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Share It Stack - Share widget for your websites thumbnail

Share It Stack - Share widget for your websites

Share it makes it easy for your visitors to share your website on their favorite social networks. You can also use it to easily link to all of your social media profiles. Share it has been rigorously developed to bypass content blockers so your visitors will always be able to see and share your sites. For more information about Share It, check it out at ​https://www.weavers.space/stacks/share-it

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hey everybody Joe here and I'm really
excited to introduce you to the latest
version of share it so I'm really
excited about this version it has a lot
of really great features that's been
completely Rewritten from the ground up
it no longer uses font awesome icons it
uses purely svgs you can load your own
we ditched jQuery it's been completely
Rewritten with vanilla JavaScript and
the best yet it actually does not get
blocked by content blockers we spent a
lot of time making sure that content
blockers do not hide or disable the
actual sharing functions at all so it's
super great let's jump on in and see
some of the nice new features so let's
just have a quick look at the demo now
this entire demo is given to you in the
demo file that downloads with the step
stack so if you want to play around with
things you can do that so here we have a
view of most of the icons that are
available we have all the major social
media platforms as new ones come on let
us know and we'll be happy to add more
icons and share Services as they become
available and you can go ahead and
either have icon only or as you see you
can actually encase the icons inside of
a circle you have full customizability
of the the color the Styles um and
whatnot and as you see here all of these
are functional on the demo so you can go
ahead and let's say if I click on
Facebook what happens is it will
actually open up the share window um for
Facebook you can go ahead and post that
to your social media right so this gives
so this gives your visitors an super
easy way to share your media on their
favorite social networks now on top of
social networks we also have the ability
to send out an email um copy links print
a page open a share sheet okay and
obviously on mobile those share sheets
work a little bit differently but we
have that ability now in Mac OS as well
which is really nice now if you wanted
to fancy things up Sher it also comes
with something called the Launchpad and
this is really cool I actually had to
learn some trigonometry to get this uh
bad boy written and it allows you to
hover and it will actually um fan out
the icons um that you then can then
click to trigger those shares now
another great use for share it is not
only clicking to share services but
actually maybe having a link to all your
particular social media profiles for
your brand right so in this demo here I
link to all the various Weaver space
social media profiles instead of
actually having them as share links so
we have a lot of flexibility on what we
can actually use this
for and here's another use case in this
which actually doesn't use it for social
media at all this just links to various
ways that you can get support through
Weaver space right so you can copy link
you can email us you can go to the
community or you can go to our support
page right so you know there's a lot of
different use cases for share it that
are even outside of
sharing now last but not least if you're
not a huge fan of some of the styles
that we've chosen um we have the share
it Swatch which allows which allows you
to use whatever you want to trigger your
share so here I have an image if I click
on that it actually triggers the share
sheet so we can trigger any of the
social media actions or the share
actions based on whatever content you
want off an image here I just have a
header if I click on that it actually
triggers the share action to share this
on Mastadon just as an example here we
have a button where if you click on it
and then copies the link to our website
so that gives us a really quick overview
of what sharer can do for us again
allowing our users to share our websites
on social media will help build our Our
Brands and extend the reach to our
articles to our visitors friends and
followers now another great useful
feature is linking to social media
profiles creating uh Innovative
navigation ways to link to Pages even
within our own
websites so I hope you enjoy share it
and go forth and make your websites