About Stacks Guru

Stacks Guru is born from the need to search the vast number of videos out there on stacks built for Stacks Pro and the Stacks 5 plugin for Rapidweaver.

We have scraped over 500 videos to get the transcripts for each in order to make the spoken word searchable.

Please use this free tool to help you learn and discover the awesome power that Stacks and the stacks made for Stacks have to offer.

Stacks Guru

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Every little bit helps to keep this going. I'll be doing my very best to keep up with the likes of Joe when it comes all the videos he posts!

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Please follow this to ensure consistency throughout the video references.

Step 1: Go to the Weaver's Space YouTube Video Page

Make sure the video hasn't already been added.
Weaver's Space YouTube

Step 2: Copy All Pertinent Information from YouTube Video

a) Set the Correct Date (date under Title)
b) Title | Summary
c) YouTube ID (this also supplies the image for the video)
d) Video Transcript

Step 3: Add the Appropriate Tags, Category, and Stacks

Please be sure to list any and all stacks found within the video
YouTube ID (Important: ID Only)