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Cumbre Launch to support Stacks Pro Development thumbnail

Cumbre Launch to support Stacks Pro Development

Chris Powers is doing it again! This time with a pretty insane deal. Chris has a new Cumbre project file that is not your typical "site in a box" project file. Cumbre will serve as your basecamp for new projects. It has a ton of pre-built solutions that can serve as a perfect place to start for a page. Now 100% of the proceeds from the Cumbre launch event will be going straight to Isaiah to help the Stacks Pro development train moving along. So hop onto the Stacks Pro train with us. Choo Choo!


hello everybody Oh you mean you
test test test no one wants to hear me
anyway oh wow you mess me up Chris mess me up all
right hold on let's okay let's do you guys can't hear
me my mic does not work darn it okay one second just flip them back and forth
yeah okay how about now you guys hear me now and Chris Chris say something test
test test test Joe is very quiet Joe is very quiet
how about now am I louder I can hear you
okay that that's okay I think they said I'm good
okay never heard Joe so quiet perfect okay perfect okay cool let's get started
so um so yeah if you guys didn't know you probably saw my the email that came out and Also Chris's post on the Weaver
space community that uh he has a new project file out right well it's kind of
like a new old project file but I'll let Chris explain that right yeah um we'll call it new project file and um it is a
a killer deal $10 um you get uh cumri I'm sorry dude
how do you spell kumbre Kum man close you were close you know I'm a
Greeno man you know you want you know you your you your Ben Bento yeah yeah
Bento or Bento doesn't I say that wrong a glion times right yeah Chris is very
loud oh really sounds okay to me sorry
everybody um so yeah anyway so com kumbre okay Kum is um now what's
special about this is a yes it's a new project file um well I'll call it new but all
Chris explained that but what's amazing about this deal is that 100% of the proceeds um are going to go to your head
AKA Isaiah to help fund the stacks Pro development you know Stacks Pro is under development but obviously creating a
complete app from scratch well not totally from scratch right it is it is we do have stacks I have okay I've seen
it I don't have it I can't share it but it exists it's pretty cool it's awesome I'm excited for it super excited for it
um but we need to make sure that uh it has a certain level of remember it's
replacing kind of a frame work that's been around for 20 years right so we need to make sure we have you know Isaiah needs to make sure that it has a
certain level of functionality and professionalism that we need in order and what we expect right so um Siri I'm
not talking to you um and every time so yeah you know Stacks Pro I know we we
all wish we had it in our hands right now um it is I think not far away I know we've been waiting for about a year now
um but we are pretty close and and uh so Chris just had this amazing Fe thought
to hey let's you know help Isaiah eat a little bit more so that he can continue working on stacks and not have to uh do
other things so that we can get Stacks Pro in our hands even faster so I'm all
for that and um yeah I'll let I'll let Chris talk more and um give you a little
overview of kumre up cool hey everybody okay so like just said I'm Chris um I
run Stacks spacecamp.com where you can purchase my project files and sign up to
have one-on-one trainings with me uh and you know I just to start out I I love this
community I love Stacks um I will do anything I can to promote Stacks to
promote Joe stuff a lot of the people on the community you know um I I want to
see sta Pro come to fruition just as bad as everybody else and I figure if if I
can do something to help then I should do something to help and so my doing
something is to release the the project file kumbre which is Spanish for Summit
or Peak um and you know whatever money comes in give it to Isaiah and help him
develop Stacks Pro and the cool thing is is that it's not just me it is Josh over
at sta Weaver he is giving my math is terrible but it's roughly around 55% off
of his Cloud flare Dev tool stack and then Scott over at Stacks stacks.com
is giving away his uh one of his Stacks the no post replace and they're both uh in the
project file so if and when you get those stacks and you open up kumbre it
will work in the project file I mean yeah you got to set some stuff up especially for the cloud flare Dev Dev
tool stack but it you know they're there and they will work um so yes this is a
technically a newish project um if you are familiar with Kon my other project
file like this um they're they're very very very similar um I really took a
deep dive into SEO Helper and wanted to make a few other changes to the admin
portal really and so I I started this new version I guess it would be Kon
version 4 um and uh at the last minute I changed the name to kumr because I felt
like I never really liked the name Kon uh because when I first started this this whole Venture um it was all
construction based and my my project names were like bedrock and you know
kesan which is a construction term I forget what it means now but that doesn't mean that doesn't matter um and
and actually Joe one day had the bright idea to say hey why not Stacks base camp
that sounds cooler and I was like no you you're wrong and then I thought about it
and he was right so I changed the name and now everything is more or less going to be orinal I forget now
uh Weaver base site Weaver Bas site that's right and then it went to Weaver Bas camp but then bad things happened
with the rapid Weaver world and so I was like Stacks only nice thank thank you
rapid Weaver um so I pushed that CH see exactly I mean hey still here still here
um so yeah so now everything is going to be more or less you know Camp outdoorsy
