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all right we're live let's see how many people over on YouTube watching Josh
how's my video coming buddy you working on it what do I owe
you damn it I hoped you would remember what what am I supposed to be
working on for you I I don't know I think it was
the SQL one was it the SQL admin or Stacks xql Stacks
right I'm going to put that onto my Tas list right now so then I don't
forget good call I got my new reminder set up here
so it's kind of nice um
SQ light Oh's coming video
so I've been getting into OBS uh I help
my my church has been doing some like Friday night
like meeting thing then they needed help live streaming it because like a lot of people can't make it to it so I helped
them set it up and I created this whole like thing with
uh with loot back and audio hijack and like an additional um USB sound card
hard because like they have a mic system that goes to a Bose speaker and then I've got that coming as an input into
the computer and then also they play videos on the on the computer so I have to have that audio come back out of the
computer back to that same speaker so it's kind of like a loop you have to be careful it's because it's like it comes
in and out the same speaker um so whatever input the mic is comes out through the like the output
but also then whatever comes from the computer goes back in the input so you have to like use audio hijack to be able to do
ducking um which is pretty crazy uh but then I've learned about
like essentially what Isaiah remember Isaiah did that uh presentation in that
uh the one year and he was using his camera as his presentation for OBS yeah
yeah that's what you're not supposed to do what you're supposed to do is in OBS you can actually right click
and set one of your displays as the projector MH and then when you go into
Zoom share that display and then OBS controls what's
being viewed on that display and then that's what's actually shared so the camera has a high like a resolution
limit so when you're sharing it to your camera that's why everything was blurry we couldn't see it because it won't give
you full resolution but if you're doing share desktop and set OBS to to present
to that desktop then you're set see you later
Scott got yeah during during the summit that's sort of what I do so I use wirecast wirecast is has a virtual
camera out yeah and um basically whatever the output is uh from you know
whatever I mix um goes out as a virtual camera then on Zoom I set that as the as
the c as the webcam basically yeah so that's so that's thing
OBS has the camera option as well but you don't get as high quality as sharing
a desktop so was really cool is we did a
um so we were using that actually funny enough I was using the MacBook Pro that I picked up so I was running a secondary
monitor beside the MacBook Pro and then I'm connected a projector the MacBook Pro so I have two displays the projector
that's in the auditorium that's what we present as the OBS primary
screen and then um we can control from the two screens we can control everything that we need and then we
would uh was actually live streaming to sessions so we'd share the projector screen on sessions and then everything
we did nice was properly controlled like and it worked really well sessions just did like a some sort of a big update I
got an email I haven't I haven't seen what they what they did did did you check out what that was uh I haven't
looked at that yet no I just got your email finally oh yeah uh people will
eventually show up it's all good the people that matter are here now
how's it going David yeah not so bad thanks I I just started to watch that because your email when you came in a
minute ago yep yeah so yep it's all good I I was a little slow to the to the
trigger this morning so yeah I I I was H like what can I do a
live stream about and then finally I was like you know what I'm just gonna do a hangout that's handy actually I'm glad
I'm glad Josh is here but I just miss Scott yeah apparently he had a visitor come in so he had to he had to Jet yeah
Sean here the middle of the night sorry Sean's here and it's not the middle of the night it's crazy for him it's only
three hours difference from here very confusing Jo I mean it's it's still
10:40 at night but you know it's not the middle of the night at least
exactly dedication dedication I love it Sean if that's all I've got me I'm
happy I end up finding this uh app on the app store called touch
portal yeah and it supports all the way back to iOS 12 and it essentially turns
your iOS device into like a stream deck oh okay so then I'm actually able
to use my iPad Mini which is like second gen and the app still runs on it and I
can do a full fully customized panels unlimited I think you can have like unlimited panel screens and up to 140
icons crammed on one screen if you wanted to cool so I and then ended up
purchasing like it has a whole bunch of add-ons like you can upgrade in the app but I end up spending like 30 bucks to
get all the things I wanted and that still like you look at your cheapest um even like the stream deck
mini is still like 70 bucks yeah yeah I bought the the bigger stream
deck well I think they have newer ones now actually the newer ones now have like more kind of like dials and buttons and stuff which looks kind of
interesting but I got the one that has like 1 two 3 4 five 6 seven eight
by four so 32 buttons and I I don't use hardly any of them like I I mean I I do
use it but it's well see what's cool is so many non-used buttons is not even funny inside of um OBS I have the move
um add-on and it's like a transition pack so or it's like a a move Source
transition so inside of your scene you can create filters and your filter would
have different positions of your sources so then like your webcam can slide back
and forth so then you can add all those as your buttons so I'm going to end up having like different boards for
different stream use cases but um yeah know I'm helping them set up their system I'm actually meeting them up
tomorrow to do a final because like we had a bit of an audio I have to solve an audio issue I I accidentally and I think
it was just because I had passed through enabled on loop back so audio that shouldn't have been getting sent through
was getting sent through but it's crazy what you can do
with Just Apps yep 100% pretty
cool just a quick question am I correct in saying that um Scott Williams
produced The Vi raart Stacks he did not that was um bill
Bill uh yeah face is it ad not Adin no
oh is that someone stack it's stackit I think it's bill adelstein um
he used to join the Hangouts all the time but he hasn't joined for a long time no it wasn't Scott um it was Bill
um and I believe his last name is Adon he runs stack hits he did the
um what's his stack set the the um the database thing thing
um oh yeah I remember he renamed it yeah I forget what he named it but yeah um so
it's not important because I was talking to Adrian the other day about something and um but I've only got I've been
starting to do some donation buttons okay and the only problem is I know
certain things are set up on the my qsl database like populating what's on the
button and off other things you can do in the stack but whatever I do I've got
the box well I've either got a nice white box with the donation bit
offset with a pound sign in it I've got the pound sign there a white bit and a donation but ah okay and I I put it in a
a no columns or nothing and it still stays the same um I I've been thinking about
eventually after cms3 launches um I may possibly do a update
to my sight lock Stacks probably a paid upgrade um although I don't know I don't know if I
should rename them or not because I you know people have been asking me for for some stuff for viber cart and I'm like
well my stack set's called sight lock should I have Viber cart stuff in it you like and still call it sight lock I
don't know um but then also uh the another thing I think would be cool is to integrate uh site lock data and Viber
cart data and that stuff into twig um and so I can make twig
extensions for Sight lock and Viber cart in total CMS so like you could use it
all together um so that could be kind of cool um you know being able to let's say
visal loock is just a like a twig statement you know like if if logged in blah you know that'd be pretty cool um
so but with that said I do I do also plan on total cms3 will have some sort of authentication system I haven't I
haven't built it yet and actually it might even that might be one of the things that I put off until after the
release since I know a lot of the initial users of total CS are going to people that have like page safe and
sight lock anyway um I found a button in um in viart where you can click a button
it uses page safe oh okay cool so I haven't tried that bit yet because I don't know how it
works nothing in the literature oh okay I didn't even know that's
cool a really good stack I think I think I think Scott worked with Adrien to get
integration for page safe to be able to unlock
um it unlocks sight lock essentially yeah I didn't even know that
you didn't know that yeah there's actually there's actually a button in there it's pretty cool yeah I only found it that's crazy so sight lock integrates
