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Bento for Stacks Pro - Drag and Drop NoCode Bento Layouts for your website thumbnail

Bento for Stacks Pro - Drag and Drop NoCode Bento Layouts for your website

In the world of web design, staying ahead of trends is not just a choice, it's a necessity. With the rise of bento-style grids in modern web design, we're excited to unveil Bento – a revolutionary no-code tool for Stacks Pro that effortlessly brings this trend to your fingertips. Elevate your web design with Bento – where innovation meets intuition, and trends become reality. It's time to design with the future in mind. For more information about Bento head over to https://www.weavers.space/stacks/bento

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hey everybody Joe here and I am really
excited today to introduce you to our
latest and greatest stack Bento now
Bento grids are all the rage right now
on the line and all of the most amazing
websites out there including apple.com
and of course Weaver space use them now
over the years we've gotten tons tons of
requests on Joe how do we create the
amazing grid layout that you have on
your homepage or on our stack page this
awesome infinite loading grid how do we
create that Joe well I'm glad to say you
can now create this easily with
Bento if you search for bento grids
online or head over to bentor grid.com
you can get some great inspiration on
the amazing layouts that you can build
and guess what all of these grids can
can built super easily with no code drag
and drop using the Bento
Stacks Bento has an easy to ous grid
designer that allows you to design the
grids exactly how you want them to look
across all
devices and you can drag and drop your
favorite Stacks in there to build
whatever content you want inside of
Bento however Bento also integrates with
some of your favorite Dynamic Stacks
such as feeds total CMS and more so you
can create Dynamic layouts for your
blogs product pages and websites Bento
Works across all themes and Frameworks
and even allows you to supply your own
custom break points and the first time
ever in the Weaver space stack we have
access to container queries as well now
Bento is built upon CSS grid which is
the latest and greatest in CSS layout
Technologies it's grid designer and drag
and drop content abilities as well as
Integrations with other things such as
feeds and total CMS make it a really
great all-in-one solution for your
layout needs so go check out Bento today
you won't be disappointed and as always
go forth and make your websites great