kind of based and uh and I like it I like goom it's a fun word um you know and and it's it means you know like I
said Summit which this is a big project file you know this is a really really
big file if you've purchased it and opened it you probably were like oh my
God what is this this is nuts um and there's a lot in there you know and even
if even if you're brand new to the stacks world to Foundation 6 or whatever
it's it's actually just really good to open it up and check out the structure of things check out how um things are
laid out you know the settings that are used the use of swatches the use of
utility classes you know there I have nested partials I have you know the
thing where you can go and unpin a column inside a partial so that you can put different content in the partial on
different pages and it won't mess up up the actual partial itself so there are some advanced concepts in there uh for
you to learn from if anything and for $10 this is a pretty sweet deal because
normally the the product sweet deal yeah it's like 80 bucks um and the thing is
is that you know this was a two-part kind of campaign for for me at least personally um you know this this whole
thing with rapid Weaver it's it's it's kind of it's put a bad taste in a lot of
people's mouths you know just the way things have been handled and what I would like to do at least with this is
to try to build community which is why I have the Pay It Forward part you know
you can buy it for yourself and for $7 extra it will go to a a randomly picked
Community member and I I did include the real Mac Forum but real Mac it's U
Isaiah's Discord it's the Weaver space and it's RW for all so when you purchase you will
be able to choose which Forum you want that random copy to go to um and it's just a
way to get it into as many people's hands as possible because I want people to really I I think Foundation 6 yeah
I'm a fanboy I'm sorry I'm a fanboy uh Joe stuff is just killer you know and I
think that that is the the one true path for all of us um just because it's so
powerful you know and and I mean look at he's right there well for me he's right there you know he's at our becking call
people you're not going to get this kind of support from anyone else anywhere else I'm I'm sorry so yeah anyway I I
just I think it's a great deal and I'm excited about this it's the the feedback so far has been really great uh a lot of
people have started to buy it and a lot of people are doing I'd say about half are actually doing the Pay It Forward
thing which makes me really really happy um so yeah um and and just as a little PSA
for some reason I'm having an issue right now with people getting the email with the link um I am working on that
after this Scott actually over at stack app Stacks is going to hop on with me and we're gonna we're going to sort it
out um but you will get the link uh I promise if I have to you know send it
myself from from the the server that I'll do it but just please be patient
with me okay um so yeah so that's the that's the campaign I'm excited uh a lot
of great feedback and please let's you know continue to support Isaiah um Stax
Pro is gonna be amazing people so sweet yeah if if you'd like I would love to at
least show you some of the newer features in uh in kumbre and uh I'm
going to actually start with the um the actual published project cool so so this
is if you're familiar again if you're familiar with Kon this looks very similar uh but there are some new things
so I've added uh a few page types so you have oh not oh sorry guys I pulled the
joke you pulled to me and sorry guys I know my my audio is only going through
to the left Channel I I'm not exactly sure why but uh anyway yeah whatever
yeah yeah um okay so now if you've seen this and you've known uh if you are familiar with
Kon then this will look familiar uh so this is kumbre and I've added a few page
types like I said uh one is the campaigns so I had events before but I
know events are different from campaigns and so I added it um there's a donate
page now so you can flesh out donates uh donation page and under legal where's
there you are under legal you know I've added some you know places for you to put privacy policy terms and conditions
uh returns and cancellations and and just as a FYI you know the reason why this project is the way it is is because
um I continued to build and build and build the same thing over and over and
one day I was like why am I doing this I should just have one project I start from and this is it every time learned a
new trick every time I found something cool I would try to throw it in here and this is the culmination of about three
plus years worth of work so yeah um a lot went into this and you know every
client that I get is new they have a different requirement like up here you know one wants campaigns one wants
events uh courses you know you can go to the courses page and sell your courses
now clearly these are set up you know for you to fill in with your own payment
stuff you know your own purchase links and everything I'm just trying to give you the structure from which to build
off um you know there if you are wanting to make a food menu you know I've made
this silly little food board and then you know click on this it'll take you to the drinks menu and you can have you
know set up your your bar menu which is pretty nice uh a partner page you know a
lot of people have partners that or Partnerships with other companies you can take payments you know this one
set up I have pay snap on here uh the project that gets shipped does not have this in it um but you can put your your
payments in there uh let's see a resources page you know these are all
very like um typical page types that you know
people would want in a website and they're already built for you you just got to make them look pretty and so
