and show them different hints or
call to actions throughout the audio now
let's go jump into stacks and give you a
little sneak peek on how audio Pro is
configured so here we are inside the
demo file for audio Pro and what you'll
notice is that the actual stack can
configure multiple audio tracks for one
single audio player now this can be used
for playlist or supplying different
formats based on the browser audio Pro
supports all major formats on all modern
browsers now inside the main stack
settings you'll know notice that we can
turn on and off various controls we can
add timeline markers as many as you want
we can style them and Define exactly
where these points of interest are
within our audio
files we have full-blown playlist
support that has extra buttons and extra
settings to styling your playlist we can
then add transcriptions for
accessibility support as well as ADD our
own custom ctas which we saw earlier and
you can add as many of these ctas as you
want within audio Pro and lastly we'll
notice that we can actually add
analytics tracking as well so if you're
using a Facebook pixel Google analytics
or Google tag manager you can integrate
uh with those events from those
platforms so you can actually customize
uh your ads and things of that nature
based on if a user listens to your
audio so there we have it there's audio
Pro as you see it's a really featur rich
audio player that has some really strong
features such as the CT that really I've
never seen anywhere else on the web so I
hope you enjoy audio Pro go out there
and make your websites great bye