with page safe oh yeah there's a there's there's a page safe integ you didn't know this I'm sure you knew
this about this I remember I remember seeing that chat I remember seeing that chat I don't I don't remember it I'm
gonna find it right here I'm gonna show you you put the page safe thing Josh for
let me let me look at the configuration um oh I haven't ticked the box so you
tick the box and you get some other boxes open why would you want page safy if you already have sight lock though
that doesn't make any sense it um hold
on how's it going Steve long time no see
buddy yeah been dealing with some health issues oh really okay well sorry to hear
that glad you're feeling better though I know uses viart might be a to help me
with me little batom problem is that in Viber cart David or is that
in page safe I mean actually I've haven't been into I've hav't been into sight lock for ages I've been playing
with um the Vibra cart s must be VI then
yeah let me check here I log in so I found it several times which when you're
in the I'm just trying to figure out where it is now um tools I think conf
[Music] yeah so okay so so what it is Joe is
config it's in so it's in Viber cart okay and there's a setting that allows
page safe access to the dashboard so it it bypasses Viber cart's login
process oh okay so you you set what your page safe ID is so if you log in as that
page safe user you get access to cart admin oh okay so if someone buys Viber
cart and doesn't have sight lock you can get into your Viber cart admin without you don't have to have two logins you
can use page safe as a login method for viber card that's what I was going to ask because in the Viber cart you can
only set up One login apparently that's what I managed to do yeah so this will just override it
and allow you to use a page safe ID put multiple ones in brilliant because I
wanted to do do that excellent excellent yeah very cool I mean I practically have
every site I use site lock on now just because of all the email template stuff which is just so
useful so I mean that's that's one thing that's really really nice about sight
lock is that he built so much stuff around users and email templating and
um does a lot it does a lot actually well quite like because I got
to use that messaging system that daviday was showing a couple of weeks ago as well oh is that I know is that
blab or is it something different it's a site lock adding yeah it's I think it's called blab or at least it used to be
called blab yeah I do have a a stack for it um I
think a blab stack yeah just so like users can talk to each other and that
yeah yeah yeah I think it's called blab um be right yeah although I part of me
feels that it got renamed recently within the last couple of years maybe because blab was a weird word I don't
know at least everything's starting to work together yeah I love it when things
work together you know it's great um you know that's why I you know I really
strive to you know make my a lot of my my products like they're a they're very
specialty but they're they're open so that they work with with you know um so yeah um I I think I think
making your products open and integratable with other other things is powerful you know like for example like
uh Bento and feeds or feeds with anything right block grids or all that stuff I mean it's just the way you and I
didn't do anything special in those other products well I guess I I built those products so that they're open so
that they can be extended with tools like feeds or you know in the future total C 3 or actually right now with
total CS 3 um if you're using the beta um so yeah exciting oh Fades works well
with site lock and my qsl anyway so yep exactly yeah
yep good good good I just show you what this button
looks like because you might say I'll just do this but I don't I don't think it's that easy to fix somehow yeah yeah
of course you can show off let's uh let's help you out yeah yeah oh well there's your um page
safe button oh yeah look at that P loging
access to the dashboard that's cool I totally forgot that that was a thing so we go over to this
one and scroll down a bit I've asked him for some M multilingual Contents I
should have some next week excellent so this is what I'm getting at the moment
it's either that or that's the normal version and and
that's what I've been playing around with doing H wait show the the normal version
again oh uh so what is that what stack is that well that's a viart pro
button okay and and what is the text input well that's the um the
CMS there is that coming from here is just the best well we go back to number one what
you should have is like that's the pound sign up there this is the donation
amount you can actually set up Viber cart so you can actually make it a bit more or less yes yeah yeah um but yeah
it would be nice if that could be sty yeah and I exp it to be displayed screen
it still does the same why okay wait why is there different buttons sorry what was the the purpose here of the
different buttons well no this is the standard version number one is what I'm playing around with
using um like some of this this is all out of
David's um Mercury project um to try and make it look good
some swatches set up for styling the
fonts the buy a button so where is the actual input is
it the button stack like or the the donation button stack yeah this is the whole thing that's controlled in that
this here okay but but that is hold on wait wa wait so that is just a button or
is that is that also adding that number input in there for you right well this
bit is from the vibart donation one no
but that's the slide on the side that's not the back button at the bot right so this is the button uhuh so which is
talking to viart yes and then basically when you hit that
you get this bit here yes and I put that class in there to make it do that thing
with with this one yeah but but that input where it says
five the little number input is that getting added by the stack or are you adding that no that's coming from viart
oh okay I think you're using Styles pushing that are pushing that this text here comes from Viber car
yeah it all comes from see over
here I would just have a donate button and when it pops up you can then change the value in the cart in the popup
Cod yeah well that's what I wanted to do in the first place so they can put whatever donation they want please what
happens when you hit please donate what happens when you press that button all right so it pops up so in
there you can okay you have it set to I'm taking out the um the code you know the
discount code bit because we don't want that yeah at the moment it doesn't do
anything because there's no stripe set up I was just trying to can you click can you click on the five
pounds there does that change oh go back the one major downside to cart Loom
or Viber cart is its Styles yeah
um I you know I I I I do see it is very awesome that is a you know one-time
purchase e-commerce system but um I I think it could really also got it set up for only one donation so thing is you
have full access to the CSS and if you do swatches you can go crazy yeah I just
think the default Styles out of the box I I understand it's it is just full CSS and you can style the crap out of it
because like like for me because like the way I like for me I look at it this way and people in the waiting room
um like if if I look at it this way if I go on my cart like it I like that it's
simple I don't find the stylings bad at all you know if I go into add something
if I go and add something to the cart like I I I just styled the CSS and it
does looks nothing like the stock and I agree the stock is horrible um I would
call it horrible I I I'm trying to be nice here I mean oh no I just like it could it could be made better it's dated
yes there we go yes yeah I conf founded a lot of the the PSS bits for targeting
things Josh I agree with you there like the header the whatever the picture you've got there well there's actually
the stock CSS file for viber cart there is a CSS file so if you just go into this into Viber cart folder there is a
style like a CSS with all your settings in there so you can actually either a change the code directly or you swatches
The Target just to override what's in that sheet yeah I was looking at the Snippets because a lot of it's in the
Snippets to as well isn't it oh would yeah I would skip the Snippets and go straight to the
core the core um CSS file and then modify
it whereabouts is that in the Viber cart
folder oh actually actually in the folder that you put on your
server back the yeah sorry yeah yeah just right in the root of that folder
there is the um let me just figure out what it is yeah I haven't looked too much in
there because I was trying to learn a lot more about what I could do on the the Viber cart bit and what I had to do
over here so is
good I just had a thought you know earlier I said you know I might do a updated site lock stack that you know
does Viber cart and sight lock I could just rename it to vibr Stacks or something like that that way when
someone's like go get the sight lock stacks and they're like I have sight lock but you know then it might you know
resolve the confusion of people purchasing my sight lock Stacks thinking
that it comes with sight lock because it thinks sight lock is my stacks right I mean so if I have a completely different