that's yeah um where there's one important distinction I think that um
you know I know there's a lot of project files out there that are like websites in a box and I kind of you know stated
that in my email this morning you where um kumbre is different you know it's not you're not going to take kumbre and
build a website with it right yeah um it's well you are but not thiss yeah
it's it yeah you're you're gonna take the components like you know not
everyone is going to need you know a a donate drinks events and legal thing and
a food menu all you know it's you know these are a really cool pre-made little hey look this is how you can do this
with total CS if you want a food menu then you go to the food menu thing and you know you can create that right or
integrate that into an existing project file or a project file that you're going to start yeah yeah and and I'll show you
in the project how I I I think I found a better solution on on controlling the
different page types uh before I had a lot of toggles and I have reduced my
toggle fix down to the minimum so it won't kill your server um but yeah so
and then one last thing that I I think is really kind of a cool thing at least for me is this this credits page and
there we go I don't know why the background isn't loading but that's okay so you know we all use unsplash or other
images you know from different things that say Hey can you you know credit us on your page well this is a way for you
to credit those images um nice it's in the it's in the footer as well uh down
here you can turn it on turn it off but you know you click on it I don't think a lot of people do that right so you know
now now curious I I don't know all the details here do you have to actually credit each individual image as well or
they some places would like you to credit each individual image that you have and so what this is is this is a
blog list and I'll show you in the back end but you can just it's and I try to make it as easy as possible unsplash
does a good job of giving you code to put on the page and so you just dump the code in and it creates these okay cool
yeah it's just a nice way to you know stay on the side of legal so to say interesting now just a a tidbit of
information probably on a page that does that um you probably want to turn off
robots right so you probably want that page not to be indexed just an idea yeah actually you know what that's a good
idea I'll make a note of that and remove that make a note sorry for interjecting
just oh no that's IDE popped in my head oh and that's another reason why I like having this project in a lot of people's
hands so that other people can find the bugs that I haven't because I do actually use this project to build all
my websites and so if you can find the bugs for me it makes my life easier down
the road uh so yeah so this is you know this is the kumbre project file um you
know it's got everything is all hooked up again like I said and this this is uh
using Joe's new new share it three stack so all of this will share per blog post
U and and it's on every every single one so if you go to the events page and you click on the the read more it's down
here too and it it uses SEO helper so it will share the the title of the the post
and it'll share the the card that or the um the image that you have so yeah it's
it's pretty nice um so let's go to the back end real quick because this I mean Everyone likes an
admin portal I love admin portals um I've really done some some fun quality
of life enhancements I think so when it came to toggles on a page that activated
things on the page once youve toggled them on I hated having to refresh because it would refresh everything so I
put a real refresh button on each page just that's a little you know quality of life thing that I I think is a is really
nice but uh let me see there's if you go in I'll just go and give you a little
quick tour of this so um quick links you know you can use these to add um you
know different blog posts you know reviews blog post events things like that or if you click here you can
actually go to them uh this will show you your latest blogs that and events that are in draft mode you can obviously
change that to be whatever you want that's the beauty of this it's your project file just switch out the CMS ID
uh let's see page content every page has its own page settings so if I click on
home and come in here everything like the banner title so
if I go home this Banner title and then this sub subtitle all controlled back here all
the images are here um it's broken into sections so one this is a section 2 3
four and on and on and on um you can control them here here so there's the about us so you can actually tell you
know I want this to be on the right and watch it now
work hey it worked so you can you can tell it what side um is it going to be
50% is it going to be 33% you know whatever you can give it margins and it's all controlled back here um there's
extra content you can put in now this is where it gets real powerful so these are
the page settings so this ties directly into SEO helper so this and the page
description this the social share card this is all per page so you can control
it per page the link title um if I put on here um you know
take me home and save that and I refresh up
here it'll change the title of the link take me home so everything can be controlled from the back end all right
and then what's really nice is you have per page code settings so since the
homepage doesn't have a post view for like a Blog there is no post view code
but if there was you know you would have the same the main um I'm sorry the head and the body text where you can put
specific code so maybe there's tracking code or or whatever you want to put in there it's there and then you know I
have on the side here this little mellin um Mell navigation for you to
make it a bit easier to navigate through um the about us so all the pages are
