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StacksAppStacks NoPostReplace Overview thumbnail

StacksAppStacks NoPostReplace Overview

A demo of the No Post Replace stack by StacksAppStacks.com.

Categories: Demo


hey everyone I wanted to do a very quick
video on the no post replace stack by
Stacks app Stacks from our good friends
Scott Williams in the community this is
a very simple stack that does some cool
stuff and like I said quick video so I
have a blog list on the page and it's a
simple one it's the one that comes with
total CMS the the dummy data and if you
preview it we have our blog list right
okay so if I let's pretend that I have
an author I want to filter by an author
and I have you know me my name Powers
right and I hit preview
I get the no posts found right which is
right here no postpon you can make that
say whatever you want like nothing to
see here
you know it'll change that okay but what
if you wanted to display something else
some different text maybe a header or an
image well that is where Scott's no post
replace stack comes into play
so you drag it on there
you put in your blog list
into that into that little well there
and their drop zone and then you can
find a header
let's see drag this guy in there
and say nothing to see here
or foals folks okay so now
it will display your header and just so
you can see what it looks like with an
I will show you that
so I'll just go ahead and drag in an
image that I have
okay so it's going to be this
and there you go nothing to see here
pretty cool huh I think that is a very
fun little stack and you can get it from
stacksappstacks.com so thank you Scott
bye guys