product name which is something I wish I did when I originally did it right yeah
because even though like I've tried very hard like there's like 10 disclaimers on
the page have to buy a sight lock You Gotta Buy sight lock this does not include sight
lock I get some very angry emails when someone realizes they have to spend an extra $40 to get sight lock and I'm
like why don't you get price after that I all right I'm like did you watch the video
or read the first paragraph or the second or third did you read any of the any of the product tapate like
yeah I know Josh is about the only one who's done some nice styling on it on the cart
thing yeah maybe if I ever go down that route maybe I could do my version of how
a shopping cart be style yeah so so one thing I
think I'm talking about Josh yeah sorry I think that's really nice I love cart Loom style I think that's it's beautiful
I think you know I think that is a very nicely styled card it's so for me I
think it's it's the integration with sight loock which is integrated so so many
things oh no the power is 100% there I get it you know for me for me it's more
or less because I I want a member area of my site to log into and integrating
that sight lock for that with with C Loom would just make no sense yeah definitely I agree uh you know uh you
have to jump through holes if if it's not a totally integrated system now you know 100% I get it if it if I did not
have the members area of my site I'd probably cart Loom 100% and the other nice thing is Adrian
is very accessible yeah Adrian is a great guy uh
he has awesome support right day and five minutes later boom
well it helps you guys are in the same time zone yeah the rest of us we're like Joe messages him and it's already
his evening you won't get it till the next day yeah no no I I'm even running a custom
version of Viber cart on one of my other sites because we did a custom modification that I
needed um which I think he'll eventually update it as a
feature well I know Chris Powers he didn't and use the stacks he got Adrian
to do it all with code for him on his site cuz he never got the stacks to
work oh the Viber cart Stacks yeah yeah I have no I have no General issue with
the Viber cart Stacks there is some problems though that you have to
get around so for instance they have a configuration because of the way it is
with the stacks when you drag the the configuration to set up the Viber card on your homepage and you enter your
configuration set settings and you publish it puts the Viber cart folder inside of the index files of the
homepage and then when you first visit that page on your website it will
copy the Viber cart folder out of that there's like PHP that runs and moves it back to where it's supposed to be that's
their way of getting around the stacks publishing limitation and and then you're supposed to go back to your homepage on your
project file and delete the setup stack and then you
republish and you're good to go well there is a glitch with the stacks that
even though you remove the setup stack when you republish again it puts the Viber cart
folder again in the index files so now you have two of them you'll end up with
one in the index files and one on the homepage and no matter how many times you republish all it keeps bringing that
secondary Viber cart folder back you essentially have to delete the um the
setup stack save the project quit the project relaunch the project republish
and that damn folder won't come back and this only like escalates when you're
doing something like I'm doing with get publishing it like messes everything up
because I have Viber cart folder igned but Viber cart in the index files is not
ignored because it's in a different spot and so it it shows up and if you want it to be published then
moved it's just a Gong Show so the way I've been able to figure it out and make it work properly for me is I just spin
up map I publish locally preview the page it moves the Viber cart folder to
the spot it's supposed to be in and then um I manually move it because I have
that git ignores the Viber cart folder um and then once I I have it in the
place it needs to be I delete the stack re close the project republish all verify that that folder doesn't come
back and then I disable M and synchronize um just the Viber cart folder over transmit so it is a mess um
but the stacks are nice because it's easy to just drag the stack onto the
page um to program it I mean like I have total CMS integration with Viber cart so
it's in the post page and I put in my total CMS macros and it will
automatically pull the right product um when you're viewing that product in total CMS
so the stacks are useful the setup is painful and extra painful if you're
doing G
well anyway back to the other bit where's that file to look at for this
thing share your screen and FTP to your server or show
the viber viber cart uh folder on your Mac or something like that the one that you server what are you looking for he's
looking for the CSS file oh it's
um I'm just opening it up
it's called V it's just vcop up.
CSS they that's the popup they say
popup CSS I think I have mine kind of I've modified it in that CSS there's
a lot in there um in that CSS file and then I'm using some swatches that
I've targeted to get like the border around the like uh around the cart when
it pops up I was just about to say do you want to share some of them swatches by any
chance I have to find
them Stacks wees that are
found the building Stacks Weaver was such a long
process and two different project
files loads of stuff in here oh yeah stack other Stacks
questions we can help out there's a JavaScript [Music]
one pop up sh share your screen David yeah hold
go over there oh Bruno's on the YouTube chat he says he doesn't have VC pop up.
CSS got really yeah oh so where's the
this one is soorry found there it is yeah there's also I don't what's VC embedded if I is that is there like an
embedded version of the cart or something yeah so there's your pop-up cart there's embedded in the page cart H
um yeah here let me uh what What's the best thing to open these in uh probably
like uh code Runner or uh visual studio
if you have via yeah Visual Studio code there you go vs Cod or why do you have two instances of vs code installed in
your machine one yeah you got to delete the other one yeah I shouldn't have
to yeah let me let me show so
on yeah think you want to play with some of them but now you say you can it's
good does he have a demo oh he's got a demo to site yeah
he uh yeah so embedded cart so this is the
popup so when you add to cart that's the popup yep and then you have embedded
which would be like a cart spot that's on the page so you can go add to cart add to cart add to cart and it's
embedded into the page you know that could be nice as an off canvas you know like having your shopping cart on the oh
yeah that would be really nice actually then there's mini cart mode which I believe is like that and you go add to
cart oh look at that even has the little thing that flops up to the cart how cool that's good yeah which is really cool
need to update the shopping cart icon though and then he has a wimpy player which I've never used but allows you to
yeah it actually is like gives you media like you can have like song
previews and then and then if you I don't know if this is going to play I'm just G mute that so then you could
actually like listen to the song and then you can actually add it to cart from the player oh nice which is like
really slick cool those are the different cart
options and then there is there is a hover a cart hover I don't know he
doesn't have it on here it's like this little button that shows up on the side um I think he has it disabled okay but
there Adrian was talking about because mainly it's just a donation button and I
know um on Mercury he's got it so you got like products but I wanted to do
button where it would have different amounts you could just select the amount yeah so like let me show you um let me
show you the site here that uses inside of the Viber cart item the
product there is the ability to yeah you can add that facility where you can add
options yeah um I saw that today yeah so
let me show you
so here's an example of a membership site share screen
sharing um so in here you have the choice of choosing your your membership
so one year six months or three months so you can choose your membership level add to
cart if it shows up in cart you broke it oh it's no it's
because I'm logged in as the admin admin I have access to things I'm not
supposed to
see there you go that should work yeah there you go and yeah have limits on the cart so
you can't add more than one done that's only one item obviously yeah yeah there
was a this cart's running version because there was actually a glitch in his logic and he fixed it on this one
um because it's meant to have only allow one
product like one item but it wouldn't let you add multiple items and so we
fixed it because I think on one of the events we need to be a you have to have the ability to buy five tickets but it
would only let you buy one ticket even though it was set to have five limit there was a logic glitch um
but he fixed that yeah I think that's the way I'm going to go is just add one button and then the selection of all