kind of similar you know in that same vein so you know the blog the blog page
doesn't really have much by the way of con content so because that's going to be where all of your posts are so it's
it's a bit simpler than the rest of the pages um the about us has something unique though and I didn't put put it
throughout the entire thing because it is a bit experimental still I'm still working on it but it's in the project if
you want to play that's my cat Kaylee um let's see where are you okay so down here the page sections
so I had an idea to you know how can I allow people to put different sections
of content and reorder them maybe give them a different background color something like that per section and so
all of these are different blog posts that are in the the admin section of the
about us and I I'm just going to Breeze over this guys and I I it's you know we
can do some some more with this on a hangout or something but you know who we serve we'll just go in there like maybe
you want a section for that and you can come in here and you can create a section and you can give it a background
color you can put the padding and then the section sort so you want wanted this to be number one you would change this
to one and then whatever one was you change it to three or or whatever and you can reorder your different sections
so yeah and and also um every blog um every blog post I'm sorry form
page like this this is a Blog form right here I've added the layouts so these are
pre-built layouts for you to go in and I'm using Joe's fancy schmancy new copy
um copy content feature so like this one you know what if I wanted a two column
vertical center with a pick on the right okay copy that HTML you come in
here unsplash yeah
yeah so if I go in here to the code View and come down and then you know just
paste the code and then I oops there we go and now
I have my layout so I have my image on the right it's vertically centered it's
a two column and it's done now you can go in and just change this to be whatever you want it to be you can even
click on the image and it will act well let me see there we go m not far enough down a little Sub
menu should come up more space maybe it's because I'm in this
there we go so the standard you know blog picture replace and you know
styling and everything else shows up so you'll be able to just swap out the image for whatever image you want and go
from there and again all of these are pre-built even down to a button um
you'll be able to actually hover over this and it gives you some classes to put on the button so that you'll be able
to style it a bit more you know like a radius or or whatever yeah I mean it's I
tried to make it as as easy as possible and to give the most common layouts that
you know at least I would use so they're they're all there U and that's a partial
so you change it one place it changes everywhere else um I wanted to show the
where are you the credits so under the credits thing you come in
and maybe I broke something I may have broken something guys I was
messing around with it earlier today and this is this isn't the published one this is the one that I have that I've
been playing with but anyway they're all you know all these are all hooked up um
the drink menu you know you click on it takes you to it you can edit to your heart's content
now I will say this when you are in the blog form um you know in Rapid Weaver
you know know be careful because SEO helper I use very specific macros across
the board for things so like summary it says summary but that's not summary this
is not the summary step I know I know it's it's actually using media and the
re I know I'm I'm a pain and the reason for that is because I wanted summary to
be searchable and so it's in in content extra content those aren't searchable
but summary is and so I wanted to save it for something special and I found
that media was a was a good alternative okay um so
yeah MH
yeah and then down here so you you may notice like every every blog uh form has
SEO keywords and the reason I put this in here is BEC and and used one of the
uh the total CMS fields for it is because that is a field in SEO
in the structured data and so I wanted to let me pause uh really that that
entire thing I just said you heard me but nobody else heard me cuz I I I was trying to tweak my setup a little bit
more to fix the audio and I broke it and I I so I reverted it back
perfect uh so guys what let me just sorry Chris you're gonna have to hear that again go for it go for it um so
what what Chris did here was um kind of some Pro level thinking right right hopefully you guys can hear me I I see
the the meters of the audio going up when I talk now so I think it's fixed um
I won't touch it again during the stream I'm sorry um so Chris has done a lot of
the pro level thinking where he he knows what fields and blog are searchable via the the total CS search and which aren't
right so he's already you know created these things such as drinks a drinks menu that he we know he we want these
four or five fields to be searchable and he goes ahead and basically did all that
work for you so you don't have to worry about that you don't need to know that he's kind of already did it so um just a
benefit side benefit of that is you know you have a lot of this stuff is done for you um so yeah good job on that Chris
thank you and one of the things is um in SEO because I was very conscientious of
SEO helper when I was doing all this again I mean I went deep deep dive into
SEO helper um you know even down to getting on to chat gbt and asking it for
structured data for you know like a food menu or you know podcasts locations
things like that you know I want to make sure I got as much that I could that I
could use with total CMS and one thing that was kind of across the board was
keywords in the structured data so I put in here you know keywords so you can
