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Looking back at 2023 and forward to 2024 thumbnail

Looking back at 2023 and forward to 2024

For the last live stream of 2023, I thought it would be fun to do a recap of all of the exciting things that happened this year. We can look at some of the awesome releases and useful updates. Then we can chat a little about some of the awesome things coming in 2024. Well, at least the things that I am allowed to talk about... 😉

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hey everybody it's been a while since we've done the uh the actual lives instead of a hangout so I actually was
looking back towards the hangouts or the the live streams we did uh and noticed
that uh it's been a while since I've actually Gone live so I'm sorry about that been crazy the past couple
months excellent we got Mr Cole Mr Powers in the house
Mr Francis thank you sir the um the
jock Bill The Jock is in the house I did not know what a jock was
well I knew what a jock was to me but not what the jock was to you Bill for a long time as I explained to you so
anyway for all you Americans out there it doesn't mean he's a sporty
guy Scott Sean
excellent okay um I took a few notes not quite as many as I had hoped I'd be so
um we'll go through kind of my list of go-tos and um I wanted to you know I I
kind of ran out of time this morning I was going to Ping like all the other guys hey what are what are your cool favorite releases for the year um you
know like Scott's in the in here Chris is in here I'm sure got a couple other guys that have released some awesome
stuff in 23 um so um yeah and also I thought it
would be fun think about it but like you know towards the end or Midway through I
want to hear what your favorite release of 23 was like what was your favorite things of was it was it a particular
live stream was it was it a product release doesn't have to be mine um was
it what was it what is a was it a specific feature that I added to a particular step back or something like
what was like one or two or three groundbreaking things for you this year
was or was it you learning something like like a light you had a light bulb moment do you remember that particular
light bulb moment what was it for you um so yeah I thought that would be fun we can get a little bit of feedback from
you guys and hear what uh what your light bulb Chris hopefully your light bulb turned on at all this year um that
would that would have been nice um hopefully we have hope for 24 though Chris we we have hope for
24 okay
um kumbre yep kumbre is a good one okay well we'll we'll we'll dip back probably
halfway through and we'll we'll go through some of your uh favorite uh
releases um I actually really I you know as I was going through I released a ton
of stuff this year um and uh some pretty cool stuff I think uh I'm not going to
go and like do a full demo of everything right but I figured hey it would be fun to kind of just go through and um look
at everything that was released this year and uh oops let me set up my
desktop sorry I had a bunch of windows open that I shouldn't have all
right all right let's share here boom
all right let's bring up Safari here let's go to Weaver
space um so actually a couple things I've been playing around with some things okay and uh I don't know if you
guys can see it but see I like have uh have this little dooy there that like puts a circle around my cursor um I
don't let me go let me know if you guys like that I think it's kind of cool I got a couple other things I've had them
for a while um but uh but yeah I got this other thing that like we can likeo
you know do stuff like that um but I I graded it into my stream deck now so I
can easily turn them on and off so um but yeah this kind of a cool little doohickey for the live streams um
because I know some people maybe it's hard to track where the mouse is maybe in the live stream so I thought that was kind of a cool idea okay anyway uh let
me bring up my my list first off we're going to go over like new launches new
products that came out this year okay and um so first off we're going to go to layers okay that was uh released back in
May and why does play come up when layers H interesting okay um so yeah layers
layers is a cool one um it just lets you build a lot of interesting layered
layouts right now uh I'll I'll admit you could do a lot of this stuff with there's a lot of different ways to skin
this cat right um you know like you could build this with F6 and swatches you really could um but layers is just
the quick and dirty way to get some of these layouts done right so cool overlapping layouts um layers just kind
of makes that easy okay um yes you could do it with Target you could do it with
position swatches you could but layers is just convenient it makes things super easy to to do you can have stacks or
images all kinds of stuff in the background so layers that was a cool one um actually had a lot of people asking
that because if you didn't know um on the Weaver space start page this page here uh was built using layers um and
I'd been asked for years how I built this web page so um it was layers was
one of those things of I need to ship this eventually you know and so I finally finally shipped that for you
guys um next up is actually an interesting one um it's definitely not a
highly used stack but I I released version two of this this okay this year
um compass and uh what Compass allows you to do uh
what do I oh no is compass uh oops oh no I got to turn that
off that's annoying right uh demo I need to fix
that where is the compass demo
uhoh I don't have a Compass
demo that is what a that's my how what the heck
that is weird something's funky there I'm not going to debug that now even though I really really really really
really want to I was that that shocked me okay um
wow I'll definitely have to figure this out actually I think you know mosimo has this uh this review here MOS if you're
watching how you how you doing um and actually I think he was a lot of the
inspiration for version 2 he had asked for some features and I was like man adding those features will be like
complete rewrite so I redid completely rewrote it and redid it um
and it really bothers me that the demo isn't working but anyway um it does a couple things it allows you to have like
next and previous so you can do like timeline based on web pages right and it
also integrates directly with blog which was one of the really big features of this right so um you could easily
integrate with blog um so anyway and that the blog like you know a lot of
people want the ability to like have next and previous blog posts um links
inside of a blog post page so uh and that feature isn't baked into total CMS
um so Compass gives that to you um so that was one of the major feat features of this was total CS integration it also
has a lot of really cool stuff baked into like building out your list of
pages to link to next and previous and stuff like that so it's a lot more intelligent than the previous version
and it really bothers me that this demo I'm going to blame Chris um because I'm sure it was him because this page is
orange Chris and you know I thought orange was the way to go but apparently
it's not I'm going to have to change this from Orange now
all right uh next up oh Chris says it needs to be more or
oh that was the problem I I it's not orange enough that's why the demo doesn't work got it Chris got it
um okay next up is actually a really cool one okay
um and it is as you know feeds is a super awesome stack okay and um so I
released a new pack for it this year the feeds files pack and I didn't think it was going to be as
cool as it is until I made it okay and uh I'm really stoked with it and oh
there okay I was like what there's no demo okay um it allows you to build like
interactive well a the demo has file like a file browser right and what's
kind of cool is here you can actually drill into folders okay and you can see and you can
