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Smart Groups -- Stacks Plug-In v5 thumbnail

Smart Groups -- Stacks Plug-In v5

The Stacks Plug-In has all new Smart Groups, drag and drop ordering, and a whole lot more. Learn how to use Smart Groups in the Stacks Plug-In v5 and how you can tame even the wildest Stacks Libraries.The Stacks Plug-In has all new Smart Groups, drag and drop ordering, and a whole lot more.

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0:01 hey this is Isaiah from your head
0:03 software
0:04 today we're talking about the stacks
0:06 plugin and some of the cool things that
0:08 we've added to version 5.
0:11 this year we're really focused on
0:13 workflow
0:14 and what that means is making things
0:16 easier for novices and more powerful for
0:19 experts
0:21 so let's dive in and see how we can make
0:25 the library even easier and more
0:27 powerful
0:30 so I'm going to open up rapidweeper and
0:32 switch to my big View
0:35 now if you've used Stacks even just a
0:37 little bit you know how important the
0:38 stacks library is
0:41 the library is where we go to begin
0:43 every layout that we build and it's
0:47 where we keep all of our third party
0:48 stacks
0:51 third-party Stacks really are the most
0:53 important part
0:54 of the stacks platform today
0:57 all of this is why we've added so many
1:00 new features to the Stax Library this
1:02 year
1:03 it's so many that I won't be able to go
1:05 through them all
1:06 day in this video
1:09 but make sure to explore a little bit
1:12 and you'll find a few more
1:14 there's some good preferences to make
1:17 search even easier to use and there's
1:20 new icon sizes this year like small
1:23 compact and medium compact
1:25 and those let you see two or even three
1:27 times as many icons on the screen at the
1:30 same time which is perfect for experts
1:32 who kind of know what they're looking
1:34 for
1:34 so um this year let's
1:38 look at how we can organize our Stacks
1:40 Library
1:41 kind of to find what we're looking for
1:45 you may have noticed when I was
1:47 scrolling there that I have quite a few
1:48 Stacks installed
1:50 it's really only three Frameworks I have
1:53 Foundation
1:54 Foundation six and Foundry
1:58 those are the three most popular
2:01 Frameworks today for stacks
2:05 but even with just those three
2:07 Frameworks it's hundreds of stacks and
2:10 that can be pretty daunting to go find
2:13 what you're looking for
2:15 so
2:17 you could use search
2:19 if you knew exactly the name of the
2:21 thing that you were looking for even if
2:24 you have 2 000 Stacks installed
2:27 search is still pretty pretty much
2:29 instantaneous
2:32 um
2:33 but one of the other ways
2:36 to find what you're looking for is
2:39 to use custom groups
2:42 you can see I have two custom groups
2:44 here one for Elixir graphic Elixir
2:47 Graphics Foundry and the other four Joe
2:50 Workman Foundation stacks
2:55 Now setting up a custom group like this
2:57 takes a little bit of work there's
2:59 dozens of stacks to add
3:02 but it's even more work to keep them up
3:04 to date
3:05 because
3:06 Joe and Adam from Elixir are updating
3:10 their Stacks all the time
3:12 and adding new things to their
3:14 Frameworks
3:15 and every time they do we need to make
3:18 sure and get those changes into our
3:20 custom groups
3:22 so
3:24 we've added smart groups this year to
3:26 take some of the busy work out of
3:28 creating groups
3:29 and
3:30 to keep things dynamically up to date
3:33 all the time
3:36 a smart group Works a little bit like
3:38 smart folders in the finder or a smart
3:41 album in photo software
3:44 um
3:46 they use a saved search
3:49 to keep things dynamically updating
3:52 so let's build a custom group
3:56 and then I'll show you how much easier
3:58 it is to build the same same sort of
4:01 group with smart groups
4:04 so to create a custom group we start by
4:06 clicking the plus button
4:08 and we give our group a name
4:10 this group is going to be for buttons so
4:12 I'll call it buttons
4:14 and
4:16 we need an icon so something buttony
4:18 like a square
4:21 I'll give it a color