actually have in a blog post some specific keywords you want to have searchable uh and so yeah and then
you know like all the others you have your layouts these layouts are on every
form page so you'll be able to U use them and you know I I tried I tried to
go through and do things like ingredients you know for this you know this is a specific layout for this one
um but for events if you click on events it's it's different you know um
you can have the event price well I guess I I don't know why I put all that there but I did there you go um you have
event details the address um you know again your summary which is please it's
media um the category the tags this is all stuff pertinent to what an event
would be okay um let's see and the same with courses you know if you click on
the courses you have the title you have another summary the price um I don't
know why I put Texas under duration I gota you know I got to be more careful
when I export and import my stuff I I play too much anyway uh but
yeah you have all this stuff you have uh tags and categories and and what's nice is like the category I have one client
that that uses this system and um what's it called they want private and public
courses so private courses won't show in the list but they're still there and so
they can send them the the peral link directly to them for them to register you know it's just you know now for
those do you do you have it set up so you have two different um blogs or is
just like one set to Archive and then that if it's archived it's private exactly something yeah like exactly like
that um it will look for that private versus public and only show it's just the one list I was I just wanted to keep
it as simple as possible yeah exactly and and not have you know lists for everything
so to say um but yeah so you know this there's a lot of different blogs that
are set up I mean imagine why don't you give us a tour of the content side so we can kind of see on the content side what
what it what it what they all what each looks like so here books you know I I
wanted to put a books thing in here so if you want to show off books that you've written or have you can you know
put them in here and and then put a synopsis whatever you're think this is just some Star Wars lur myum but you can
you can put your books in here uh the FAQ you know this is all powered by the
blog that's a really cool one yeah I I I that's it's such a great little you know
use for a blog list um and then the same for resources you know these are this is
a Blog go in here you put in your image your your text and and the link and boom
it works um let's see what's campaigns campaign
you know like you can make it look however you want I didn't put too too much into this but you know you can say
details and the light box shows up keeps you on the page yeah um I don't have
anything for Affiliates and it looks like I did not actually turn on the uh
the link itself but there is an Affiliates page that I added as well okay cool yeah what's
the the Donate page is kind of like the the payment page where you can you know
put your own payment thing PayPal or whatever Joe has a great PayPal stack
people you can use that there um yeah so just does this use any particular um
donation thing does it use the PayPal Stacks or does it use what what does it particularly use or does it not this
this is the pay snap just because I have pay snap yeah pay snap's great yeah I I
I like pay snap a lot I actually do have the uh the PayPal one as well uh but this one was already set up and I was
kind of I've told people I mean pay snap is great um my PayPal Stacks are very
simple like it is the simplest form of integrating PayPal into your site so um pay snap definitely takes things to
another level right sure yeah yeah but don't don't sell yourself too short there because I I I watched the video
they have their use case like you know I I pretty much I'll tell you right now don't want to turn this into a PayPal
thing but um I pretty much created them because my dad needed a a donate button for his lion club site and he's just
like I just need a quick PayPal donation button right and um so obviously I added
a few other bells and whistles from PayPal but it was just a for a simple little hey I have a couple products I
just need a simple buy now thing or a donate button right works great for that if you're building an e-commerce site
you know probably want to look at something else you know I'll tell you that right um so anyway yeah past app is
good for a simple simple simple e-commerce site just yeah um but yeah
and you know then I you know this isn't total CMS blog but you know you have a pricing page that I've set up for you
you know like I I tried to go in and give as many different types of things
Pages page types that um someone could possibly need you know if you have a
client that uses all of these I want to know what business they're running because my God but I mean you're
probably gonna just have you know maybe a a handful of these and again you can
go in and you can sub you know put these into subcategories the menu yours you you make it however you want yeah I've
just laid it out like this so everybody can see everything all at once exactly um what's the staff page look like did
you show that one yet not yet it just has me nice St one just like we were
space love it exactly exactly um and then you know there's the
message us button which this is all powered by um total CMS in the in the
settings page which I'll actually show you the settings page so if you click on settings you
know this again all um total or SEO helper inspired
right oh and by the way here is the cloud Dev uh cloudflare Dev tools from
stacks weer up there it's not hooked up on my page on this yet um but it is
there just so you can see what it would look like um but yeah all this is fed