go back so you can build like an interactive file browser um directly
with feeds files which is really really cool okay you can even make it look like finder or or you can have it more of
like a grid based layout right let me make this a little smaller cuz I increased my screen resolution now these
look ginormous um so here's a feeds you know and drill into these right and and so as
you see it you can actually display the files right so here I'm actually going and you know kind of display making it
interactive which you can but you can just if you have a a grid of images or
um I know someone was using this to display he had a folder full of PDFs and he was just looping you know using feeds
files to display all those PDFs on his web page right um using PDF ined um and
so yeah that worked great and so there's a lot of really awesome some um Nifty
Integrations that people have built using feeds files okay and I I know the
demo just shows you a file browser but if you think a little bit outside the box it just Loops through all the files
on your system you can build logic based on it like here if it's a folder I you know show the folder icon else if it's
an image I display the actual image you can say if it's a PDF display the PDF
right so you can make it a very um you know not only Interactive but you know
interesting page that dynamically changes based on the the what types of files you have in a folder on your
server so super flexible oh here's an example PDF embed and there we go
there's an embedded PDF pretty
cool so yeah feeds files is awesome we'll go into some of the awesome feeds updates that happened this year too
there are some really cool feeds Updates this year um next up is Geo Target
all this is a version two okay um of Geo Target and uh Geo Target if you didn't
know uh it allows you to customize the content of your web page based on the
location of the visitor okay now um if you used older versions of geot Target
uh what you might know or maybe you didn't know is it actually queried an online database okay so there is an
online database of Ip information and queried for the location of those
and uh so one of the big updates with version 2 was that the database now
resides on your server which is cool because that makes page loads like super
fast now it's like insanely faster than version one um now I have been releasing
routine updates to Target to update that database okay I'm actually probably doe
for one so that's a reminder that I need to uh ship out an update probably uh this week uh for geo Target just to
update that database okay so you can publish and you have all the latest database information on your server okay
um and so yeah depending on where you are in the world like you'll see a different message here right so if
you're in the US you see your you you see this um but uh and then if you're
outside of the US you see a different message okay so do targets really cool
uh and again the the big the big one here is that the database everything is on your server now nothing ever reaches
outside inside the outside your server so for gdpr and all that information right especially in Europe you know you
guys gdpr in in Germany you have D SVG o I always forget the order I always want
to say SVG but I think it's dvsg or something like that okay um so all those
privacy acronyms um this will save you because everything is local on your server nothing ever goes out cool stuff
there okay um now here's a this one was a treat uh because I accidentally
shipped it as a free update to everybody uh Lin's version 2 um so I shipped
version two this year and I accidentally shipped it as a free update to all
existing lines users so that was a little present um if you have lines one you should have automatically got lines
two and it's just styled fancy dividers okay um so as you see like gradient ones
we have little oh my little characters in the demo are uh uh getting smooshed
I'll have to fix that um and vertical lines and like vertical lines between columns and whatnot right so um yeah
it's a nice little update um it's you know a cheap stack uh that does what it
says on the tin it creates you know styled lines and dividers on your web page so um check it out layers or I'm
sorry lines um and again it was a free update for everyone that had it um this
is one of my latest um ones is is measure okay if you don't have measure
measure is a slick way to measure things on your web page okay and it's it's got
some Nifty little features like if you double click to hide um actually I got some uh some High Praise the other day
on someone really loved this double click to hide feature um because he was having them all over the page um and
then it also comes with a device viewer right so um this device viewer is pretty
slick as you know what birth the device viewer was Apple removing and
completely demolishing responsive View mode um in Safari so um my response to
that was I built my own okay um and yeah it's it's actually really cool I like it
a lot um there is a bug in Safari where each individual one opens in a new window that kind of bugs me come on
Safari um but uh in Chrome and Firefox it just morphs the existing window um
but you can have multiple windows open and uh yeah it's really cool I uh I I dig the uh the the device viewer if you
didn't know if you click on this you can see all of the latest devices Android
and iOS so you can you can see exactly like what something looks like on a
pixel 2 and there we go oh that was a pixel 4 right so yeah it's a good
one um let's see next up is oh probably one
of the bigger releases this year okay was moving box 3 so um huge update to moving box uh I'm
not going to even D try to dive into all the features um if you want a slider moving box is the one you want okay um
it does it is the best I think most versatile you know uh general purpose
slider out there um some of its favorite features of me uh of version 3 is the
the new animation features so as you see we can animate stuff as we change slides um the slider syncing is really
cool I added some new timer stuff um in version 3 um the slider syncing isn't
new but um that is definitely a very cool feature of moving box 3 um and then
there there's a bunch of new oh and a lot look where happened to all my images in my demos man my demos are just I'm
finding all kinds of issues um the slides are there oh the videos are there not sure what's going on with
these images though I'll have to L into that man Chris you did you get on my server or something Chris
Jesus okay um So Right Moving box I think
is if you have to pick one slider get moving box Okay it definitely is
extremely versatile and Powerful right uh there I have even I have a lot of
other uh sliders and they're like oh why do you have other sliders Joe if moving boxes the best well the other sliders
have some you know some other features that you you might need uh impact has a
different sort of feel to it um tabulous has like a tabbed container right gyro
has this like little ribbon thing and a completely different type style of Animation so I mean and if you like
those you know for your fit right it works right but I think for a general
purpose slider moving box just it's hard to beat it okay
um next up uh Parallax um I was actually really happy
with this update because um this is version two and it was a paid upgrade
and uh yeah I just think the version one used a
different Parallax uh Library effect um this actually this version uses the same
Library as drift Pro um which I shipped last year okay which actually have some
interesting cool ideas for drift in 24 okay I won't even go into that right now but
um yeah uh I just think the animations are like a thousand times
smoother in this version um and uh yeah so if if you need Parallax effects on
your site for backgrounds or things kind of coming in um as you scroll up and down the page um check that out okay
it's a good one uh another one that uh play uh was
