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My Live Streaming Setup in 2020. My Mac Software, Audio and Video components thumbnail

My Live Streaming Setup in 2020. My Mac Software, Audio and Video components

I get so many requests to review all of the software and hardware I use to do my live streams and video. Join me live today and ask me about any software or hardware that I use day in and day out.

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okay excellent how's uh how's everyone doing
today I hope that everyone's doing great sorry hopefully today's stream should be
a little bit better um I don't think we'll get back up to 30 frames per second like I had hoped but
it should be a lot better than last week I spent quite a few hours debugging and
trying to get a higher frames per second because I'm streaming from my laptop
yeah Wirecast is just very CPU bound right now and my poor little 2016
MacBook Pro just doesn't quite have enough CPU power for it um so that was a
learning experience I was quite interesting but I will definitely be going over my current
setup um and I ultimately I really do love it I'll show you all the stuff that I use
maybe maybe we'll start off with some hardware and show you what hardware I use and then I'll show you some software
and and we yeah you know I'm happy to go into after I go through all the audio and video stuff I'm happy to you know
pretty much go into anything any questions you want if you want to learn about what I use for anything so yeah
without further ado let me go ahead and hopefully this will work it works pretty
well last week first off thank you very much for coming
Rina and Carl and Lloyd and Rob Paul thank you for coming Paul Blair and
obviously Dani grizzle and so first off what I'm gonna show you I get because I
used Wirecast the software to do my live streams I mentioned that earlier and all of that
is is pretty cool and they have an iOS app and what that allows me to do is it
will allow me to basically stream from my phone through in through my Mac and
ultimately out to the live stream right so I'm gonna go ahead and connect my
camera here
okay there we go you should be well it is
like really zoomed in hold on one second oh let me uh let me fix that really
quick not sure why that happened it was
like it was set to like 3,000 scale crazy okay
Oh's because i had it in portrait mother i think sorry one second
i forgot to set this up beforehand bad Joe boom okay
shoot oh yeah is there audio now oh yeah there we go there there's the audio not
sure what audio was going on with the phone if I if I take that out take out
my accessory oh yes okay okay anyway so not sure why the why
the iPhone mic isn't working it worked last week and actually it was uh it was annoying because it was producing an echo last week so well I'll try to have
to talk pretty loud so that you know this mic can can work here so I'm gonna
split my camera around and we'll see everything that's that I currently am using here so this is my desktop
right so I have two five k LG displays now and my main machine is now my 2016
MacBook Pro and so yeah so that's my 2016 MacBook Pro that is they Blackmagic
external GPU okay so essentially that is plugged directly into the MacBook Pro
and then that display is plugged into the eg PU and then that display is
actually plugged into here if we back
here a couple things and this is a
thunderbolt doc it's a Cal digit Thunderbolt doc and that has basically a
bunch of USB stuff as well as this display plugged into that so they say I
wanted as few things to connect directly to my laptop as possible via Thunderbolt I do have an external SSD Thunderbolt
right here as well this is a samsung SSD Thunderbolt 3 Drive super expensive
crazy fast as well um this over here this little unit right down there that
is a a DAC so digital audio converter so that I can play music
on these cool really cool speakers that I love okay so that's all the stuff
that's on my desk and I've got this little stand right here so that I can you know just plop my MacBook straight
in there it's really good I have a power mate um I love this thing it's really
cool works great for video editing and whatnot I'm changing volumes I have a few like various macros because you can
like push it it's a button you can do all kinds of cool stuff with it got this
new this new keyboard it's called a key cron and I really really enjoy that oops
there we go and it has a whole bunch like cool lighting stuff it's my first
kind of foray into mechanical keyboards and I really like it and it's got this cool like wood walnut wrist wrist thing
and then over here I have a stream deck okay and stream deck has basically I
started from scratch the other day and I deleted everything that I had and basically it allows me they're like
pre-programmed buttons right so if I push this button I can have it do various things on my Mac and stuff like
that so pretty cool pretty cool I like it um I have a lot of buttons it's something that I have on my to-do list
is to try to reprogram this the one button that I have right here right now is an undocking so like on my set up
here um I do have you know I should have used my gimbal so that you know the
video is not as jumpy that probably would have been a smart move but anyway when I click that button it essentially
um does a very it disconnects it unmount that SSD it um because when you have an