the different donations that they want to have yeah and that's that's using the
button stack like fully customiz like nothing
special I did I just added an option selectable option yeah I still site
Viber cart bit that's on a Viber cart product page yeah yeah I did see that yeah I just got to get the button
working nicely so it looks pretty before I get that bit working because I don't really need a
store because it's not really a store is it it's just donation
buttons yeah same thing with like this it's they they purchase their membership on an account page or and then they can
buy tickets on um an event page
and this this this project has really good um it's really cool a lot of people
don't realize this so inside of sight lock they have these email
templates um let me just get to that page before I share here we go one of Joe's email templates into
it uh yeah it's uh a lot of people don't realize you can do that so they have
these email templates that are built in so if I go to this
template this is actually using email stacks and I put them into the the email
templates so when new users sign on they have to get approv so the the sight lock will send an email to them saying hey
like you signed up these are the next steps so the system automatically does all the emails and I just made all of
their emails with site uh with the email stacks and it works like really nicely
so if you preview this for you know admin they can show you what that email looks like with all the data in there
sexy that's beautiful beautiful system because I think that's the new user and
I think we load the new or pending user uh
pending no not pending approve that one so this is the one that comes like when
you first sign up on the website um this is the email you get and
this email has um animated givs so they're actually in the email it shows
you how to sign up and it's in the email
which is really cool very nice very slick looking uh
emails let's [Music]
see so I have a I have a question I have a something I wanna I want to build um I
don't have anything to show but uh using a total CMS I I want to create a a
button using JavaScript that will put items inject data into the CMS fields
for the user will will that work so you want to have a button that
will in formatted data into um a CMS
Fields yeah should be possible wouldn't yeah just wanted to make sure I
thought so I'm just I haven't I haven't built it yet so um if no one has any other questions
I I can we can hack it together if you want no that's all right that's all
right H okay no I'm not I I I what I want to build is a like
a a list of Articles so you know you go get the go get the URL for the
for an article you put it into a field you press the button it'll go get the uh
all the um information about it you know the publish and weather so I'll go off to a service get that put it into the
thing okay and then and then save that so um I got most of it most of the idea are
down but I'm gonna play with it all right yeah I mean every every total CS
field I mean it's just a normal form field so you just get to a get element by name yeah and then and then you know
you put in the name of whatever the total CMS form field is and then you can just do a value equals and then whatever
you want to inject and you know now the person will still have to click save to save that data but that would eject it
yeah yep yep that's all good I do have a question about um
listing phone numbers on a website um I was
I was I have a nonprofit that I do a website on dreamhost and we were
considering about putting a telephone number I was considering a screen behind another screen that if they want the
telephone number they would have to go through the screen to get that I don't know if that's even possible with
anything we have what do you mean by going through another screen to get that
well sometimes I can drop down or something like that I've seen different scenarios
of information that's laid out and I'm not really certain if it's even possible
um I would to even put the telephone number on there just put a blanket on
there um so I mean yeah I mean there is a you can put a telephone and you can
make it so if it's if a user clicks it it'll actually call them as well um so you know it that makes it very
convenient um and but I'm still unsure on what you
mean by so you want to hide the phone number initially and you only want to display it if they click through onto
something yes okay um so like I like if
you don't want to physically display the phone number you just want to have like call me now and then you click on the
button and then that would call the person is that correct that would work I would think okay so um if you're using
Foundation 6 there there's a telephone button and um I think there is isn't
there yes there's a telephone button yes um and so uh you you don't need to
display the phone number in the button okay so you could put you can make the button oops here let me share my screen
so we can see okay so um here's a telephone button
and um the button can say whatever you want you you could say you know call me now okay and then you put the telephone
number in here and whenever someone clicks on this it'll call them okay I I think that were I got
Foundation six but that's okay I look yep it says yeah I knew you had
Foundation six so that's why I recommended that um it says sandbox in the bottom
top is that just the project file you put out there uh I mean to it's just you just uh
this is just my test project that I use various things you just add the telephone button to the to the page that's it um there's really nothing else
to it just add the telephone button to the page um and then you can change the the button label so here I just said
call me right and then you change the phone number to be whatever you like okay
okay um how does that work on desktop uh so if you're on a Mac um
it'll open up FaceTime in call
um and also I think I think FaceTime on Mac now asks you if you want to call via your phone as well I think um if you're
if you have an
iPhone okay not sure what happens on Windows did anybody know have a Windows machine that they use and they've clicked a call me button I don't I don't
know what Windows does I'll be
honest me I mean this doesn't use anything uh tricky it's I mean uh
linking to a telephone number is standard HTML um so I would assume that since
it's been standard for probably 10 years now or more that a Windows machine does
do something with that information what I'm I don't know I think it displays
biia Mac [Laughter] it says go buy a Mac
[Laughter] yeah D neat one but
okay nice um okay I think if I if you go to found if
you go to the foundation Stacks demo I probably have a demo of it although although I don't have a valid telephone number I'm not putting my telephone
number on this for obvious reasons well I get speaking about that do you
have any idea why Joe the share sheet doesn't work in
Chrome uh probably because it doesn't support it only it only works on on
supported browsers so um yeah chrome doesn't
support the share
sheet so yeah funny enough I'm in Arc and I actually just clicked on that when you said that and yeah it
doesn't doesn't the worst part is is like when you when you click the link one because the one share sheet hides
automatically the left icon disappears that doesn't show at all it doesn't show at all because it's not
supported yep yeah but the button on the right side shows and when you click it it just reloads the page it reloads the
page yeah uh and I think that's just probably because I think I Ed a link button and I link to the current page uh
so yeah it does the same thing on my other site where I used a QR code with the share sheet functionality and then it
does the same thing and you click it it just
reloads so I'm thinking I'm gonna have to do stuff now that I've discovered that I'm thinking that I'm gonna need to
detect if it's a Chromium browser with agent and swap out the link for something else oh okay
yeah sorry yeah um good know I didn't know that it didn't I've never even
tested it in Chrome if he I'll show you what he's
talking about here I'll open up Safari and I'll go to Foundation stacks.com
demo go to buttons and we go to share sheets okay
you'll see that there's two demos here and if I click on this bad boy here it opens up the share sheet and if I click
on this button it opens up a share sheet right but let's go to that demo and I'm
in Arc which uses Chrome okay the Chrome uh web kit a the share button over here
just doesn't display at all and the reason for that is um I foret exactly
how I built this demo but it it knows that the share sheet isn't supported so it doesn't show it okay um but this is
just a normal link button with the the share sheet option ticked and um the
button still shows because the button still valid but it just reloads the page um so
yeah yep there unfortunately there's not much I could do um yeah because chrome
doesn't support the share sheet I don't know if that's even a possibility I don't know I know that Arc if you go up
here it it has a share sheet here but I'm assuming this is like a part of the
O and I don't know why they can't integrate it into the web page I don't know
um kind of sucks you think something like that would be