released uh that was relatively when when did I play that was in June man time flies I thought it was like
August um so you know this player that's on my web page that has that cool
animation right super slick right um yeah that's play okay I've been people
have been wanting this for years as well they're like what video play are you using on Weaver space or on the email
stacks.com like because the the animation of the thumbnail is I could sit here and play with this this
animation like all day it's just super cool right um so yeah that was play I
finally that was another one I finally shipped this year um it's got some really cool um Integrations with other
Stacks as well um so yeah check it
out uh oh share it uh Sher it was another one that was fun uh I I think it was kind of a due
for an update because yeah uh sharing over the past few years has changed a lot with all those social networks you
know we don't we have Twitter's now X and some of the other ones that that were in there like were Google Plus and
app.net right so those are all different um and we also now live in a world of ad
blockers and so um you know traditionally share stuff gets blocked
by ad blockers and it doesn't by share it so um I added every possible um
Network that you could want even ones that are still kind of being built in like threads for example is relatively
new right um so yeah if you want to either use this to launch or share a web
page on your local or link to your social profiles and stuff like that um yeah it's a good one okay it also has uh
share sheets built in oops it also does mastedon which is slick okay I thought I added share sheets oh yeah it does share
sheets as well super easy right so you you can click on this and you can share this particular image or share a post to
anything which is cool okay so yeah share it is a fun one I let me just make
a quick note this little satle so this a part I call it satellite um um share it
satellites that is so cool um just how you can have any number
of circles and they fan out um I had I've probably said this a lot of times
so for those of you heard me say this I had to relearn trigonometry to to build
this um and I completely rebuilt it and made it better for version 3 um so yeah
uh I this is one of my favorite little doohickeys just this little and they kind of fan out and pop man that is just
slick absolutely slick I really love it super cool okay
sweet um hey cool that had to do those so those are all the new products or you
know paid upgrades right the the new products this year that was a lot how many let's see that was one 2 three four
five 6 7 8 nine 10 now I did have one
more I don't I don't have a product page for it I did a pre-launch of Bento uh bentu Bento whatever way you pronounce
it potato potato okay that will be officially launched next month um it is
ready I have one more upgrade for bento users okay um hopefully before the new
year um so yeah just to kind of smooth the edges for the final release okay um
and I don't even have a demo page to show that off um so but that will be if
you if you're not familiar with what Bento is pretty sure most of you that are watching live are familiar it's this
grid here right as well as others right so that grid um as well as this grid
here on the homepage it's kind of that's what Bento is based off of
okay um all right really quick that took me a little longer than I anticipated it
to um some of my favorite updates for the year um so here's some uh let's see
I let's see let's look at agent really quick sorry I'm just going to look through some of my release notes Here I
I uh was it n that that one wasn't I that was a
cool update but let's see uh feeds feeds had a lot of growth
in 23 okay um so a there there I added a bunch
of new filter options as you know you can filter out content and so we added a bunch of filter content um ways of
filtering your content out which is super slick um in version 1.5 five I
added a lot of Integrations with total CMS okay so you can you can query for things like categories and the blogs and
basically it kind of turn feeds into what blog list is right uh to some extent so it makes you know I've
actually built out a couple projects um my son is is was building was building a total CMS um integration for some
contact some team management and um yeah we decid to use feeds to build the
layout and set a log list just because beads is really
good and uh yeah the integration that it has with with total CS blog is uh makes it very easy to to do okay
um I think here here's a cool one actually we'll we'll I'll dive into this one a little bit because I I don't not
sure everyone realizes this cool feature okay and it's the new feeds preload
stack let me just let's let's open up a project really
quick I've been watching the chat is there
anything hey Dave thanks for coming in frankco
excellent why am I not sharp as usual uh I don't
know am I not sharp I don't know um could be YouTube I don't know uh
my output settings I haven't changed anything I should be outputting in h full HD
uh not quite sure why I'm not why I'm blurry uh maybe you had too much Brandy
and eggnog Sean maybe you're tipping tipping the drink too much Sean I don't
know hey Jody's here okay
um excellent so some people it's sharp some people it's not I think some people drank more than others so you know there
we go okay um what was I talking about oh pre-loading CS uh
feeds okay let's find an example that
would let's just take this example I have no idea what this demo is doesn't really matter
okay this feeds brings in a Json file okay now I know there are sometimes on a
page where you might need to bring in the same feed multiple times okay Le
let's say I wanted um this layout and then further down on my page I wanted a different layout with the same feed but
I wanted to build something different oops sorry about that um maybe it has different filters or different layouts
or whatever right but the data that you're bringing in is the same okay now
um prior to 1.6 I think this was 1.6 um you would load you know the Json
feed each time and essentially you're loading this the data twice so you're being a little inefficient okay um so
what we have now is preload
feed okay um and so when you set preload feed uh what you get to do
is uh you give it a feed ID hold on one
second I I built this and now I dat a path feed
ID maybe oh I know what it was there it is okay so sorry about that
what you want to do is here you do feed you add a feeds preload stack and then you add in all your feeds here so in
this case what I would do is I would move this Json one up here okay and then I'd give this a preload
ID okay so basically I'm I'm loading the feed out up on the top it's I'm
centrally loading it and then inside my feed stack you would then uh preload that feed right so um at this point my
data is loaded once and then this loads in data from that feed and this stack
also loads data from that feed right so yeah sorry I forgot how that was
implemented for a second um so here we go again feeds preload and you can add
multiple feeds and you can even add some sort and filtering um and if you wanted
to you can then sort and filter differently on each individual feed stack okay um so yeah feeds preload was
actually a really huge game Cher for some web pages that were loading let's say large database queries multiple
times or you know loading total a lot of total CMS data multiple times on the page um this just makes things a lot
faster okay um let's see then we had 1.7 what was oh the oh all the twig helper
stuff that was really cool we'll we'll dive into that too uh more twig stuff
added a bunch of twig stuff and support for the review stack if you guys don't know Scott's review stack there we go if
you want uh sweet managed reviews on your website check out Stacks review for made for Stacks or from Stacks app
stacks.com okay um let's look at in My Demo file
here um I actually do
something let's see is it one of these uh oh I just crashed man can't wait for 24 cannot