external GPU you have to actually disconnect it it's like ejecting it so you have to eject that external GPU and
then I quit various apps that I know I don't want to use when I'm on laptop mode so that's kind of like my undock
button right there so when I click that it does various things you know ejects the external SSD ejects my eg PU quits a
few different apps and whatnot and then I can unplug my you laptop and take it with me okay so
um these LG displays have pretty decent webcams but I do have an external one
that this is the one I was using earlier when he looks on me um the quality this
I just really like it it's a Logitech ID alone one of the logitech's I think it's
a 920 or it's one of the it's there the HD model of Logitech webcams and I like
because it's nice and it's a wide-angle on and whatnot and if you'll notice hmm I guess what you can see is on my
displays I have them on arms they are not on displays I have them on arms and
one thing I also did is I put this on a little mic boom stand because the reason
it gives me a little bit of freedom to move that that video that web came around uh and a lot of times you know
when I'm doing what you know web work if I or live streams I'll be banging on the
desk and my monitors will shake I don't want the webcam shaking so that's why
it's on an external boom arm and if you look in the back wall there I created
this little this little rest that has various holes drilled into it that I can
then plop that wherever I want oh you can see it a little bit better here with my mic boom so this is my mic
it's the high opr 40 and you know got this little Weaver space you know thing
and if you notice that is on the same thing so I can reposition the mic or
that webcam back there and any of those holes and then I can kind of move them around and do whatever I want what kind
of audio speakers am i using these audio speakers those are audio engine a fives and then on the floor I have an audio
engine subwoofer so right down there love these speakers they are the only
thing you know you have to have one of those digital analog converters because they are analog speakers so yeah you
need to have one of those yeah in the video description I'll try to link to all the stuff that I have if
you want to see there's my lunch yep nice we at we had ribs last night so it's rib it's a rib salad basically okay
so hopefully you guys can still hear me
I might be far away let me try to bring it a little bit closer so that's my desk
right and then over here hopefully you guys can still hear me but this is Mike
you know I bought whole server rack and down here is my old but in here this is
my premium so that's 286 mic preamp okay
and then this is a powerline conditioner so that you know things like all my
audio has nice clean power there's no you know loss of signal or you know just
gets apparently better tone this bike is awesome it's I really love it was pretty
inexpensive and probably one of the best things I've gotten for my audio setup here further down this is my mixer so
down here I have an audio mixer because
because my high Oh Mike right this guy right here because this high Oh Mike is um an XLR input it doesn't have any sort
of USBs you have to have something like that mixer now to be honest in hindsight
that mixer is a little overkill alright so I probably didn't need something that
big there are some really great things if I were to do it again I'd probably buy something different a scarlet or
something like that and those are really nice little you know XLR to USB
basically I use that mixer so that I can plug my XLR into that and then that has USB that goes into my computer right
there's I've used it for a few other things but to be honest it's been way overkill but since I already had it I
didn't want to buy anything else so let's go back to see what else I got down there so here I have a robo which
isn't really used anymore and then knowledge so yeah go back
okay so hopefully that was I don't know I I probably should have used that it
probably would have been a good call for me to use a little gimbal for my phones cuz there was probably all shaky and
whatnot sorry about that I didn't even think about that before and I should have I ever use my phone
again for a thing I'll make sure I put it on a gimbal um down there because you
prize guys probably couldn't hear everything I have a PC backup power so
that if power goes out all my devices here aren't gonna fry and all that just all that jazz right because we want
backup power the mixer is unnecessary if
you yes that is true so well no I need the mixer because um the preamp doesn't
have USB so right so yeah essentially I'm using that as the glorified xlrd USB
thing right but the preamp is freakin awesome I had the mixer before um and then um
you know as I upgraded things the that mic preamp is awesome but basically I
have the mic plugged into the preamp and then the preamp plugged into the mixer and then the mixer has the USB out that
goes to my Mac so so yeah that's the real reason I needed that and but yeah those there's something called a
Scarlett I eight or something like that um that looks probably perfect for my
needs and most other people's needs as well down below I had a Synology nas
that's where I love that thing that thing is awesome it it runs all my
backups obviously it's a network attached storage and all that jazz right so yeah so that's good also I use that
as my plex server I run plex on that and instead of using like iTunes sharing and
