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Blog List Partials thumbnail

Blog List Partials

A quick tutorial on how you can use partials in Stacks to make quick work of creating and editing sortable Blog Lists.

Categories: Tutorial


hey everyone so this is a pretty neat
little video I mean it's nothing
mind-blowing but it's more of a um a way
for you to work smarter and not harder
so I yeah I don't know why I didn't
think of doing this before
um but here it is
um basically what I have is a blog list
with the blog list content here in a
and let me show you what that actually
will get me okay
so if I preview this page
I have a blog list all right and so
right now I'm on date you know high to
uh and so if I do this one
I'm sorry this one's loaded high and
then this one's high to low this one's a
to z and this one's Z to A so this is a
pretty you know interesting simple way
to you know create blog lists with you
know some sort of dynamic sorting
um you know feature on a page and so you
know it's it's pretty neat right
but you know what what happens if you
needed to I don't know instead of having
the date
over here you wanted to date maybe
underneath the title well potentially
that would be one two three four times
that you would have to you know change
the layout of the blog list
but instead of doing that I have
my blog list set up where the only thing
I need to change would be something over
here like oldest First newest first
alphabetical so on and so forth
and then you know the same down here so
this one is set to oldest first this one
is set the newest first
this one is set to alphabetical ABC and
then this one is the reverse
and so
now if I wanted to you know I could just
take this date and put it underneath
go back and then there you go now
they're all the same they're all changed
so I can well you know it's it's to the
right here let me fix that real quick
just because it's going to drive me
while I'm demoing
all right
there so now the date is underneath the
on this one this one this one and this
one so yeah I think that's um a pretty
simple and effective solution and I hope
it helps you guys out maybe gives you
some ideas of other ways you can use
um you know but oh let me show you one
thing though so we're used to you know
being able to while we're oops
while we're in here you know to being
able to add summary or title or whatever
Stacks right so you know just like a
partial you have to back out of it
um in order to see changes but if you
wanted to add something from the blog
list you're going to have to you know
first do the plus maybe you want you
know author
and then you're gonna have to cut that
going here and paste and then put that
wherever you want so maybe you wanted
that down here
so if I click on that
and now it's going to be you know
author is going to be to the right of
vacation dreams and the uh and the date
so anyway just a little little caveat
there so while you're working you got to
back out
you know get get the
the child stack that you want so I guess
my suggestion actually would be um
before you partialize something if
that's the word partialize
um my suggestion would be to go in here
you know build out your blog list the
way you want it so you can work a bit
more efficiently and then you know maybe
you can once you've gotten it you know
to where you want it
then you
take your uh your content here
go back into your partial if you haven't
if you've already created it paste it
and then
there you go
I don't have any media data so there you
um anyway I hope this helps
um I thought it was a a pretty simple
solution using partials right bye