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Cumbre Introduction

Calling all web developers! It's time to discover the magic of the Cumbre project file for Stacks and Foundation 6. Join us as we unveil its secrets in this eye-opening video tutorial that will revolutionize your approach to web design. With step-by-step guidance and insider knowledge, you'll be equipped to create stunning websites with ease. Ready to elevate your skills? Don't wait another second - watch the video now! Buy Cumbre! https://stacksbasecamp.com/store/cumbre

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kumbre is a starting point for any
project file that you may need to create
for a client or for yourself what's it
used for well pretty much anything you
can use it to start building a website
for a store for a lawyer for a doctor or
for a food truck pretty much anything
that you want it's there for you
everything is fully hooked up and ready
for you to start building it has most of
the pages that you could possibly need
for any website that you need to build
kumra comes with about 20 pages that are
fully developed and SEO helper ready to
go each page uses macros from Total CMS
that are controlled from the admin side
of the website and you have complet
complete control over the look and feel
of your website and a lot of it you can
control from the admin portal
itself well of course you need Stacks 5
Foundation 6 total CMS SEO Helper and
off-site as well as the Swatch pack for
these are the common page types that I
have found that most of my clients have
required from a wide range of business
types each page type has its own admin
page for you to customize
settings each page also allows you to
customize the page title which is what
shows up in the tab above every page of
a CMS blog is fully set up and
integrated with SEO helper to improve
your SEO presence on Google even the FAQ
is is powered by the blog list each page
type has its own unique and shared
characteristics each page of course is
fully customizable to set up each of
these pages with their own unique blog
list blog post and then admin blog list
and blog form Pages could take a long
time with Cumbre everything is already
set up and ready for you to start
designing blog form Pages have common
SEO requirements but they can also be
customized the drinks menu blog form for
instance Has a Field called ingredients
that allows you to enter the different
ingredients for each drink the
ingredients are separated by
commas this version of kumbre which is
version 1.01 is a more streamlined and
userfriendly version of kumbre I
received feedback and realized that the
project file may be too overwhelming for
most users when you open the project
file you'll be on the start here page
underneath is Legend and holding box the
legend shows color codes for pen Stacks
used in the project file and other
helpful information to understand the
project file as you develop it holding
box is a place for you to keep different
versions of various components that you
may want to use throughout the project
file you can use this page to store
different versions of components on your
website that you are currently working
on and wish to further develop while
having a different version on the page
I've streamlined the number of pages
that you see right away to six you have
home blog admin sitemap 404 and sandbox
if you click on in used Pages you'll
notice that it looks like it's an empty
page and that's because it is if you
click on the tab furthest to the left
you'll notice that this checkbox for
draft has been checked this means that
the page will not publish if you set a
page as a child of unused pages it will
also be automatically set to draft and
if you were to drag that page out of
unused pages the page will not be draft
anymore so it will publish if you
publish the project file if you twirl
down the unused pages you'll notice all
the other page types fall underneath it
if you have a project file and want to
start a new website with an about us
page you can easily select and drag this
page out this will set the page to be
published instead of a draft if you
don't need the page type you can drag it
down and place it under the unused pages
it will not be
published one thing to notice about the
page structure within kumbre is the
hierarchy of the pages for instance the
homepage has one subpage underneath it
this is the admin page where you can
control the settings of the homepage now
if you notice the folder for this page
is called the admin home hom page you
don't need to know this because when you
go to the admin page from your website
it will be whatever your domain name is/
admin all admin subpages are fed into
your project through an off-site stack
by Weaver space this allows your project
file to have a very simple and clean
interface other page types such as the
blog need a Blog view page this page
contains the blog post stack the blog
page also has an admin page like the
this admin page allows you to adjust
settings for the blog page that your
users will see these settings include
the banner title Banner subtitle and
gallery images for the banner you can
set the page title page link title page
description and Page social share card
for each page since this is a Blog it
also has its own admin blog for the list
as well as the blog form edit page this
same structure for pages and hierarchy
is throughout the entire project
kumbre is designed to make it easy for
you to create a website quickly you can
open the project remove unnecessary
Pages publish the files to your server
and have a fully functioning website in
just a few minutes depending on the
number of pages you have so you can
start to add content and begin fleshing
out your website to make it look however
beautiful you want again kumra is a
starting point yes you could use this as
a fairly functional website but why stop
here you use this project file to
customize it to your liking and create
something even more stunning than what
it initially offers impress both
yourself and your clients with a truly
beautiful website without having to
worry about all the technical