stuff like that Plex is freaking awesome so like I have all all my local move
mostly for movies I use it for movies and any like video courses that I've purchased I throw it in Plex and then I
can watch it from any device from Apple TV from all my iOS devices from any Mac and the Plex apps
just awesome so um a lot faster than the native Apple ones actually so Plex is cool I love it I even bought the pro
version of it just to support them the Drobo that I have down there that almost
I hardly ever use that at all um I'm probably gonna get rid of it it's firewire now it's really old um I just
have a lot of data on it right now I'm just using it as like backup I mean cuz it just has like 16 terabytes so um yeah
why get rid of it it's just kind of like a backup disk for me who cares how fast it is it's long as everything's backed
up right and in the back of power yeah I talked about yeah I did talk about the backup power yeah that that's really
cool I like that little the little rackmount stand that I bought um I got that last year it's kind of clean up my
office and stuff especially well also the power line conditioner in the preamp their rack mounts so it's kind of an
excuse as well um but I really like that it kind of keeps everything nice and tidy in one spot instead of having wires
all over the place okay so I'm software let me see if there's any more questions
about my hardware here real quick water by the keyboard yeah yeah water by the
keyboard yep don't spill it okay um let's go ahead and share my screen here
we're gonna get a little bit of Nirvana in here cuz we'll get a little picture-in-picture going on
this is Wirecast and this is the app that I use to do the live streams right
so it's taking me a long time to really get to know Wirecast I'll be honest it's just yeah
it's taken me a while to kind of get into it and really understand how it works basically great bunch of shots down here
and I I can see here like this is this is where it's like queued up and then if
I click this button it's what goes live right and then it kind of transitions so let me go back to the way it was so this
allows me to like transition to shots like for example this this right here is if I click this this will go back to my iPhone
one thing I though I had initially this plugged into my iPhone this is an external mic that I bought from my
iPhone and I'd never used it with Wirecast but it kind of just worked with everything I've used it with so possibly
you might the audio on my iPhone didn't work because I had this in here this is a great little mic though umm if you
want to record video on your iPhone um it's a was it sure it's a sure md-88 and
it's just quality it's really good I notice a big difference actually the the
big thing is is this little windshield its directional right so um yeah this is a great little mic if you need to do
some video work on your iPhone's okay I mean it has a lightning port right so it plugs right into the Lightning port
there's a bunch of other external ones actually rode has a new like thing is a
Bluetooth wireless uh you know lapel and I'm looking at that but I'm just gonna
stick with this one for a while okay so yeah this pretty much the software I use
this handles everything right um it's really cool I can I'm recording currently I'm recording locally to that
external SSD as well as streaming to youtube right um now actually I noticed
I'm streaming at 30 frames per second right now that is freaking cool because I wasn't able to do that last week so
cool whatever I did I think I fixed it hopefully the quality is going pretty good Oh what lights am i using oh man
good call I have to show you those those are freaking cool uh hold on let me um
let me get back to my iPhone really quick
they're super thin they're just like and then they have these extendable pole
- I thought EO decided to kick in okay
sorry uh the audio on the iPhone decided to start working again and so anyway
sorry about that um let me show you the controls on that so if I go over oh
shoot its controls are on the other side of my Mac darn it hold on one second I
mean I'm gonna hide my video I'm gonna show this video okay come here
shoot I'm trimming it let's see if I click on this okay okay so if you see
this little um I'm kind of trimming my Mac menu bar off I'm not gonna try to fix that right now so essentially if you
watch me right I'm gonna go ahead and make these lights brighter and
like crazy bright right and I can make them really low most of them I haven't like around 15% is like almost all I
need because if I turn these off I'll turn them off like this is my this is my video right look look how bad it is
right the lighting is absolutely horrific right so yeah that's why I got
these because I wanted light - right so light video and light is key right so
these lights are spectacular I love that you can control them from
the Mac actually that stream deck that I had it down on my desk um one thing that I had before I switched to this laptop
all my old stream deck setup is on my Mac Pro um and I just haven't moved it over yet but I can program various
settings for these lights in that stream deck because that stream deck don't the thing that had all those buttons right um that's also maybe al gato so of
course all their their products kind of work together which is really nice and like I can have preset you know things