possible I don't know I mean that's just a web API so I'm
assuming that they could La they could integrate that into the OS share sheet because Safari does it um and I know
there's docs on how to do that but I can't do that it's something Chrome has to do so
anyway um but what was I was oh we were going to do telephone numbers I want to
see if there I don't think I have a telephone number example in here actually I don't so
sorry so couldn't you just make up a telephone number and see how redirects out or what oh oh you want me to show
you how it does it here I mean I I I I get that I just thought maybe you had something else that you had in mind oh
no I mean yeah you just I have no idea what that phone number is but right if I
right if I and if I click on call me it's going to do you want to open up FaceTime right and it'll it'll call that number with FaceTime and if you if you
did this on the phone it would launch the telephone app and and call you straight from the
you know but you can't see the phone number here right um another thing you can do is not many people use button
groups okay but you can use a button group as well um and in here you can add
all the various types of buttons so like you could add telephone button to hear as well and this one would be a call me
now right and want a hot massage yeah same thing
right so WhatsApp as well yep you you could do WhatsApp
WhatsApp supports some sort of linking system yeah um just put the URL I would use then a link button and then use
whatever whatsapp's URL scheme is
all right all these uh something I I did today um or
no I did yesterday sorry yesterday is uh I I created this there there's a system
called Sentry and it basically allows me to collect errors and logs um from my
application so I in total CS 3 I uh I integrated uh with this so that if
there's any application crashes or issues it'll it's kind of like a crash reporter like if you have an app and it
crashes and it says do you want to send the crash report right it's sort of similar to that where if total CMS runs
to any issues it'll it'll log the the error up here that way I can have a centralized thing um and I can fix bugs
uh without even maybe you knowing that there was a bug right so kind of
cool um so I was pretty happy that'll be in the next beta um another thing I did yesterday was I
created collection forms um and so what this is is let's
say you wanted to create a a Blog that was not named blog okay
which is a something you can't do right now easily in total cms3 um so you can just do like um I want to call this um
new blog okay and we want to say that this new blog is a Blog so we Define it
a Blog schema and then you give it a URL which is like you know um I
don't DOT toal cms. test um slash
poost okay um and then you can type in your description
whatever and yeah so that will then create a new blog that you can then
have as many blogs as you want right um so it allows you to create um new
collections um based on existing schemas or custom schemas uh I haven't built the
abil I haven't made the forms for creating custom schemas yet um but yeah this is all done it's working it's
pretty cool um if you're curious what the URL here is so you know in total CS one we
have like the blog post URL that you have to like preview the blog post page and then save that like box that no one
or half the people never do when they're new because they don't they never preview the page or something um that's
what this is basically it allows you to um when you create the collection initially you have to uh give it a or
you don't have to but um you can give it you can save a URL along with it so that this URL is used for like when you
generate site Maps or RSS feeds or um even when you're you know linking in a
in a blog list um this URL will be used if it's defined so there we
go I have a question um is it a possibility that um one of
the stacks that you have or even someone else that had um could there be a possibility to have a 3D image like of a
map say for instance someone um presses um some conditions
like I mentioned a long time ago about the puzzle map and the call to action
but this would be okay if they ask three different questions the call to action
would pop up a particular type of um map
it would be a static map it wouldn't be something on GPS that you could find but it would
go to 3D image instead of a flat image of your loc of a location um
is that something that can be done I don't know I don't have a a demonstration of
thing um can you let's see in my Google Map
stack can you do I know Google supports 3D images but I don't think you can you can force it that view by default I
don't think let's have a look I mean I have that
too uh
see well you have street view um but I don't think that's what you want right
you want like the 3D overhead yeah yeah 3D image is something say for instance I
mean the places that I'm doesn't have a lot of internet or GPS and so one way to
do is ask questions interact with the customer this is where you are this is what you want to see in a general
standpoint and not just very specific like the GPS would do but it would give you an idea where you are um and then
you can narrow it down to where you are from the map that you're given I said
ask this question ask this question then you narrow it down to oh this is where you are instead of anywhere else because
if if that stuff is shaky like in the middle of a parking structure if it's
shaky this will give you where you are from the questions you ask ask in interaction with the
customer I'm not
yeah yeah talking about parking structures that's different because I mean at that point you have like you
know what level are you on you know stuff like that I mean yeah that would be a question to ask what Lev if it's a
different color for every level and if you if you say okay what do you see it
has so question what do you see okay that narrows it down to where you are and so if what's the use case I mean
that could take I mean asking people and having them type in answers to a question that that could take time you
know well here's the thing here's the thing here's the thing the interaction to keep people engaged that's the only
way you would have to keep them engaged I would I would even say okay where are you if they're really interested in
where they are they would look it up if not they going but you know
you know if you find say for instance if you find your car well it could be in this section but if you narrow it
down you can say okay you're here instead of this entire Place well what
do you see you see blue do you see this do you see a staircase you see an
elevator and it narrows it down every time they answer a question instead of a a general statement oh so you need to be
able to like not only you can't really just use G PS of where they're at you need to like analyze the the actual
contents of a map to help them pinpoint where they are yeah I don't know how to
do that dude that's I I don't know if I don't know if that's possible there's definitely not a stack for that I don't
know if there's a a service for that I don't know I I found something similar I was talking to somebody and they said
you can do something that with I think it was Archer side Archer I mean the
problem with that is you know I mean maps are only as good as the last
time they were the pictures or satellite images were taken you know um
and Roads change buildings are painted um you know stuff like that so that is
uh yeah I mean something like that I I can't even see it being possible um
based on querying a map for that dat because the maps it they'll never be always up to date well I mean inside of
instruction not outside outside is a different story all together but inside where that stuff is
limited um you want to ask questions and narrow down where you are because
outside that's a different story because I see those Google and board and collecting data outside but they're not
going to do that inside yeah exactly yeah and so you replace the side to put
something inside to take its place if they're interested so it's like mold
navigation he said Mall navigation Mall as in as a shopping mall oh yeah
yeah um I've seen Google have offline maps but I have not seen that sort of uh
application anywhere have to walk around you might have to walk around with your phone get
the GPS location of every place you want and then manually do it well yeah the
whole idea about the asking questions is that they take the place of a GPS because the GPS might show up but it
might not inside of a allall yeah I know there are some technologies
for that but I just can't think of like they were working on indoor navigation using um Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
and and some other some other Technologies like I remember there was a time when you could go into Google
and go inside of a building or you know a mall or something like that and it would show you
around as well something called Beacon that would advertising that would for
advertising but I don't know if it if it's you can reverse that and that would
take um cost of devices in into account to do that
um again those companies that want to participate would pay for that device
yeah so if you're doing this for a very specific location a very specific
location you could um devise questions that um that had static