4:23 and now it's just to the business of
4:25 adding the button Stacks so we just
4:28 dragged them in
4:30 here's a button stack
4:31 and
4:33 here's another one
4:35 here's a split button stack
4:38 I could do this all day there's quite a
4:40 few Stacks in here and I bet a lot of
4:42 them are buttons
4:43 but there's a faster way we can use
4:46 search
4:48 if I search for a button then quite a
4:50 few things come up
4:52 and I just need to select all these
4:55 things with a command a
4:58 and use a control click say add to group
5:01 buttons
5:04 great
5:05 now we have a custom group and it has
5:07 all of our buttons in it
5:10 now of course if Joe or elixir
5:14 added new Stacks to their Frameworks
5:18 we would have to make sure and catch
5:19 those updates and get those into our
5:22 custom group
5:24 but there's a better way with smart
5:26 groups
5:27 now in version five
5:31 I'm going to click the plus button
5:34 and just like we did before I'm going to
5:36 give it a name this time let's do
5:38 columns
5:42 and let's see the University
5:50 um icon has some columns in it so
5:52 perfect
5:54 um
5:56 let's click the smart search
5:59 button here and this time we'll do our
6:02 search right inside the group
6:05 and it'll save that search permanently
6:08 so
6:10 column if I search for columns with the
6:13 S then I lose out on one column stack so
6:17 I'll just keep it to column
6:19 and you notice
6:20 the the stacks that appear in my group
6:23 dynamically update as I'm typing so I
6:25 know exactly what I'm going to get
6:30 that's pretty good
6:31 we can also since we're going to use
6:33 this custom group all the time
6:36 drag it right to where we want it to go
6:38 I'm going to put it right here next to
6:40 the top I could even make this the
6:43 default group
6:44 but I kind of like keeping the the old
6:47 everything Stacks group as the default
6:52 so we have our custom group here at the
6:54 top
6:56 and
6:57 we have exactly the stacks we want
7:00 except I noticed at the bottom here
7:03 I caught a couple stragglers too some
7:06 template Stacks from Foundation six
7:08 now these are great but I kind of wanted
7:11 to keep things just to simple stacks
7:13 so
7:15 let me show you how we can
7:17 refine our search
7:19 and get just what we want
7:22 so I'll go back to my options by double
7:25 clicking
7:28 this time I'm going to expand the smart
7:31 search
7:33 and that gives me lots more options so I
7:35 can refine things
7:38 and in the included items I can exclude
7:43 templates externals and partials because
7:45 I don't want those things in in my
7:47 custom group
7:49 also get rid of images and I don't think
7:52 there's going to be any authors named
7:54 column
7:55 so I'm not even going to search through
7:57 authors
7:59 but we could change
8:02 to look just for titles or just for tags
8:06 if that helped us refine our search
8:09 but for columns this seems to work just
8:12 right
8:14 I'll uh
8:17 drag this to about two columns and that
8:19 way it fits perfectly on the screen
8:21 which I think is just right for my smart
8:24 groups
8:28 great so now we have columns it's where
8:30 we want it to be
8:32 and it will automatically pick up any
8:35 new column Stacks whenever they get
8:38 installed
8:41 and that's
8:42 a quick introduction to Smart groups
8:48 I'd really like to hear back
8:50 any feedback that you have about these
8:53 new features that we've added
8:55 to version five
8:58 this year we've added a Discord group so
9:00 that we can chat with folks
9:03 if you're not familiar with Discord it's
9:05 a new chat system and it's really
9:08 popular
9:09 we've only been had the system up for a
9:12 couple weeks and we already have 250
9:14 people
9:16 um
9:17 so if you have some feedback uh go to
9:20 our website there's a link at the bottom
9:22 to the Discord group click on the link
9:24 sign in to Discord
9:27 and let us know what you think in the
9:29 chat or post to the internal Forum
9:33 Discord has Forum topics as well that
9:36 let you post long-term questions
9:40 um
9:41 either way let us know what you think
9:43 and check out the other videos too
9:46 thanks for watching"}]