for various light settings so let's say I want you know cooler light or if I want you know warmer light um you know
you can do you know all that kind of stuff so really really love these lights there they they were not cheap and but I
really really like them okay let's go back to my normal setup here about
Wirecast if you notice it just went like it's really cool um took me a while learn kind of how to get that all
working really well but yeah pretty cool um so that's pretty much it for my live stream to be honest um you know there
there are some things I don't know I don't have that configured on this Mac huh on my Mac Pro if you remember um I
configured in accessibility you can like zoom in so that yeah I don't have it
configured here um I need to do that so I could you know I was zooming into parts of my rapidweaver app and stuff
like that that's just a part of the Mac OS 10 system preferences the zoom
ability and I think I just said it to you know hold down command or caps lock or something like that and just scrolled
with my mouse and it would dynamically zoom into the screens that you can see something a little bit better so that's
pretty cool um you guys aren't getting any more oh
it's gone okay cool I saw that it was gone hey cool yeah that was definitely my phone sorry about that um okay what
other what other things don't use for let's see how about just normal like video recording I don't really use
Wirecast if I'm recording a tutorial video right I really only use it for live streams um one thing that is
actually quite cool I haven't really used it too much for it when I did the conference I used it so if you attended
my conference um basically I can you have Wirecast become a virtual camera so
it shows up as a camera um you know like it shows up as a webcam so basically the
view is so I can like share my screen and I can do all the Wirecast of fancy stuff like have the Weaver space thing
down on the bottom corner here and I can do all that with as a virtual
webcam so like I can let's say I'm using zoom right you know I use doom a lot and
I can if I used Wirecast as a virtual webcam I can then basically use Wirecast
to stream into zoom which is kind of cool so yeah another thing that I'm I
experimented with last week I wanted to do it this week but I didn't is I'm I'm
it saying like I'm shouldn't modify my streaming settings while I'm out here I signed up for a service called
restreamed IO and what that's going to do is I mean looking at the screen doesn't really do much but um what that
will do is that allow me to simultaneously stream now that you see that I'm actually streaming it's 30 frames per second now which makes me
really happy um I'm going to try to stream to YouTube and Facebook live right so so at the
same time basically I can stream to restream and then restream - IO will stream it out to YouTube and Facebook
and then I could even have like in a lot like maybe Weaver space slash live and
then have like an embed right there on the live stream so that you can just go straight to my website and watch the
live stream there so really cool I'm experimenting with that service and hopefully I'll start using it pretty
soon I've actually I've owned it for like six months and just haven't had time to how
to really do that let me turn off I've if you didn't hear that my computer every 15 minutes tells me what time it
is so it's quite loud it says it's 12 o'clock okay um so regular video work
right what do I use so I use 2 2 apps
primarily I'll use ScreenFlow is my big one right so I'm not gonna do a whole
ScreenFlow tutorial what's this yes
I'm not gonna stop sharing my screen actually okay so I use ScreenFlow to
record videos you know to record screen recordings and so for example all the
videos that I did for foundation six all those short tutorial videos that I did
um a week ago I think I published those a week ago um I did all of those I recorded all of those using ScreenFlow
version 9 is out and that's what I've been using um to be honest I haven't looked at really what is new and and
fabulous about ScreenFlow 9 um I just continue using I've been using it for years um now one thing I do have to say
I'm I'm trying to move to is to use final cut more so some of the video the
videos that I did for the Weaver space conference those were all done and edited in Final Cut and so I'm trying to
find a decent workflow for when do you ScreenFlow when to use final cut final
cut just has obviously a lot more professional transitions it one reason I
really started using Final Cut is um it's not here in my office but I do have a Canon 5d and when I'm shooting talking
head videos a lot of times I'll use that and the the video files that come from
that are ginormous and they pretty much make adding them into ScreenFlow
completely unusable like you can not it is light right it for many many many
years and it is not usable ok so I just finally bit the bullet decided to try to
use Final Cut and working with those video files and Final Cut is like a dream come true so that is pretty much
why I'm trying to move to final cut because it's just faster um for editing especially editing video footage from
you know an SLR um you know 4k or even HD video coming from a 5d is actually
really great in Final Cut um and I've made it I made a bunch of friends actually a buddy of mine he has a
website called motion master templates he spoke at the conference this year and he makes Final Cut plugins so I've been
