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Stacks Guru is born from the need to search the vast number of videos out there on stacks built for Stacks Pro and the Stacks 5 plugin for Rapidweaver.

We have scraped over 500 videos to get the transcripts for each in order to make the spoken word searchable.

Please use this free tool to help you learn and discover the awesome power that Stacks and the stacks made for Stacks have to offer.

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Boost Your SEO with Structured Data - Live Stream

Boost Your SEO with Structured Data - Live Stream

Are you ready to elevate your website's SEO and enhance its visibility on search engines? Join us in this exclusive live stream where we dive deep into the world of Structured Data and uncover its potential to transform your SEO strategy!

🚀 What You'll Learn: Structured Data Basics:

  • Understand what structured data is and why it's a game changer for SEO. 
  • Implementation Guide: Step-by-step walkthrough on how to implement structured data on your website.
  • Tools & Techniques: Discover the tools you need to create, test, and validate structured data. Live Q&A: Get your questions answered in real-time.
  • 🔍 Why Structured Data?

Structured data allows search engines to not only crawl but truly understand your website content, making it a critical element in SEO. From enhancing your site's appearance in search results with rich snippets to improving content relevancy, structured data can dramatically increase your website's search visibility and user engagement.
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Technical SEO Tactics for 2019

Technical SEO Tactics for 2019

In this video we review how the technical SEO was done on https://www.weavers.space. We get a sneak peak at how SEO Helper was used to accomplish a lot of things. We will also review how to look at webmaster tools for both Google and Bing. We will also look at some popular SEO testing tools.
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