wait for 2024
oh it's open back over here all right there we
go which one of these layouts was I using twig stuff in
it ah here we go here's yeah here's one okay um so in this particular layout I
was I and in some of my videos I use a stack called HTML WP which is part of my
starter pack so it is a free stack um and basically you can write out your twig
stuff now I realize this is cool but it also can be confusing for some people
having to learn this syntax right so in feeds what we now have access to oops I
clicked the wrong one we want this one I now have a a couple
uh twig um helper Stacks here so we have a cheat sheet as well as a for Loop and
if condition okay so for example I'm going to use this for Loop and essentially basically I could use this
for Loop instead of this HTML wrap right and I can say here if I could do four tag in tags instead I could just do four
tag in tags
okay and at that point it's just the same right so now basically this is now
using the twig 4 Loop instead of the um the HTML wrap right so it just it's just
a little helper for people that I forget the four the looping syntax right in twig so there we go and same thing we
have um oops I clicked on the wrong one again up here twig if condition right so
you can do things like you know if this value equals you know blah blah blah right so you can do some if conditions
and it's kind of cool you can do else if and else and all kinds of stuff so it's it's a sweet little stack um to help you
build some logic into your layouts okay um so that was that was some of the
cool updates with feeds uh let's dive into some of the awesome stuff that came into Foundation
right uh we had a lot of cool stuff in Foundation this year actually too um so
we have native share sheets now right um so all you have to do is add a share
sheet class to anything okay I think I have a demo of that on let's see
Foundation stacks.com demo
um I I know I added a demo somewhere it was
navigation h i it doesn't require the Swatch pack
know that let's go to navigation
buttons oh it would probably be under buttons oh share sheet here I knew I
added it somewhere so yeah there we go um and I I this while this demo is for
buttons okay um you can add that class to anything you want okay um so there we
go you don't uh you know I did show this earlier Shar the Sher it stack has this um makes it super simple um but you you
know it is uh the share sheet feature uh only is built into um Foundation 6 so that's nice if
you didn't know that that shipped we got that okay um let's see 13 oh um so a
couple new Stacks that were shipped that you might have missed in Foundation 6
they are inside uh the code Foundation 6 code okay and they're if preview and if
publish and um what this does is it allows you to whatever on the if preview
whatever is inside of there will only be visible in preview okay um and the if
publish obviously that means anything added to here will only be visible on
publish okay so uh a couple you know useful Stacks that uh you know for
certain situations where you're like I I only want to show this on publish or I only want to show it in preview um
useful okay um let's see uh version 6.14 oh this one got bit oh this was this was
the big update where Foundation went on huge diet I'm not going to go through all the this was a actually a really big
update U watch the video on this one um I go through all the various performance stuff um yeah Foundation the theme it
was the biggest update the theme has ever gotten um so super big update okay
one thing to note uh with this one though if you're using site Styles okay
um by default the utility classes are turned on okay chances are so one thing
this update did is it split the utility classes into two so you can kind of load half of them if you don't want to okay
um this extra utility classes I'm willing to bet most of you don't use them they are turned on by default okay
but if you remove that it removes about 66% of the CSS um of the utility classes
and chances are you're not using them andless you're using any of the like SM colon W colon Something like it's all
those those media query utility classes um most people don't use those and if
you can turn those off um just go into site Styles and turn them off here I left them on by default
purely because um yeah if someone is using them I don't want to break their
website right um so uh while I split them up they both are turned on and if you're sure you're not using any utility
classes at all um you can remove this one okay um if you're 100% positive
you're not using any utility classes you can turn that off okay um I recommend leaving this one on it's actually quite
small it's quite tiny um whereas this one again that's like a bulk of the utility class the size of
the code that CSS is this extra classes so I recommend turning that off if you
know you're not using them I'm willing to bet most people don't okay uh
6.15 oh yeah this G gave us a couple um new swatches in the Swatch pack okay um
some scroll bar styling uh here let's quickly show you that I actually had a question about that the other
week if we go here you'll see that here we can style the scroll bar if you look at the scroll bar here it's nice and
styled and uh there's also a protect stack which lets you like you know disable right click or disable um oh
here it is it's right here um like here I can't select this text right even though I'm trying to select it you can't
rightclick on it right so if you want to protect a particular part of your page
um you could protect the whole page I really dislike that like I don't know uh just personally I like ah I wouldn't I
wouldn't like disable your entire page you could do that with this Swatch um I don't recommend it though it's just a
personal pet peeve of mine like what's the purpose like here I can select the text but here I don't some people make
it so you can't select or right click or do anything on the entire page a little Annoying um because that also you know
removes some functionality like you know if I want to you know select this and actually do something good with it like
translated or do you know there's other stuff that the browser allows me to do that isn't me just copying your text
right um so anyway um pet peeve mind that a lot of people will disable the entire page and
then 16 was oh yeah I just I I added some caching in the theme for preview mode so yeah some nice updates as you
saw with Foundation here uh we're running out let's see was the next
one uh oh Google Maps actually got a a cool update um this
year I'll speed it up because I want to get to your favorites okay guys I want I
really would like to get that so hopefully you're you're typing those in the chat now
uh map swap um so this feature here was added this year into the Google Maps St
Google Maps stack okay and allows you to let's say use case here is uh let's say
you have um multiple locations uh for a business okay and you wanted to quickly
you know tap on a location and load a new map um in this viewer right so it allows you to here I'm just toggling
between different types of maps right but you can you know quickly toggle and swap out a map for a different one just
with a click of a button which is pretty cool okay
um see last let's see let's look at a couple more here um I think I think it
was slot machine it 4 one oh no that was a cool update but nothing nothing to
brag about um x-ray okay I know this is a now
if you have feeds files okay let me just show you let's go to x-ray because it it got a really big update
too while I was working on feeds files I also updated uh X-ray and I shipped it
as a free update but um it just makes x-ray a little bit nicer to use um x-ray
isn't interactive like feeds files is but just I I did ship some uh some nice updates to it so it just it works a
little bit nicer you can basically give it a file and you can list things out um
nowhere near as close as powerful as feeds files um but it is for a quick and dirty solution um it works well okay for