playing a lot with his plugins and trying to add a little bit extra finesse and flair I'm
published many of those those things I'm just learnt and learning phase right now but hopefully you'll see some stuff
going on um a couple tidbits if you do want to use ScreenFlow ScreenFlow is
where does it what does it do better than final cut screen recording like if
you want to record your screen um ScreenFlow is perfect for that like there's really nothing else better out
there for it to be honest because afterwards like you can like make your mouse bigger it tracks a lot of things
that's specific to screen recording okay where I started um you know hitting the
limits of ScreenFlow is when I was bringing in external videos and trying to edit you know more of movie like
videos with ScreenFlow and it was kind of not liking that right but if you're doing screen recording ScreenFlow is
awesome it is the bee's knees um definitely start there and buy it from
the Mac App Store why do I say that um if you want to use it a multiple Mac's or a lot of your wife and maybe your
kids to use it um when you buy it from the Mac App Store you can install it on as many computers as you want but if you
buy it directly from Telestream then you're limited to I think two machines
and they like locked it down like there's really really really strict about that so buy it from the app store
and luckily um every year they release a new version normally around November
timeframe and when they release a new version on the App Store they have the
upgrade pricing on the App Store for everybody so like in November I bought ScreenFlow 9 for like 49 bucks I think
on the Mac App Store but if you missed that window like you have to pay full front full price or buy the upgrade
straight from them so um yeah unfortunately if you don't have ScreenFlow now um you know yet pay full
price for it but every November you can get the the newest version of ScreenFlow does even if you didn't own it before at
all um I mean all this would be fixed if Apple would just hunker down and allow
upgrades in Mac App Store right but well okay I see a bunch of questions
here I'm still using the magwell video capture so I've never Danny I've I do
have the magwell and right now but um basically the
magwell allows me to attach my Canon 5d to my Mac and use that for live streaming in
theory um I I haven't actually tested it for live streaming I've hooked it up and
got my 5d recording to my Mac um but I I haven't used it for live streaming yet
um it's just one of those things I also have down here one thing I didn't show is I didn't you know I have a green
screen that I have yet to actually use for a live stream I tried like two times
wait if you guys remember and one time I like fell ten minutes into the stream and there was oh yeah anyway that was
something else
um so let's see what other things final cut is great yes starts at 1:29 yes Mack
only black magic oh yes that capturecard from black magic
looks awesome it's definitely on my wish list um Danny you showed that to me on a hangout a couple weeks ago and yeah it's
on my wish list now and I really really like it well I it looks really slick and
it would it would negate the need for that magwell card that I got okay
wouldn't it work for would be better to use clips from ScreenFlow than to bring bring them into Final Cut than the other
way around yes so if in the future if I want to make like videos where I records video
for my 5d and then I want to intermix ScreenFlow video I'm definitely going to use ScreenFlow to record my screen
recordings export those two video files and then add those to a final cut
project where I then basically merge it all together okay um now I do have to admit those final cut videos because
they were so short like I just did them all inside ScreenFlow um and I didn't
use final cut at all for those mostly just for speed like I know ScreenFlow like the back of my hand and um I'm getting better a
final cut but I don't know like back of my hand so I don't want to get those videos out the door as soon as possible
and they were I didn't have any videos of me it was just 100% screen recording
so that was perfect for that okay cool um so yeah any any questions on curious
um about what software I use for various things I guess oh yes now I didn't just like dive into my Applications folder
and we can look at you know what I'm doing its stuff like that with that with that interest you guys I get a lot of
comments on or you know questions about that so let me go ahead and see if I can
add a quick
I just is gonna duplicate a shot really quick get rid of that cropping so you
guys can see my Mac minibar
there okay
sorry one second let me just go ahead and make sure that okay
okay let's just share my entire screen actually our wall so you guys can have
my beautiful face to look at we'll put it back okay is there a reason is there
a reason you do not use a lavalier microphone so oh I guess for my eyes
there is some so when I'm recording with
my SLR um I used this bad boy and this the audio from this is just freakin gold
I am looking at some lavalier mics um you know Road has one like a Bluetooth
one now you just clip on the back and and it goes into you know obviously is livelier you can put it wherever but
this has been awesome this is a zoom zoom h5 um and it has various mic
attachments right so um this is the shotgun mic attachment and basically I I