answers that you could determine someone's location like okay um you know
are are you uh if you look right do you see this or this right and then based on
that you kind of know okay okay these are the four or five locations and the next question okay now do you see this or this right so you could you could I
don't think getting to the level of someone typing in an actual answer I think would be difficult but maybe if
you were to have static answers and based on those static answers you led so
sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book right where um you know you read a page and you're like do you want this to
happen or this happen go to this page or this page right um so yeah then you
could potentially build something like that with um what's Scott's um um
brancher F6 brancher right where based on the answers of form Fields you could
take them down one branch or another right so um you could build a static
logic um as long as you knew the possible answers right yeah but again that entire
Branch or that entire tree would be I'm very specific to that particular
location right and if you want to know how to use that you need to look at a a
thing that J and Josh done a while ago because he explained how to use brancher quite well actually I think it was Chris
I think Chris Chris did done one with we done what you done with one with Josh and he went into a bit of brancher oh
yeah that's right I think that was on a live stream yeah that was a live stream and Josh Josh did it over review of
brancher that's right yeah that was really helpful that was yeah yeah that Chris did a Chris did a
he actually built a build your own adventure style web page using brancher which was kind of fun did he Chris
Powers Yeah he did I'm not sure I I know he I think he published
it I'd like to see that one I'd have to message him yeah yeah he he yeah he did
like it was like a whole story and based on your answers it did different things um I think he did it during the beta to
help Scott test it out um it was pretty cool what was that called F6 brancher
it's from um stacka stacks.com yeah all right I have that um but the thing that
Chris had done I talked to him a couple of times uh it wasn't a product he he just he created a project file um I
don't know if he published it uh I don't know if he has it anymore but if you if you ping him maybe he'll May he'll still
have it and uh [Laughter] minut are you sure it wasn't called
zorc yes it was yeah it was zorc that's right yes Bill remembers thank you I'm
not going crazy yeah it was a zor game that's what it was yeah it was like it was like the
game zorc and yeah okay yep oh great Joe I have a suggestion for
you and it's actually polite if if you like sure I want cms3 one excuse me I've been playing with the
total cms3 Demo that you last and something that would be helpful
to me and I'm sure to the rest of the world that's at my level at some point would be um a slightly more simple
example on the custom things like you've put things in loops and that adds yeah I
mean yeah I I admit that that c I need to revisit that because I've since I've made that I've um made more simple
Stacks so yes that demo um in my defense I I I warned that
custom stuff wasn't ready yet so um yeah yeah no I'm I'm just saying what
does work is harder for me to debug and and say okay what can I do to sort of
match this when I can't get a hold of the of the basic yep I will um
so I I've rev I've actually split beta 3 into two now um so I was going to do
full custom collections in beta 3 um I've split it you're going to get half
of it now what I just showed uh right now where you can create your own like a new blog instance creating a new
collection that will be beta 3 um beta 4 will then uh split out and have the the
actual custom collection the schema generation um the reason I'm splitting that up is
the the scheme of thing is going to take a little longer and I want to get this at Le this part out to you guys
hopefully this week actually um there something to play with while you're working on the next bit exactly so that
way that way I have this part done I'm gonna ship it out I'll also make sure my to-do today is to create um and fix
Galleries and blogs because I know that's broken so I will fix that and I have one more goodie that I want to try
to do that I'm not even going to splurge right now maybe on Friday if you join us Friday I'll show it off um something
that I uh I'm going to surprise you guys with I think you're going to really love it show the power of of what total CS can do for us
um so yeah uh the custom scheme is going to come in the future in beta 4 um and
mostly that has to do because um I I realize that something I delayed until beta 5 I have to bring it into uh this
to finish the custom schema so it's going to be a lot more work than um I was anticipating so um so yeah the
the beta 3 is going to be split so then this next one again custom collection
well collection creation not custom collection creation but uh collection creation um and a few
other bugs fixes and then we'll get custom schemas but with that said I can
look at the demo file and try to make um or modernize that custom collection
pages in the demo file to make it at least um you know using the latest
stacks and what I would see be usable for when we do have custom collection
creation okay y now what what what I'm hoping you're hearing from me is simple
is better so when when you put a demo thing and then you throw a a loop around it
yeah that just adds a another level of um data hiding that yes just makes it a
little bit harder to get really moving along on the very basic I mean we want to go there yep but now have you have
you played with um the new blog looping uh or feed looping Stacks have
you have you played around with those uh not as much as as just trying to make my own
little form that's made up of the individual objects and which ones are
working for me and which ones I'm having trouble with yeah you're you're trying to get that custom collection form done right well yeah a little bit but I'm not
trying to add anything that isn't in the Box I'm not trying to do I'm not trying to do two blogs for instance now did did
you did you create um well but you're trying to do a custom collection right with your own form with your own field
names correct um yes yes because you I I know you're
trying to create something that has two images correct image one and image two I did that that that that's sort of past
you know I'm okay with that what I'm trying to do remember we Friday we found a whole bunch of stuff that wasn't in my
pallet yes yeah so I'm just trying to play with some of those okay and some of
the very Basics are just sort of hidden uh in terms of like where does
post go where does ID go where does just the syntax is is hidden from me a little
bit because you throw that object Loop in or that form Loop in okay yep and I'm just thinking if you go way back to
here's how you're going to throw a text field in just a text field yep on both the post and the and the uh admin page
yep um so let let's let's go through the blog setup okay um and then and then
we'll try to relate that to the custom setup okay okay
um so this is a blog list okay this is the blog list page I don't know what I
even have does this display anything okay I do have some blog posts in here okay so it this creates this layout okay
um and so um I have a block grid okay and inside that block grid I have a Blog
Loop or a loop blog okay and all I have to do is I give it the collection that I
want to Loop through which is my blog okay all these others are all these other settings are just little uh things
that you can copy paste to make your life a little bit easier okay these are just sample macros okay now um inside
the blog Loop okay um it creates an instance of this block grid cell for
each instance of the blog okay um so um inside this block
grid cell here let's uh here let's do we'll do a side by side
here there we go all right cool there we go look at that we can get fancy
here right here we can turn you can turn that off all right so
um this overall block grid is the entire block grid um this looping through and
it's creating a block grid cell for each blog post so it's going to each of these block grid cells is a blog post okay um
now uh let's look at inside this so here we have the object link
stack okay this allows you to um easily create a link to the object
page okay um so in this case if I click on these uh the read more button right
uh or uh the the the image up here it will link to that blog post page okay um
and so this is really easy this is this makes it a lot easier than what we had before before you had to create your own link stack and then you had to link to
the ID and all that okay um and this will actually be even easier in the
next version uh in the next beta because uh here you have to link to the page and
while I'll have that as an option by default it'll just link to whatever you uh is the saved link for that collection
okay so it'll even be easier in the next version okay um but here you give it um
what is the object ID and here um the object ID is a variable so it's post. ID
okay and we know that if you if you don't know how you found that out it's right here right post.