just listing out files in a directory um and let's look at I forget
what all the stuff I did in total CS this year okay um I shipped out 1.11 1.12 and 1.13 oh
wow I got a lot of Updates this year um oh we did the strip HTML macros this
year okay um so if you are ever using a a macro okay in putting that macro into
let's say meta tags on the web page and let's say you you you were using hip wig for that text are area
hipg generates HTML and that would actually end up putting HTML inside your
metatag data okay so um what we did is I we created um similar you know macros as
before we just added strip HTML to them um so we added strip HTML to a bunch of
macros so that you can actually make sure that the data that gets added to your meta tags um doesn't contain any
HTML okay um so that was that was that was a nice update
let's see uh 1.12 oh this okay this was a big one uh
here I I will actually point this one out um because I think a lot of people don't realize it's there
um here inside admin core okay there is a new setting here
called throttle delay and the default is 200
milliseconds um and what this does is let's say uh let me let me I guess
let me back up let me tell you why I developed this setting um sometimes users will um create an admin page and
instead of like creating separate pages they create one page to manage everything and they they break it up into tabs or an accordion or something
right but there could be like upwards of a thousand CMS editable areas on one
page now when you load your total CMS admin area what it does is it it it
queries the CMS for that data so that it can populate the admin page and if you have a thousand editable
items on one page yes maybe they're broken into tabs or something like that but it's still on page load it has to go
and query your system a thousand times and what was happening is that was
overloading some especially shared web servers and uh it was causing sometimes
you'd load your admin page and not everything would load like some things would still be blank and you be like what's going on was because your server
was overloaded like you sent too many requests we sent too many requests at once um and your server just go right
and puked okay um that's a technical term by the way and um so what this
throttle delay does is it actually adds a slight delay in between each request now if you have a thousand of them um
you know delaying of 200 milliseconds it could cause some delays right so the
ultimate solution is if you have a huge admin page you really should break it up okay but this setting at least made it
so that we weren't killing your server um so um if you want it back to the old
Behavior go ahead and set this to zero uh by default it is 200 milliseconds so
I remember it was a month or two ago I think someone was like you know my admin
page doesn't everything doesn't load super quick anymore and a lot of times what happens is it's because of this
right it's it's delaying a you know 2/10 of a second um you know between each
request so if you know that you are responsibly adding things to your admin
page and you don't have a thousand of them just go ahead and set that to zero and you'll be back to the old Behavior
where everything gets sent at the same time on page load okay so there we go there's a good little a good little tip
there okay um and let's look at the last the last update was 13.0 what was that
improve total Loop uh oh this one was the integration with moving box okay so we added
Integrations with moving box um and then we got a you know a bunch of other dot releases that have various bug bug fixes
and whatnot so there we go um that's all I had for updates one thing that would
have been cool um here while you guys are adding in what your favorite please go ahead right now go ahead and add what
your favorite release or update or light bulb moment or or whatever of 2023 was
put that in the chat now and um one thing I want to do is I'm going to go over to my YouTube channel and I'm going
to look at the live streams and I'm going to look at what my favorite live streams were okay thought that would be
fun oh let's go to
let's go to
live testing websites locally I know that has been a game Cher for some people okay we did that a couple months
ago um using M and um yeah so that was a really good one uh testing websites
locally uh let's see Hangouts moving boxes this um man this I forgot about
this moment in 2023 when my website got hacked um that was fun right um and yeah
this if you want all the details check out that live stream and I go through all the details of how I discovered it
what happened how I resolved this situation and yeah so uh it was
interesting someone hacked my total CMS demo website and uh it was because the
admin area was completely open anyone can do anything they wanted and um yeah they exploited some holes so um those
holes have been fixed a long time ago um and uh yeah you can no longer do it but uh that was that was a fun couple
weeks let's see
uh uh a lot of announcement stuff oh advanced advanced style text and total
CMS that was a good one if you're using total CMS and then you want some some super kind of advanced ways of getting
you know leveraging hip wig in amazing ways definitely check out this live stream the advanced style text and total
CMS that was a good one okay um launch oh we launched ma for Stacks
this year man how did I how did I not think of that that is a huge win for this year um made for Stacks launched
and we are now at in less than a year 622 add-ons um on made for Stacks so super
cool uh we have some I I'm working with David uh we're building a sister site to
this um for 2024 called madewith stacks.com um and that will be a a a
great thing for next year um so yeah made with Stacks is coming um and
they'll the two sites will actually kind of work together um a little bit so yeah that'll be fun can't believe I forgot
made that's a big win madefor stacks.com um this image of the page speed one that
was a good one actually I remember this one uh we went over some really great uh you know page speed uh tips and
improvements how to improve your image loads your video load times and all that jazz um if you are using feeds um this
twig live stream was great um twig is the kind of the templating language for
feeds as well it was it will also be the the languaging uh template model for
total CS3 okay so um learning twig is a good thing um they're actually working
on twig version 4 um which I'm keeping an eye on and I'm I'm actually
conversing with the guy a little bit um some things I would like to see added um so we can get those uh awesome things
into total CS 3 okay so really cool stuff there
fun with circles that was a really cool one I that that says one year I'm not exactly sure what month that was but if
you haven't you haven't watched that one watch that one um because a lot of things on the web are squares right or
rounded rectangles and that just talks about how do we get make things circles
right so check that one out right um those were some of my favorite live streams of the year um made for St
uh we have a new I know we have a new um developer stack developer this year and
uh so Stacks Weaver launched this year so Josh I'm sure you're all familiar
with Josh um he he launched this year and I'm pretty sure Scott's been
around since 22 but uh there check out Scott's stuff
I know he's released some some cool stuff this year um and of course we have stacks base camp
uh that launched kumbre this year which is probably you know one of the projects of the Year definitely deal of the year
um when that was around so definitely check out kumbre if you missed out on the deal sorry um it was but it's still
a great deal at 80 bucks saves you tons and tons of time Chris what's up with these zeros down here don't know what
those are might want to check that out okay um
and here let's what I know mosimo released some stuff right um RW pro.