mount this to a tripod and I pointed at me you know pointed at me like this when I'm talking and I have it just outside
the video and the video that this are the audio that this has that this captures is just crisp like super super
crisp um really clean audio so I really love this and I haven't gotten a
lavalier just because I I love the audio from this so much um when I did some of the videos for the conference I had one
where I was standing I was I don't remember the the sales video that I did for the conference i sat on my sofa and
then I did some talking from the sofa and um I was further away from this than
I normally am and that would have a lovely or would have been perfect for that but I don't have a lavalier so
anyway uh yeah thanks for the reminder but this is what I use when I when I do a lot of recording with my SLR and stuff
this is this is what I use and it is golden um really really awesome I like that a lot um and my daughter had
borrowed all of my one thing I didn't I won't get into today when I record with my SLR I like an entire like setup like
I have lights and I have tripods and I have things coming off my tripod to hold my
mic and to hold the you know screen that I can see myself and I got like an
entire setup it's way overkill pride for the projects that I do but I think it's kind of fun and my daughter's been
trying to make videos sold she stole all of it's in her bedroom right now okay
well what would be good to put any specials you were buying ScreenFlow November oh yes yeah yeah that would be
yeah and I try to put you know stuff in my newsletters I haven't even gotten this week's out yet oh I know so much so
much to do so little time oh yeah let's go ahead and go ahead and let's I don't
even know what apps to kind of talk about right now I guess we can kind of look at what what I have running right
now I guess one thing I should say is if you look at my dock like I keep my dock
support like pristine like my dock is pretty much empty um
and I do that on purpose so essentially what I do is I have no active apps
inside my dock at all if an app is in the dock it means it's running right so I have
Safari open because I have the chatroom and then I have wire obviously Wirecast um if I have zero apps running the only
thing here is Launchpad and finder I have long I to be honest I hardly ever use launchpad but I don't know I just
kind of kept it there and then yeah that's it um I so that way it's really
easy for me to know what apps are currently running because if it's in the dock it's running that's just kind of
how I am I really like that and how how do i launch stuff like my big thing is
oh hold on my other display is my main display let me go ahead and move this over okay
this this is my beloved Alfred and I
just hit command enter and then I launch if I want to launch an app I just say
you know and all the pages right I just typed the word pages and that
right and I can arrow over go to recent documents and I can explicitly open up a
document that I know I've had open right um just golden like Alfred I couldn't live
with that Alfred on my Mac um it is definitely one of the few apps that is like my for the first thing to install
like I can't breathe without out Fred right you can do you know other other things like you you you know I don't
calculations right really quick so you can do math straight in there that's I use that for that all the time too yeah
you can find you know you can find contacts in there right so Jo workman um
you know and you know I if I hit enter would show me all that you know my phone
number and address since this is the live stream I'm not going to do that
Quicksilver is very similar yeah I used to be a Quicksilver user but yeah I
moved to Alfred quite a few years ago and and yeah I love it I love it so yeah Alfred is great um
what's up in my mac mini bar let's have a look up here okay so up here in my mac
mini bar so here this is just a little thing for my power mate that I showed
you had on my desk this is a nice little app that I have and this allows me to
that actually this I guess this you can consider this one of my streaming apps because it allows me to have some
granular control over my webcams so like I can normally I turn auto focus off
because it'll it keeps if you remember last week it I had auto focus turned on
and it kept making me out of focus and whatnot so you could do that you can
adjust white balance and all kinds of stuff so this is like a five dollar app on the App Store and it's great I love
it the only thing I wish you could do it can't it's not you cannot control any of the Apple webcams so like if you have a
laptop you cannot use this to week the Apple FaceTime camera I have no clue why
I wish you could because apples filters for that or whole and it's white balance in this lighting
and stuff is absolutely horrible so but anyway if you have an external webcam um yeah this is great it's just called
webcam settings um this is a little um if you can see this this one is called
brightness menu let or something it's not even like you have to download this off github and basically it allows me to
I mean you can easily save to displays here you can easily set the brightness of the displays so yeah I use that a lot
this is the the thing that controls my lights this is a little thing for stream
deck so I can open up stream deck and configure all the various buttons right
so stream deck that's that fat piece of hardware I had on my desk allows me to configure what those what every single
