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Stacks Guru is born from the need to search the vast number of videos out there on stacks built for Stacks Pro and the Stacks 5 plugin for Rapidweaver.

We have scraped over 500 videos to get the transcripts for each in order to make the spoken word searchable.

Please use this free tool to help you learn and discover the awesome power that Stacks and the stacks made for Stacks have to offer.

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Design your Website for Both Light and Dark Mode

Design your Website for Both Light and Dark Mode

In a recent live stream I asked if you wanted me to teach more about designing for both light mode and dark mode. Based on the feedback, many of you obviously would love to learn how to accomplish this. So today we will learn the ins and outs of controlling your website colors so that it looks good in both light mode and dark mode with Foundation 6. We will look at how easy it is to automatically detect if your visitor has their system set to dark mode and swap your site theme. Then we will look in how we can integrate a toggle on your site to allow users to choose which theme to use.
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