space does he have like a chronological thing
here the menus pack I know is new uh I think he revamped the email templates
pack I don't remember um yeah some cool stuff here I'm not exactly sure which what he what he released this year
pretty sure this menu pack is from this year though um so anyway there we go and
then last but not least um we have Foundation
box doc studio
and pretty sure Cleo and entree were shipped this year from Dava day pretty
sure those two was another one I think that's it I think yeah I think Cleo and
entree maybe Rose as well oh yeah Rose so there we go that was shipped in
July and soon maybe it was soon too I don't remember Mercury I don't remember
which one which these I know as C these top three were definitely launched this year um and maybe soon um maybe it was
even Mercury I don't remember now time flies you know uh some so some great stuff there okay let's let's go through
your lists cuz I am super interested to hear that let's see okay
um let's see that my fav I'm not sure Sean which one you said was your number one uh let's see I look blurry now blah
blah blah blah blah Olaf from
Mexico let's see Chris says his favorite his favorite live stream from the year M
um Franco says oh Franco said he didn't get the I I'll check back to you on the
on the on the April on the summit email um Franco if you want to ping me on the
community you can do that or shoot shoot me an email make sure I don't forget um all embracing well-designed
projects so uh Dave two things actually embracing well-designed projects to then sell to
clients three TS sites awesome and then using chatty G oh chat GPT to help me
code okay yeah so that's actually probably a huge win uh for a lot of people in 23 right was
the you know using chat GPT right so here here here's something fun so matius
wolf okay if you're still on here uh let me share my
screen okay so he asked a question on the
community and I told him the answer was chat GPT okay
um so here no what isn't this one there we go all okay so
um he wants he wants to have a a page that displays the the the I guess a
support page for his clients that he wants to display this information okay
um I don't have a stack that does that um I don't know doesn't seem relatively
useful to me but I mean uh this seems like a perfect example of what we use chat GPT for
right so here what I would do is let's launch so I I use I use a Mac app called
Mac GPT um just so it's like yeah it just
loads the web interface it actually has a native chat client as well but let's just go into here say um I need some js
that will nice uh JS HTML that will
nicely um display the following
information about the we website
visitor we need the browser the browser
version the name and version of the
browser the operating system
and its version I also need to know
if J uh Java well if JavaScript is disabled then
none of this will work because all of this has to be JavaScript so I can't imagine people disabling JavaScript
nowadays if JavaScript and cookies are
enabled all right there we
go now um so in order to do this right I I
know while this is building out its information okay
um it's using What's called the user agent information um I believe I well
see interesting all right uh if you're
curious I'm using GPT 4 which if you're not using GTP you're probably going to have different information here right
but essentially um here we go basically you would uh let's go ahead and I'm going to take this we're going
to copy that let's go into my sandbox project uh I don't need this don't need
this all right and um I'm was going to Chuck in a HTML
stack and to paste that in there right and then we're going to do a
JavaScript stack put that below it and we're going to copy that
code all right let preview ising well it says browser name
Netscape uh it said that we're on a uh Mac OS it's not perfect okay it's not
perfect the operating system is Mac OS version is Macintosh um but I guess you could
probably continue to work with uh um you know GPT on getting the information uh I
actually didn't read this explanation either um so there could be some information in there
but yeah um chances are I think he's using this
thing browser check. NL what they're doing is they're sniffing um you know
the user agent string of a browser and they probably have a a mapping uh like a
little database that has all the possible um you know user agents for Safar with this version of os right um
so yeah yeah Netscape exactly funny all right went off on his a little side
tangent there but I I definitely think chat GPT was definitely a winner this year for a lot of people um including
myself like small little scripts like that like why think about it just build it now that one wasn't perfect but there
we go um but yeah I I know a lot of people
that were you know little tiny things that were like I need to do this right I need to do that right it's like what's
the CSS to do this right or you know JavaScript to do that um GPT is really
good at that and as you see I mean you just copy the code paste it into rap wever and see what it does right um now
if this is something you need to support you're going to I wouldn't recommend necessarily building a stack a sellable
product with GPT if you don't know how to code because then you're going to have problems like debugging it and
troubleshooting it and supporting your customers okay but um definitely awesome
uh I think GPT especially version 4 I pay for it proudly because I get a lot of value from
it okay um good so good good one Dave I know Dave also um yeah he uh he's he he
kind of got pushed into the full-time freelancer realm already uh late this year so um good luck to you Dave and
hope your 2024 is awesome so good job let's see
um Irwin says his favor was was mine and Joshua's setup with Git circumstance that prompted the video was less
fortunate yeah yeah actually my good because I uh you know in my hacked video
uh because I use git to uh publish my website it kind of saved my behind like
uh I could easily clean things up um so yeah I know Josh is kind of refined his
workflow a little bit it was a little bit different than what I did um and probably within the next year maybe I'll
I'll revamp I'll rethink mine uh maybe do a a a a tutorial on it or something
like that or Another live stream um all okay the whole the whole feeds
pack oh so Sean says the whole feeds package is his favorite yeah it's just powerful people have been doing s such
amazing stuff with feeds this year um it's pretty mind-blowing and integrating with all kinds of stuff um you know
databases because I know a lot of people have been wanting database stuff for years and um I think feeds really is
like the ultimate package for displaying data from a database um it it's really
good okay um so good
um all were there any other what any any other things what were your favorite
maybe you'll create a post on Weaver space and we could just talk about what our favorite things of 2023 were um so
yeah uh 2024 what's what's happening so uh I'm sure you guys already know the
next Weaver space Summit is coming in April so April 5th to the 7th um I
already have I think nine speakers lined up
already so um we haven't ironed out exactly what all the talks are but we have nine speakers so um we do have we
do have a few spots still available if you want to speak um I always love
having um new victims I mean new speakers and new users coming in and uh
giving out your experiences so um if you feel you have something everyone has
everybody all of you here have something to share okay we all have different experiences and different knowledges um
and you definitely have something to share that other people in the community want to hear okay so it's not if uh if
if you're brave enough to step up to the plate and share your experiences and teach others um you know what you have
learned no matter your experience level okay um yeah uh I would appreciate it
shoot me a note I'm happy to help you come up with a a great topic and help you refine your what what you can speak
about okay um because again I think everyone has something to share to
everyone okay so please feel free to uh let me know and also you know this year
I'm trying to think about actually spent quite a bit of the time this morning in the shower thinking about what is going to be like I always like to have one
talk that is like completely outside the realm of what design right and um trying
to come up with with what that one talk would would be so I have a couple ideas but I'd like to hear what would if you
guys got any other ideas shoot me an email I would appreciate that okay so um
of course you do know Isaiah is going to be given a a talk or two um at the