button in there does right really cool um these two here these are awesome
this is one of I want to probably one of my favorite apps is called tooth fairy and it it allows you to create various
menu let's so I have two I have two different Bluetooth headphones I have
sony MDR 100 phone and then I have the
Apple earpods Pro and allows me to you know create as many of these on my desk or on my many wires I want and when I
click on that it attempts to connect to that those headphones so like if they're paired with your your let's say your
your iPhone and you want to switch to your Mac you just go to your Mac menu bar tap on it and it'll connect to your
Mac really really cool ok this one called sound source it allows me to
configure you know various outputs for different apps and volume levels for various apps it's it's kind of a cool I
like this stuff from rogue amiga rogue amoeba and yeah I like that
that's just ScreenFlow this is a part of an app called ISTAT menus so this is
their weather component to it but this allows me to see like various CPU usage and memory usage and disk usage and all
kinds of stuff about my Mac I love ice that menus and if you're new to the
world of EGP use this little doodad here when you have an e GPU connected um this is what shows up and then I can
disconnect that if I wanted to which I'm not gonna do right now cuz it would kill my stream okay next up is this little
doodad and this is an amazing app that I could not live without called bartender
and it wears bartender gonna open up here it is okay bartender allows you to now if I click
on this you'll notice I get a lot more menu items and these are all the menu items that I had hidden by default and
if I didn't have our tender my mac menu bar icons would probably go like way
past halfway on a 27 inch display right so yeah bartender is awesome it allows
you to configure what menu items you want to display hide or show and all
kinds of stuff so just gives you a lot of configurability there okay actually a
new one that I recently picked up when we find it we turn it on let's see if this whoops sure how this
will work
oh well this is something I bought too whenever I use a key basically if I type
a keystroke it should display it up on the display um and it's not right now I'm I don't know why access is granted
not sure why it worked when I use my
maybe he doesn't like this external keyboard or something not sure anyway um okay any other questions bartender is on
setup oh yeah actually you know that's a great thing I do use set app and I owned
most of the apps before set app but I owned Alfred beforehand but setup is a
great app yeah I pay you know I don't remember how much per month now but I get access to tons of apps and one app
on your clean shot man that app is is awesome that is the world's best
screenshot utility it's clean shot freaking great app absolutely amazing
tooth fairy yes um oh wow webcam Sadie's is $10.99 now Wow okay um I mean if
you're gonna be doing webcam work yeah it's kind of essential um so and it
works really well I don't want to bore you guys by going through my apps folder
um yeah you know I got a lot of apps I'm sure all you guys do too um here I could
just peruse through some of these oh maybe I'll call out a few of my favorites obviously one password we
can't live without one password right I mean it amazing app um I'm trying not my
best to use affinity photo and designer um I bought publisher on Black Friday
even though I I've never even used it not sure I'll need to use one I'll have a need for it but um Ark you know I
bought art to do some backups and I have to admit I've been bad and never used it yet so but that's like a great backup
app bartender we talked about this is that brightness menu let app that I use
to control the brightness from my Mac menu bar see this is a new one um color
slurp someone told me about it right and there's tons of different various color apps I just install this haven't really
played around with it much but it's a new color app you can download it for free and then like I forget there's like
an in-app purchase to purchase the pro version or something like that but someone I trust said it was it was
really awesome so I'm gonna give it a shot because yes it has some annoyances and then there's some I have a bunch of
color apps installed I've never found one that I truly love so I don't maybe color slurp is one that's that's gonna
be do it I don't know we'll see did you do - I've talked about - and previous
one in previous things that's an amazing tool for documentation for CSS and HTML
and and all that stuff super super cool encrypt me is a great VPN app if you
need that fantastical that's my calendar of choice drop ler is my file sharing utility of
choice I really love drop ler it's awesome although they kind of butchered their Mac app a little bit it used to be
better but the service is good good notes man okay I don't have my iPad
right here but good notes is it's the like that app on iPad they
basically they're their Mac version a lot it's basically like a viewer but it is the app is made for the iPad and the
Apple pencil and if you need a note-taking app or even a way of marking up PDFs and stuff like that good notes
is absolutely the it is awesome um I love it I think it's
really good it's really changed how much I use my iPad for various things I really like it so check out good notes I