into the SEO helpers the contact info this is all stuff that will'll show you
can turn it on turn it off it will show you know up here and it all shows down
here in the footer you it like right now see this is a a decent you know brightness for the
logo on this background but if you a dark logo and you want to have a different background or a different logo
um down here in the footer you know I've even thought you can have an alternate um footer logo just just to keep things
you know um flowing for you and one of my favorite things that I did was I put
in the total CMS license uh it's just a dummy license but you can copy the license and then I thought well I want
the launcher thing to be better so I added it in there and you can just copy
the license and paste that's hilarious so I never saw
that that's pretty funny yeah this is new as of last week yeah and it's the same with and you
have the export tool right there that's brilliant y I want things to be simple
that that's pretty cool I like it and then this code is all sitewide so like
Google analytics this is the Google analytics for the site it puts it sitewide um I try to do you
know Facebook pixel this will go where the Facebook pixel goes but then you have head and body um placement as well
for for different things um my toggles so different side components so you can
turn on announcements cookie disclaimer um messages updates you know all these
different things will turn on and turn off you know if you want them and then you have you know hours of operation the
reason why it's this way is because in SEO helper it is specific to this kind
of format you have a specific line for you know open and close per day and so
it's it's in there um but this this is a Google
formatted um hours of operation and so that will show right here you know this
is Google formatted yeah so Google is just FYI for people you know Google is
very very very picky about things and the more you comply with Google's formatting the happier they will be with
you um and so if Google has it like this in your Google uh business account put
it like that on your web page whatever format it is you put it like that the same with the phone number so it has
this parentheses with the area code and then a dash between the numbers that's how Google does it and recently as of
two days ago um I was having an issue with one of my clients in their Google ads their phone number in the ads
themselves was being rejected and that's because it needed the area or the uh
country code in front of it and so they just suggested to put the country code
in the actual front facing thing as well so whatever I did it um and you can see
at the bottom in in the little thing down there in the link um so you're saying the hours of operation it should
be that format even though I'm assuming the other the other form the one with that's an SEO helper that
puts structured data on the page right yes this is for structured data okay now now now if but if you have the
structured data I mean Google should read that in because that's even pre even more preferable to them than the
format of the the what's actually on the page because then at that point that's human readable or I'm sorry machine
readable um you know formatting so interesting exactly exactly and but
Google also reads your your website like it does a Word document top to bottom
left to right and you know it looks for H1s then H2S and then sections for H3
and it likes having things matchy matchy to what because because what it's showing Google is intent it shows that
you are aware of people looking at some like it'd be the same as you know you
see a flyer out in the wild and it's a discount on something and you you know scan a QR code or whatever and it takes
you to the website and it's this it's a page for that flyer you found but the
colors are different the fonts are different the pictures are different it it doesn't look like they match it looks
like two completely separate things and it might make you think ah this looks kind of scammy I don't know if I want to
purchase this or you know be on this page I think it's kind of the same thing they want they want consistency across
the board at least that's that's my understanding of it um so yeah I mean
and then you know your social media that you can add in um your messaging info so all of this is
what is driving this message us and let's see and then this is all
like very specific SEO uh helper content you know down to Latitude to longitude
for you to put in there uh there's that country code right there um yeah and then you know contact
info and all this you know just it makes it as easy as possible so you don't have to open up stacks and and you know
change something there republish you can all you can do it from your phone if you wanted to um I actually spent some time
getting the phone portion looking at least semi decent I mean this is a lot
of content this is is a lot so it took some doing but yeah I mean and then you
know let's see open up the project file I thought I
already had it open so
this is the project file I mean right away you know I mean look how massive that is that's that's a lot of pages you
know yeah so that could be intimidating so show people how like how all that's organized maybe collapse everything so
it's a little less intimidating I don't uh maybe yeah go ahead goad no is there
an easier way to close everything uh I was just I thought everything was under one if you push the alt tag the ALT key
or option key and then click on the Arrow does that I think that does just the child's though yeah yeah that's all
right um yeah so okay so the way I and this was actually Joe's suggestion a
long time ago um you know you have the homepage right here so this is all you know homepage and I and I'm a pin fan so
everything's in it's in pins guys um you know it's I try to give notes throughout