summit as well and uh he will be showing off some awesome stuff will it be
something that we can buy at the summit I don't know yet okay um I I don't know that hopefully maybe maybe beta Alpha I
don't know um but definitely um finally I'm glad other people the world will be
able to see um some some awesome stuff so um and hopefully get our hands on it
okay um after that we got some other cool stuff coming this year I already I
already mentioned madewith Stacks so working on madewith stacks.com uh which will be a a gallery of your websites so
um yeah it'll be a Galler where you can submit your websites and you can kind of um say what products you used um so then
you know you can kind of get an idea of what could be done with foundation and Taris or you know something like that
right so we can kind of list the products and maybe not all the products because it would kind of it would be it
would be tough to list every product used uh throughout every you know the entire web page or website but um yeah
come up with that idea um I got a couple other projects I'm
working on um so not ready to reveal one of them
okay obviously total CS 3 is going to be worked on um so I really really really
really wanted to ship total CS 3 this year and it didn't happen um I shipped a
ton of other products though um right and um oh yeah I see Matias says total
CS 3 um I'll give you guys a current kind of status of what's told cms3 is um
so this year I've I've finished like all the the design aspects of the admin
Pages like what the fors are going to look like uh you've probably seen I've I've given out links and URLs to kind of
show you the smart fields that it has um the API and generation of all the data
is actually I think it's shippable it's done like I have more ideas that I want
things I want to do but it I have everything that I had on doing for launch okay
um what I'm currently working on uh I admit I
haven't worked on it since probably September okay um is the
automated admin uh center right or the admin Pages um so from talking to users
uh one thing that stops some people from using total
CS for all of their we websites or all their client sites is that uh they have
to build out you have to build out the admin pages and that can be a lot of work um I don't think it's hard work but
um you know some people just see it as unnecessary work um because other cms's
out there um that shall not be mentioned right that aren't even in our our
community life cycle um have while completely hideous and ugly and
unmanageable um they have done for you admin areas right um so I don't know I
think there's a lot of other drawbacks to Wordpress and you know other things
that I I find it completely unattractive um but I take I take point that you know
having the ability to have some sort of pre-done for you admin area
would would make uh a huge benefit to the product now I don't plan on getting
rid of you could still create your entire custom admin backend that will not change because I think that is
extremely valuable um I've I know some customers you guys have made some really
amazing backends for your clients that make it look completely custom and
premium and you're able to charge your customers for that premium having like a custom backend for your
for your clients is huge okay and um it definitely makes you look more
professional okay rather than having a hideous ugly horrible to use backend
that sends you notifications about updates and stuff like that that that just scare your customers away right and
they don't they don't want to go into it it's not it's not nice to use so I want something that is going to be nice to
use um and uh yeah it's kind of done for you
obviously you you want to have full control over the look and feel of it because it's done for you okay um but
it's a great starting point so um that's what I'm currently working on uh once I get that part
done um I think we'll be able to
start some sort of testing okay um so
yeah um some sort of external testing right not just me so I'll you know we'll
see I'm going to get that done and then once I you know there there's a lot of other things we need to make sure we get done but the content I already have
content working like you could display content from the CMS um I haven't stack ified everything yet now remember total
CMS 3 will be a standalone product it won't require Stacks it will definitely
work with Stacks but it's not going to require Stacks any longer um so yeah I'll that will expand
total cs's user base as well hopefully uh moving forward obviously day one like
I'm going to be you know it will be about Stacks right um because that's a big thing on my part but I want to try
to expand our Horizons maybe even help use that to help build the stacks Community as well because I I love
Stacks I think it's amazing so um this will be another way of getting people in smooth upgrade from Total CMS 2 would be
fine um preaching the choir yeah my clients love
the backend a total CS yep
exactly um so upgrading from Total CS 1 to Total CMS 3 um your data will be
migratable okay um now you won't have to redesign your entire site but you're going to have to
rebuild some some parts of it okay um it's not quite a foundation to
Foundation six jump okay where that was like you have to rebuild a site okay um
you're not going to have to do that with with total CS because you total CMS in
an Ideal World total CMS just manages your data right it doesn't have much to do with your
design a little bit I mean there's like the blog list and stuff like that that definitely is a part of the design right
but replicating let's say your blog list with something like feeds or whatever I come up with for total
cms3 um again that's replicating maybe some rebuilding parts of a web page or
integrating new ways of integrating right um so I don't want to say there's going to be a zero work from your side
um but it's not a complete redesign either okay um but I will guarantee that
I can migrate the data right so you you're not going to lose any data U we'll move everything over to the new uh
and it will it'll be a copy right so it'll it'll create a it'll leave all your existing CMS data intact and then
it will create a copy of it for version three right so that way we're not modifying anything um and breaking you
know your existing site right so maybe you you know yeah uh I I think that'll
be the best approach okay um
okay other things for 2024 um man I got one big thing outside
of to Total CS 3 made with Stacks in the summit um those are things that are are definitely happening hopefully sooner
you know they're happening relatively soon in the year I have another one that's going to happen after Stacks
launch um that's going to be fun I think right um it's a big big project that
will take probably more than a year to to do um but I have someone who's going to be helping me um to do that um and uh
but and we'll be trick trickling over over for a year or two um getting it all done so um that'll be fun it's going to
be a fun project and then uh another thing while I said that popped into my
brain oh man it just left oh um so another thing I will be
doing is so if you're curious on Stax Pro um theme migration right so
um prior to any of you getting Stacks Pro I'll make sure that I ship um an
update to Foundation 6 that will contain a foundation Six Theme that will work in
Stacks Pro okay and you know what for I know there are a ton of foundation U one
sites still out there um you won't have to twist my arm too
hard to make a foundation one theme um that will work in Stacks
Pro um I you I didn't even thought I didn't even think about that until right this very second when I was talking so
um I could probably make that happen to because I know a lot of you are are have Foundation One sites um and we want to
move as as soon as possible to stack Pro to the new fangled stuff right so um
yeah I could be convinced pretty easily to do that and stuff like you know portal also has a theme so all that stuff will will make migratable
obviously all your Stacks will um migrate seamless to Stacks Pro um so you
won't have any issues migrating all of your existing Stacks to Stacks Pro
okay um so that's exciting um other migration questions um there are some
question marks in terms of if you're using style text um there will be some
sort of I don't know I don't I don't want to there will be some sort of migration that has to happen um will the
all your formatting move over I don't know I don't personally use any of the style text I haven't for years because I
I really dislike the the HTML that it outputs okay um so if you're using the