think I put it as a part of my newsletters just cuz I've really been using it a lot and I like it so umm yeah
but I don't have my iPad or else I try to show you a little bit of it right now
let's see keep it that's my my Evernote
replacement app it's kind of like my digital filing drawer ival I keep a lot
of my personal stuff in there so I'm not gonna open that up right now cuz as I'm not sure what doc will open up but that's my digital filing cabinet it has
everything in it and it uses iCloud um I used to use Evernote but I move everything off Evernote in to keep it
and it's awesome I can like share folders with my wife so she has keep it on her laptop and you know like let's
say medical she deals with a lot of medical bills and stuff like that and I'll scan it throw it in a folder and
said keep it and it automatically gets to her laptop as well awesome stuff awesome I love this work that Omni Omni
group does um I don't know if for some reason I buy all their apps and then I I
don't use them as much as I as I think I'm going to pick up that was the other
color picker app that it was close to being perfect but I don't know it just never never got there for me
so pickup obviously rap we all love rapidweaver rocket is a fun little app
um it allows you to insert emojis um let
me just open up like text editor or something like that
okay so if I uh I I just do you helps if
I learn how to type Oh does it not work in TextEdit back
maybe it doesn't work in TextEdit it's odd oh I changed it to equals I forgot
there goes so if you type you know so you could you could have a like a
trigger key I said to equals I recently did that cuz : was was getting used by
and getting annoying so I'm playing around with different triggers but yeah basically you can you know if you do
equals and then start typing a an emoji you just oh yeah that's the one I want
it so it's a quick way of inserting emoji um really fun really cool app I think there's a free version as well if
you want to use the free version sequel
pro I've kind of stopped using sequel pro and I've moved to a new one that I'm trying to get used to
where's the code oh it's inside of the setup folder it's in set up called sequel studio I do like some things
better about sequel Pro but um it's kind of it's free and open source and yeah
there's just some bugs in the in the latest version of Catalina that haven't been fixed and it's just a little
annoying anyway uh here's tooth fairy I talked about that tower I've talked
about that on different ones it's my version control system what apps do I
haven't set app or setup here's a folder setup uh clean shot is a freaking great
I I talked about clean shot icon jar I've talked about icon jar before give us that sequel studio pro timing is a is
a good app this touch touch retouch that's like magical like I don't use it
very often but if you have something that you need to get like scrubbed from an image it's pretty magical anyway
bayar is awesome as the Evernote replacement yeah berries um so if you need notes and
stuff I I think so um I used Evernote mostly as like a digital filing cabinet so um you know
just basically a place to store PDFs um Evernote was really good for that too and I mean you can store keep it you
keep it gonna have notes but yeah um it's not great for that I use an app called drafts actually oh I figured
out why that little that keyboard thing it's showing these keyboard shortcuts of my other display instead of on this
display I'm interesting I'm gonna figure out if I can move that to my secondary display do I normally screen share this
wondering during screen screen whatever um I use this app called drafts and it's kind of like my digital just scrapbook I
would see this as last week's um you know I basically I type everything into this and then move it or copy/paste it
somewhere so pretty much every piece of text that I've that I've typed a goes into drafts and then it goes somewhere
else from there um so yeah drastic scan like my digital notebook right now
default folder X yeah that's a good one it's kind of one that works in the background you don't really it does this
job really well um to be honest there it has a ton of features that I don't even use but default folder X is definitely a
good one too okay so anyway that's it guys um yeah hopefully you enjoyed today
umm maybe another time I can I can try to do it maybe a little bit more formal or structured you know chat about all my
various components and and things but
hopefully hopefully you enjoyed today hopefully it was okay for you and everything worked out okay yeah well
we'll talk to you next week I'm glad the live stream scenes the quality seems to be pretty good it seems
like I'm streaming at 30 frames per second now which is really awesome and and yeah I'm I'm really excited
about that so hopefully you enjoyed you know seeing my setup if you have any questions I'll
try to get together a list of all the all the gear I've been I've been wanting
to put like together a page on my site that has like you know slash uses that just lists out everything that I use and
my favorite stuff so anyway hope that you uh you had a good time today hopefully my camera my camera videos
didn't give you a motion sickness or anything and and hopefully oh I won't be
on the hangout this week but make sure you check out the hangout there's been gonna be a bunch of really great guys out there and yeah well we'll talk to you
guys next week Cheers bye