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Stacks Guru is born from the need to search the vast number of videos out there on stacks built for Stacks Pro and the Stacks 5 plugin for Rapidweaver.

We have scraped over 500 videos to get the transcripts for each in order to make the spoken word searchable.

Please use this free tool to help you learn and discover the awesome power that Stacks and the stacks made for Stacks have to offer.

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Cumbre Launch to support Stacks Pro Development

Cumbre Launch to support Stacks Pro Development

Chris Powers is doing it again! This time with a pretty insane deal. Chris has a new Cumbre project file that is not your typical "site in a box" project file. Cumbre will serve as your basecamp for new projects. It has a ton of pre-built solutions that can serve as a perfect place to start for a page. Now 100% of the proceeds from the Cumbre launch event will be going straight to Isaiah to help the Stacks Pro development train moving along. So hop onto the Stacks Pro train with us. Choo Choo!
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