ID okay um and post. ID is actually the default value here because that's most
likely going to be what it is okay um and because uh Bill if you didn't know
this uh loop um remember in the normal loop stack actually if we go into sorry
if I'm this might confuse anyone else if we go to a normal loop stack you had to like create what the variable is
right so here it could be object or post or whatever you wanted it to be okay um
let me put that back so it's the same as it was before right um these these new
uh loop Stacks that I created okay it just default to post you can't even
change it it's going to be post you have no choice right um so that way I know it's always going to be post. ID post
author post. categories post. content blah blah blah blah blah right so that I
know that um every instance of this is always going to be post ID is the ID um
and so on and so forth so okay getting back to it so we have the ID all I do is I link to my blog post page okay which
you just use the link tool and browse to the actual post page uh and then you can Define where
you want it current window is going to be the default okay and that's it really it so really you just need to set the
the link and you set your ID and the ID is the default value of this is most likely going to be what you want okay
now uh and then we have the image stack which I think you've played around with enough um and hopefully the the new Ed
variable settings here are I think I think it they're awesome I like how they are I don't think we're going to change it from this because I think it's very
usable okay so we Define uh the ID is post. ID and then we have the collection
of blog property image and this will bring in as you see over here these are the images for these blog
posts and then below this we just have our header we I just have a header stack and I just if I want the title I just
put post. tile and in the header down here I want the date um and if you look
in here we I just copied and paste these examples directly from here so uh this is post. dat and then we want to format
it a particular way so we can pass it the format that we want the date to be
in um and then U below that I want to Output my my summary okay so um and we
do that and again this uh macro here is copy and pastable directly from the blog loop
stack okay and then I have a uh a container is and then a button now this
is an object button okay so you don't even need to use a button stack and then need to know how to link and all that
stuff um so this object button is very is exactly the same as the object link
um where you just give it a uh the ID uh again the the default value here of post. ID is most likely going to be what
it should be um you can give it the link to the page just as we did um in the object link stack um and then you give
it a button label obviously um so uh and that is kind of how things
will work in blog right um any questions there looks
good okay um now on the blog post
page okay so this is the page that loads all of the data so when I click on one of the
right it takes me to uh that particular page okay um for that blog post now in
here what I need to do is I need to load the object okay so I use um the object
loaded stack or the object sorry the object stack and you say what collection is
getting loaded um and then you give it a variable name okay
um it's possible that I I could create something that is similar to that just
default names the variable for you um but you could just keep the the default which actually I think the default is
object okay but um and then down here uh same thing for the image we just load in
the image we give it the ID which is post. ID and it's post because we gave it we said the variable name was going
to be post here okay um and then uh you know it is from The Collection blog and
the property is image and that's the image that will get loaded which is over here um and then same thing down here if
I want to load the title the date now here I'm loading the content instead of the summary because the content is
available on the blog post page but it's not in the blog list right um because
not everything is available in the um collection
index um and then yeah um so pretty much the same thing uh we're not Lo here
we're not looping right here we're just um loading in a specific object and
assigning it explicitly to a variable called post and I can then uh access all
the data through the same exact macros as we did on the list
page any questions there yeah a little one that's probably off topic but on that particular page where you put the
word Post in is that something that you could if you wanted to go off the beaten
path change it to Fred and if you did it in every instance it would work yeah yep you could do stamp and then here but now
here you would have to do you know you'd have to reference the ID here is now stamp. ID okay right um so you'd have to
make sure that you know and then here would be stamp. tile stamp. dat right here here I'm giving you a a Blog so it
the the the term post makes sense right um but for uh for you uh you would use
you know stamp or whatever your you know your n clature is sure so because that's
a single instance we don't have to worry about it exactly we don't need to worry about
uh you know um oh and Al I do have to say that uh it is important that you do this load from URL okay because and the
reason you do this is because the um the ID is loaded from the
URL okay okay so and if we look at this over here we see that we have the ID
okay is loaded via the URL here that was one that on the read more
button uh yes correct yeah
okay okay it's fun um so I I could go
over this to show you how I would potentially change things um so here we
have the normal Loop um stack
now be honest we'll probably have to keep for custom collections you'll have to use the loop because I don't know a
lot about what your data is so I don't you know but it's not it's not too difficult right you would have you would
put in your um here I'm just going to do stamps collection okay because I'm I know you're going to use stamps and and
your Loop through instead of you're just going to and oops you're going to name it each each instance will be called a
stamp okay um so we're going to Loop through um all of our all the the
objects inside the stamps collection and then we're going to uh inside each Loop
call it give it the stamp um variable right so what that means here um now I
could instead of this link container I would then
use the object link stack which is in
the content helpers I think yeah so I would use object link
okay um so object link and then uh here I would do um it would we're using stamp
not post so here would be stamp. ID right and then I would link to um
my uh oh well this one doesn't have a a page I yeah um you would then link to
your your individual object page I don't have one created in this demo file yet
okay um but you would do that you would link just like you would link the blog okay and then here then you would add in
your you know your content here so I would add the image inside the object link um and then this would obviously be
instead of object. ID it would be stamp. ID um oh and we need to change this we
need to get rid of this because I fixed this stack right um and we variables are
used in the object so now that will bring in our I'm sorry and the collection was stamps oh
yes correct okay stamps yeah um and property is I'll keep it as image but
you know you could you could name the property something other than image okay right
um and then like I oh here then I had both of them inside a building container
so then here you instead of object. name you would do stamp. name
does that make sense a lot of sense Joe that'll give me some uh stuff to wrestle with between now and Friday cool so yeah
I mean that this object link stack I think is a big help because that link container well it's possible um this
object link stack makes it much easier yeah okay I haven't played with that
cool um and like I said before um this form stack can be completely gone on now
um it's factory right if you if you really wanted that um you you could add in a
factory stack um and then You' give it your collection um how many you wanted to generate would you click the button
and there we go yeah I'm G to have to play with the
factory stack because I haven't been able to make it work yet but I think it's my setup I don't think it's it's its functionality at all okay um yeah I
I I haven't tested it with custom collection but it should work um I it does work with blog and and feed uh
right now um so yeah the other thing I was doing is the stuff at the bottom
there's some some twig uh variables at the bottom of your uh total cms3 OB
Stacks yes uh in in the black area here near the bottom and the black area oh
these down here uh no over to the left just CL you just closed the library
I'm sorry it's in the library it's in the library got it sorry okay yeah so I was trying to do some of those
conditionals uh yeah the conditional one okay yeah and what I'm managing at this
point is to make it not work like if I put in a else logic I'm getting exactly
what I expect when my question is wrong so so I can't figure out yet how
to make the question right which brings me back to my original um some simple stuff like what what is a
valid question for me to be asking there that I can get a yes answer to see the sure you know so something I mean I I
made this quite Advanced where You' put in you know you have to put in the correct syntax here right oh absolutely
yeah um but I mean I I changed it to not equal and and and I get what I want like I I know that I'm asking the wrong
question and I'm getting the right answer to the wrong question got it okay yep
um so yeah uh with this probably one thing I would like to do is um maybe
come up with a find out what people want the most in a conditional and then maybe
make a more userfriendly uh version of that for the simple situations that