default Tech stack um or there are there is the ability for a thirdparty stack to
actually have a style text box um again I never use those um I I tend to stick
with markdown or plain text and uh um and then yeah uh I recommend that so if
you are using style text right now um in any of your Stacks pages I recommend
stop um don't use that um and try to learn how to create those Styles in
other ways okay uh better ways um learn markdown it's not scary it's pretty
simple just do paragraphs and headers and bullet lists really really easy okay
you don't need to learn all the advanced stuff um for all the advanced stuff even I have to look look it up still but like
creating headers paragraphs of text making things bold and italic adding
links it's really really simple okay um don't be scared of it it's pretty good
um although I do know that there's I don't want I don't want to talk about that never mind I can't I can't mention
any of that so um are you referring to paragraph Pro Stacks by chance uh paragraph Pro uses
markdown from what I understand so um you should be good with paragraph Pro I don't believe it uses style text um here
I'll show you what style text is
goe all right uh let's just close this all right um let's go to think the yeah
right so if you add in a default text stack okay if you edit and you see bold
italic you know text alignment and font buttons If you see this toolbar you are
in a style text box okay um
and I do not know what what of this formatting will be
carryover if that's convertible okay into Stax Pro um so this this style text
view is something that is it's subclassed by rapid Weaver it's maintained by rapid Weaver the code it
outputs is done by rapid Weaver sta Pro will have its own thing that hopefully
is better um but but this particular style text component is a rapw weaver thing so
while it it will the content won't be lost some of your Styles in Con the conversion to Stacks Pro might not be
able to be moved over I don't know it's just a word of caution um I don't feel
like you should be using style text at all like I've said earlier I haven't used style text for years because the
code that it gener generates is horrible um it really is bad okay it makes it so
like if you try to move to a proper way which is like your Swatch the way swatches work um like swatches won't
override style Tech stuff like just really bad so um yeah use um use either
markdown um which is you know obviously markdown um you can use HTML which would
just be plain text okay or obviously if you use like if you're using Foundation
go ahead and use um use the text stack which as you see is just marked down um
and so yeah there we go I recommend the text stack okay also
if you're using my starter pack uh I think I call it text in there oops that's not the starter pack this one's
the starter pack yeah just use text in here as you
see that and it's effectively the same as the foundation 6 Tech stack okay um
so there we
go and oh where I was going with that is another thing okay all Le all leak some
exciting information okay so I know in in the stacks World um
pretty much every almost everyone's using um a framework based theme okay so
either Foundation or Source or Foundry or I think I'm missing UI kit right um
maybe there's another one out there okay um think there's platform something like that I don't think that one's too widely
used but um you know basically you know it's the blank slate theme okay where
you're you are responsible as a designer to build everything the entire web page
yes one more thing SC um and while that is awesome and that's
the way I I would prefer it too right sometimes we just we just want to start
from a theme right um and the Rap weever Theme
ecosystem has kind of died over the years um a because their their theme API
it it sucks okay um and I think something like Foundation the
flexibility that we have now with all the foundation Stacks is just Second To None
right now over the years there have been a lot of extremely talented theme designers
from um on rapid Weaver okay and uh we've lost a couple over the years and a
big one is Nick Kates and as you know I did take over all of Nick Kate's Stacks now what I haven't publicly said
is is I have also taken over all of his themes um and one thing I want to do
after Stacks Pro ships is I'm going to be I don't know if I can to do all of them but I am going to be uh reshipping
um Nick Kate's themes for Stacks Pro now I'm also going to do some
interesting other things because um I think I want to theme with the power of
foundation right um so I'm going to make them Foundation 6 compatible right so so you'll still be
able to if you you're you don't you're not required at Foundation they'll work without Foundation but if you have it
you'll have a a much bigger level of customizability than you would uh without them so that way you can use it
as a a theme as a starting point you probably won't be able to customize all of the theme right um I don't know how
that's going to exactly work yet right but I am going to be making shipping
themes um I have my own designs um I've acquired as I said the entire Nick K
Nick katees catalog minus I think two themes Aspen and another one um that
were requ that were acquired by real Mac okay um but outside of that his entire catalog um I will be reshipping uh
hopefully all of Stack pro versions of all themes so that'll be fun so we can start using themes again um and they'll
all be compatible with Foundation six so you can use all the foundation 6 Stacks in them um and I think that'll be
exciting I think it'll be a isue a a new era of of
um yeah of cool web design using
Foundation um and Foundation powered themes I think it'll be a really cool thing
so um there we go that's kind of my my there you got a big huge leak today I
hadn't really told many people that or a couple individuals that knew but um yeah
it's my first time I've publicly said that I'm going to be doing that and I've taken over all of Nick Kat's themes so that's exciting um so yeah I look
forward to that um any other comments uh let's see before I leave uh Matias I see
you like that uh that the Nick Kate stuff cool platform scribe uses
markdown a paragraph Pro does use style text okay scribe was the one that uses
markdown yeah scribe was I think scribe was like the the next um you know par
paragraph Pro sort of Stack so yeah I would recommend don't use paragraph Pro
then um obviously keep it in your library so that any existing stack or you know uh sites that use it doesn't
break but yeah I wouldn't use paragraph Pro anymore um scribe uses markdown to
use that or use the tech stack okay
cool sweet guys I'm looking uh super excited you need the strata theme with F6
version oh yeah strata huh okay I don't remember what strata was I'll look into it but I know I have it so there we
go um cool thank you guys I hope you uh had a wonderful holiday with your families this year hope you had a great
2023 and you enjoyed all the awesome stuff that we you know I showed off today um yeah go get your summit tickets
April 5th the 7th of next year okay don't miss out um it's going to be a
great time 3 days uh Friday through Sunday or if you're in Australia it will
be Saturday through Monday okay um cuz yeah you guys are down under you're always upside down so um yep if you're
down under it'll be Saturday and Monday everyone else it'll be sometime throughout the day on Friday through uh
Sunday same times I think the time slots that I've done in previous years I'm going to to do this the same time slots
just seems to be the best slot that works around the globe okay I know it's super late for some of you for super
it's super early for others um and others is just right so um yeah it I
think is the best time slot for everyone around the world they'll all be recorded um oh I do have okay um I don't want to
announce that either I do have another top secret project that will be revealed before the the the summit uh another
thing I'm working on um it's tied closely tied to the summit okay um so
anyway you you'll see with that oh you'll be on a cruise with the grandkids ah Dave it's okay you can
uh your your kids want to your grandkids want to learn web design what what what else you g to do sitting on the cruise
ship by the by the pool you know come on well attend the summit
man um anyway have fun Dave sorry we'll miss you
um so anyway everyone have a great New Year coming up uh we will have a hangout
on Friday as well if you want to join in and um and chitch chat some more maybe
we can leak some more private information there on the Hangouts but um sweet I hope you guys have a great day
and uh we'll talk to you later happy New Year