as well so you don't get lost but every page that's you know the top level has
at least an admin page and so this is what is being served
up here so if I click on page content click on home this is what that page is
okay and then oops and then if I go to like um blog we'll do blog that's a
common one so this is the blog page here's the blog alert stack by stacka stacks.com that does not come with the
project that is a separate purchase and it is is worth it because it's super cool um you have the blog view page so
when someone clicks on the blog post it'll take them to the view page and then there's an admin page to tell you
what the blog will look like you know like um the title of it the link title
and then the SEO stuff for uh the page settings and then you have the blog list
for the admin side and you have the blog form on the admin side so every single
one is structured the same way all the way down um and then okay so back up
really quick so you have three blog admin uh things I just want to make sure that's clear so the first one the blog
page that is not that is stuff that is outside of the blog content but manages
the content around the blog page correct it's managing this it's like the picture the title here the
subtitle um and then whatever if there's specific code per that page or if there
is you know something else it would be in here and so if I if I go to the blog content page it's very simple you know
you can choose um to use F6 or impact now just curious you know several people
do this right where they have you know your blog page content and then your blog list why not just have the blog
list on your blog page as well it's curious that's a that's good I so I did
think about that but my only concern and and I didn't want to have too many like I have I have three panels now yeah you
know this list I have this list and then I have this list and if you have a Long
blog list and it's underneath the settings I mean it can the page can get
real long real fast fair enough and so okay yeah it depends on on how much content you have but sure yeah exactly I
mean I have I have a client that that they have um a provids page and there are about 4,000 providers and each one
of those provider is a blog list entry oh wow yeah and that remember that I
think that's when you up the uh the antee on um how much blog Import and
Export would work oh yeah remember you fixed that yeah so yeah that was that
was a fun one to to sus out man um but yeah so it each page has its own um like
page content page and then there is the the add edit content so these all the
blog list right so here's the blog posts so you know you have past you have drafts why past is coming up someone
asked in the chat is the menu that you created kind of dynamic so if they delete a page from the project does it
remove it from the menu no um that is SE so this is the menu and I'll I'll show
you why the only thing that's Dynamic is like services this is pulling from a
total CMS menu item okay um because I figured that that makes sense and then I
thought that I had it under block maybe I I removed it but yeah I think Services is a good use case for that but no um
Let me let me show you real quick like clearly you're not going to use all these pages right yeah so what what I
did was I came in here and I was like all right let's say I don't use videos I don't use tours and I don't want to
subscribe so I'll take one two and three and I drag them down here to this unused
pages which is set to draft so now those pages they don't
get published but they're still there they still have all of the if you if you
add something to to a structure a substructure that is the parent set to draft it won't publish anything inside
of it either exactly oh really that's yeah even okay guys look even I learned something new I didn't even know that so
there we go that's cool they're all all grayed out ah interesting yeah I was
very happy when I discovered that that's cool I like that yeah that's a good
exactly and and you don't you're because you know if you start a project I this happens a lot to me I'll start a project
for a client and you're like I don't want to blog I don't want to blog and like all right You're Gonna Want A Blog but okay I delete that page and then I
I'm kicking myself later because I got to Now read that page but this way it's
just it's still there and it's just turned off and so if I go into the
navigation this is a partial okay now it's for someone who's
new I know this could look scary but um if you double click on the pin you go
down there this is actually the menu and the reason why it's here in a partial
and it's here the same partials down here is so that if you make a change in
one it will reflect in the other one and so this is a custom menu that I've I've
built um so that it works with um both mobile and desktop but it's not a it's
not a rapid Weaver menu where you delete a page deletes the menu item for you and
so if you go in here to see this all of these are total CMS macros oh Jes so
yeah so all of the that's this is how you can rename your pages to be custom
from the back end and if you don't have a page that you you know if you don't want the drinks or
the events you know these are all things you can just delete them you know you can go back in and add them that the the
structure of the macros is fairly consistent you know throughout I mean
you know food menu privacy FAQ events they're all and I use the
same I guess um not nomenclature what's the word naming
yeah the same naming conventions throughout my uh my macros so you know
let's say that one day you wanted to add a new page you know all of this is pretty standard across the board you can
just really double click in here and then you know duplicate a page copy this
part you know just the privacy and then go in and change whatever you know this is on that new page so let's say you you