people want most of the time okay but um I do like this stack and I'm not going
to remove it because I think it's it's powerful um yeah um but yeah I'd have to know your
specific condition to help you I was just playing with an AB switch that was
like I was trying to do something like you know if this field is empty then there's nothing here else there is
something here and here it is okay you know I I was just doing some simple logic stuff to get a feel for yep what's
kind of cool is uh if we go to The Twig docs we go to if Okay um
there is a bunch of now if you just want to do if a field is empty okay let's say like
um I'm just going to do object. text okay and let's say um if if it has if it
has content or if it doesn't have content you could just have just that so basically what this will do is um here
[Music] uh just put in like uhop I wanted
pink pink here it
is right okay um so in this case on this
um this won't work in my project right now but um just as an example um
basically I could just say if object text and what what that does by itself
it checks whether or not it's empty or has some content in it right so if this
is empty um then basically um it will go
to the else rule but if it has content it will just display has
content all right you can even do like has content and then um object. text
okay so display it if it's not empty yeah exactly so um Now by by default um
if something is empty and you put a macro it just has empty anyway but uh in
this case let's say um if it has content I want to you know um you know put this
with I don't know some other content underneath it I don't know right um yeah
uh but maybe and then in the else rule maybe you don't want to header because you don't want to have an empty header
on the page maybe at that point you want to have um maybe you make this a paragraph instead okay and then you just
say um you know sorry buddy you know something like that you know um so yeah
you know if there is content then we can display in a header else just you know have a paragraph instead that says sorry
buddy all right um but the if the if documentation on The
Twig uh site um is pretty decent it shows quite a few examples okay and also
um it kind of gives you a little notes on how things are evaluated to be true or false right so if you see here empty
string so if object. text is an empty string um that results into a false um
you know evaluation right now conversely if you
have a if you if you have a string that is zero okay so let's say object. text
contains the string of just zero that's the only thing it contains that will
actually also evaluate to false okay so a little Edge case to be
so not only not all not just empty strings but the string of zero will be
also be false okay so it's basically doing a cast to the Boolean isn't it correct
okay yeah what I was trying to do was to um sort of inquire about some of the
uh other elements in in the in the blog list or in in in on the page I was
building so I didn't have to you know I knew what should make it false or should
make it true except that I couldn't couldn't grab a hold of now you can
let's say you wanted to explicitly test for empty because maybe zero is a possible valid value you could do if fu
is empty right right so so you could do stuff like that so in here I could do
object test object. text is empty okay
and at that point zero would evaluate to true because you know um at that point
zero is not empty that sense evaluate oh no I'm
sorry it would evaluate to false my bad good good yeah you could also I believe you could also do is not empty as well
right yeah well I was just doing the the typical C++ conditionals with equal sign
and and double equal sign and a okay exclamation mark equal sign and I was trying to access one of the fields and
have have a comparison to a literal in
it stamp or was stamp you know yeah double it's double equals and then
inside quotes you would be you know uh my example or whatever right um so at
that case this would be you know explicitly the now object. test it needs to be exactly my example yes it can't be
Capital M's right it can't be anything like that it needs to be exactly that y
yeah that's wonderful Joe thank you very much no problem
Joe yes I don't know if you've ever used the
progressive web apps where you able to export another type of file I understand
that Progressive web apps because it does a number of different things as I've studied um and you can view a a
website that's offline but can it can the one that you have produce a file
that I can place someplace else other than on a phone or or on a desktop I'll
give you an example say for instance if I wanted to make a mobile app um I know
that um I know that some of the uh apps can be used on mobile because
they shape for the display but if I if if there's a way to make a different
type of file that say for instance I could use a file output that I could put in a mobile app that I could develop
into an app that you could push up to the app app stor as a progressive web app are you familiar of how that file
would be um I I don't know
um so I my stack just uses the progressive web app features that are
built into browsers okay so that um now
I I I do not know all the ins and outs of what you would need to do to to make
that then publishable to an app store um I know for Apple you would have to
have xcode and then you'd have to actually I mean it's more than just you know I have a website that's a pwa let
me push it to the App Store um there's a lot more involved in that um a lot more
um and I don't know the ins and out ins and outside it's something that I would love to uh eventually do or learn how to
do um but you know my to-do list is so long I I don't know if or if I'll ever
get around to it or when I will um and uh I believe it it potentially might be
easier on an Android um to get in the App Store but again I I don't know the details for that yeah I think Android
you can get an app on there quick with apple it takes months for them to allow it yes test
yeah but but it also sounded like you wanted to use something like what's behind like ever note Evernote uses I
can't remember what the framework name is but it's it's basically just HTML CSS
and and other stuff and yeah a lot of apps on the App Store are just pure HTML and CSS yeah right so that's how you
would you would do what you're looking for you gota go find the framework and I forget what it's called yeah there's a bunch of them out
there hey I was looking at your your video for audio Pro your new video and
uh so I haven't bought it or anything but I noticed that when you choose what type of audio you're playing yes uh the
label says image oh it does oops
thanks you times I looked at that totally overlooked that [Laughter] one you look at something over and over
again and it's easier to miss some else find it yeah I mean a lot of times when I start
from a setting I just like oh I know this setting that I had in this other stack is similar I just copy paste it and modify the
values thanks just just a quick one Joe because
I know it's not a Friday or anything on David a speak project now in normal
CMS I know like I've got a my one and another one I can find everything you know like
where you do the um pretty URLs and everything on his one I can't even see
that wait so on his in his project he doesn't have pretty URLs set up in the CMS core on the admin or it I just can't
find it it just oh you can't find it to set the pretty URLs yeah I can't I just
I've done every little tick box just can't find every other thing I've used it's
there yeah got a list of things I was going to ask you Frid I just remembered yeah um that particular I've
never I don't have that project but I don't think I have that project yeah I'll show you it it's I've got it up on
the screen see now that that's the uh the CMS core for the that's the
um yeah that's the the content side right yep so and then if we go to the
admin one which is over
here oh well yeah there's the admin core yeah I see now now the pretty URLs
though is set on the blog post
stack ah yeah I was looking at the blog not the blog post good point yeah yes so
uh probably under content maybe there blog post up up up up up the first stack
in there oh yeah there you go and then pretty URL it's set to default so then
you would need to set that to be pretty and then and then preview the page and do all that stuff you need to do to set up pretty URLs yeah I knew I was looking
I know I was just looking in the wrong place yeah I got all that agent Lang stuff my head
[Laughter] been yeah so I I like how I set this up
for uh in CS 3 I think that whole process is going to be easier um um so
yeah cool well guys anything else I know we've gone almost two hours now time
flies we having fun right um any other questions I'm happy to uh stay on and
help anybody else else we'll call it today I'm gonna go and play with what Josh said that um CSS thing
cool just one tiny little question Joe sure and this is not a trick it's and I
can't find it but somewhere I saw when you click on the show blog macros yeah
am I right that you should never see a set of curly braces like open Clos curly
brace with nothing in it
um I don't know if if that would be valid or not I mean in my stuff I I don't think I I would Oh you mean like
when you're doing the macro stuff no I'm I'm just um you know whatever you're
doing anytime I as you know I like to have that macro on all the time just so
I'm seeing excuse me what I'm seeing and if I had that on and I came to a
situation where one of the parameters was Curly bra open curly ba
brace closed with nothing inside it I'm assuming there's a problem yeah I I would think so okay
yeah I'll dig I'll dig further but I just I just wanted that reference thank you no
problem excellent well guys I think we'll call it a day thanks Joe thank you guys have a
good week see you Friday take care see you guys Friday bye bye bye see I'll see
you tomorrow Joe uh Sean yeah