um changed the or you wanted to add a new page you duplicate the FAQ
you can just go in and double click and you know change everything to I don't know like what's a good one Stacks you
know like if you have a Stacks page and then you know boom you're done yep it's
it's I tried to make it again as easy as possible and again this is a massive file guys I I know it's scary for some
people it it's intimidating for me too I've just used it so much that I know where things are
um but it's a great learning tool if anything let's see let me get back out
of here um I saw a coup people in the comment saying that uh they learned total CMS using Kon so yeah oh nice
that's great that's that's the point guys that's kind of the point of this um you know me look at this all of this
macros Galore these are all total CMS macros already done for you for
structured data for local business and it's all fed from the admin side of this
website so down here Monday Tuesday all this this is all stuff fed
into um form we looked at earlier right the Monday Tuesday Wednesday and the time the hours yep and what's really
nice is so like I'll I'll show you this um so this website I actually built
using uh kumbre okay technically Kon but whatever kumbre um what's cool about
this is if you go into learn more so the blog okay and for some reason the I'm
using that trick I did with the WordPress thing and I think I got the uh the um file names wrong or something
because they're not only a few of them are showing up I was actually G to ask you about that Joe because I need to get this fixed but I was I was uh going off
Target there so what's cool about SEO helper especially with the blog check
this out they gonna blow your mind all right so if I inspect this this post
right here okay so this is the article right this right here where it says
script this is the structured data look at this the entire blog post is in the
blog list and that is per blog list item
the entire blog post yep so if you if you were to click on that and it takes you to the yeah see even these aren't
working if it takes you to the um the text it's all there
and it's all here too under there we go so here is the structured data for part
of it that's for the the um the local business stuff and then there's the blog
so you have you know keywords which are in here word count the uh the blog post
itself and all of this is being fed per post from the CMS
exactly I mean this is this is massive massive stuff when it comes to
SEO um yeah I'm I'm actually very proud of that that it's I got it all hooked up
correctly um and even things like uh if you were to click on you know
courses you know like this map if you have the maps two stack from a doox um
in the project file or yeah in the project file under like location
there we go so I added that functionality in there as well so location one it it will pop up in here
location two it'll pop up in there it's it's pretty cool so imagine like you have apartment complexes or you're
trying to sell houses or something you can have a map that matches what the list item is in the uh in the total CMS
blog so yeah I mean I can I could Pro probably go on forever with this oh
sitemap site map is is pretty much done you just got to fill in your um your uh total CMS uh what's it called the the
the URLs I learned that the that the macro does not work in here which is
fine um you know you do it once you set it it's fine but you know all of this is
pretty much set up for you and you just got to change the the front part of the
um the URL and your site map is done you can just upload that to
to Google console um yeah it's just there is so much in here guys so so much I even have
like a place with some extra different Footers and blog blog posts blog lists
things like that for you um there's a Sandbox page where you can go in and
play yeah a legend get some help you out with some of the stacks yeah lots of
stuff so sweet yeah for 10 bucks not bad exactly not bad at all not bad
at plus you get a stack from Stacks app stacks and you get a pretty good discount off of the cloud Dev um or
cloudfl Dev tool stack which is awesome that is that is really cool you get a
lot with that you know I think the the the the time savings and and the learning that you can get from uh this
project file is is definitely worth it like a th% so good job dude I love it
thank you thank you and you're giving back to your community by giving to Isaiah and if you do the Pay It Forward
thing you're helping someone else out to learn as well amen cool well you thank you very much
for uh for coming on today and yeah it was really awesome hope everyone uh goes out and buys it and uh pretty cool uh if
you uh if you haven't make sure you join us on Friday at our Hangouts right
they're always fun um Chris is a regular attendee he's always there along with
Josh and Scott and a bunch of you here I know I recognize a lot of names here in the chat um and uh hopefully we'll see
you all on Friday so cool now one thing about that though I may not be there
because I'm tempting fate I'm going out of town tomorrow on a so if anything breaks in my absence I
apologize I swear to you by Monday it should be fixed if anything breaks just contact Scott Williams there you go um
he will uh he will help you out y just just keep badgering him keep emailing he
loves it all the time yeah just like every you know he's getting older so like every two minutes at least you just
need to Ping him hey Scott you there hey Scott hey Scott Scott hey
Scott and we lost Scott Scott's now a Foundry
user H uh the link to purchase uh go on the
community in his in his announcements um and uh yeah just look in the announcement section on the community uh
you can also go to stacks basecamp.com and uh yeah cool thanks Chris hopefully
we'll see ever again on Friday we won't see Chris but we'll see everybody else take care everyone have a great rest of
your week bye bye guys