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Wednesday Hangout. Let's have some fun thumbnail

Wednesday Hangout. Let's have some fun

I thought it was time for another Wednesday hangout. I have some cool updates that I have shipped that we can review and maybe we can have a little sneak peak at the new Bento features. I hope to see you there! Come with your own questions as well and we will answer them all during the hangout.

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I'm actually just going to record this via Zoom right now just so that I have a backup in case other things are going
wrong so other people aren't G to be able to uh see it so thanks Josh for letting me
know and there are errors I'm not even going to look into it because we're all here anyway so I'm just chatting on the
chat that the eight people sitting there waiting no oh
okay yeah I post it on the YouTube chat I got
sorry I just jump in quickly again and thank no problemy I just want to kind of
explain the issue maybe to everybody so okay um guy if you you ever used total
CMS and you're on the admin side sometimes people get this this error
less and less lately I think because they they know how to use total CMS right um but if you if the URL that's in
your browser doesn't match the URL that is inside your project settings you can
get like this little error at the top saying hey your project settings don't you know don't match the URL in the
browser total CS does this for security reasons to make sure that um a the
website that's getting visited is actually the licensed domain right so um
and so you could have issues it maybe saving won't work and stuff like that so um what guy does um he does a lot of
accessibility testing if you have if you haven't if you're not familiar with him from either past Summit talks or posts
on the community really big on accessibility and um a lot of the accessibility features that you
get um in Foundation or in a lot of our stuff guys guys the one that's kind of
being like Hey Joe I need this right so um a lot of that is uh has been spearheaded by him so thank you for that
but he used a tool called wave I think it's like wave. web a.org right am I
correct okay um and it is like an accessibility testing tool and um on the
homepage of the site he was testing he was getting this uh website address error
right um the website you know mismatch domain error and the reason was he he
was testing the homepage but he was getting that ER now that error should only ever show up on the admin side so I
all was it took me a couple days to realize but I was like wait he shouldn't be getting this on the homepage at all because that error should only ever be
displayed on the on the admin page so um I guessed again properly that he had
added the admin core into site Styles which was probably a partial That Was Then added to every single page on the
site um so I suggested hey remove the admin core from your from your partial that should only be on the admin pages
and um the error magically went away when he was testing his site on Wave
yeah um so thank you this why I'm kind of a huge fan of one of two things
either running admin projects as a separate project um especially if you don't need to share your Styles across
like run admin as a separate project file um then you don't ever have that will never happen because you would
never put admin on the front side project mhm and then the other way of
doing it is ensuring that I don't use site Styles actually to put anything
inside of site Styles I use Swatch panels and it allows you to kind of group your types of of your swatches and
stuff together but as well as it allows me to keep like admin core separate so you can have its own partial separate so
if you do have one project file for front and back that you would keep admin core out in a separate type of partial
and I kind of like it because um if you were to use site Styles across front and back um having a separate panel for
admin site Styles like admin swatches admin core that allows you then to tweak
stuff on the admin in a separate area without putting that styling in the actual site styles that would be across
the entire site yeah hey and just another thing like while admin core you could put it on your I mean as you as
you saw your homepage still functioned even though admin core was on there you don't necessarily want that mostly
because admin core loads a ton of like extra CSS and JavaScript that I mean if
you're you're not if you don't have any admin stuff on your homepage or on any content page Why have it on there right
so um you were just adding a ton of extra stuff to your page weight that you
didn't need at all right so yes it's cool it's cool being lazy Joe I think
that because I went through it I went through it and I went through it and I I
you know there are times where you're looking at stuff thinking why isn't this working and it doesn't matter if it's straight in front of you you don't see
it um but the moment you came back on that comment I went straight in sure enough deleted it bang sorted you know
and that's after what a week yeah as if I needed another like voice
in my head saying watch your page weight oh
Jesus I don't even get into that that's the problem it's just not working
you so anyone pop in here with some extra questions that uh I can help out with or
answer Hey Joe um hey Bill been trying out the Bento excellent and um can I
share you a screen sure you can share your screen here we
go can you see that I can see it okay so
uh this is the layout I'm trying to achieve 1
11 uh one through 7 works
correctly then it goes tilt when at 8 so
um I'll show you the so there's there's eight down there the the the P
mhm and nothing is showing past that and I cannot figure out what the heck is
going on okay um so go to your Bento grid
settings click on Bento grid okay uh you're showing 11 okay just
curious uh go to medium and others what what is large what is that item set to
on other ones is it set to eight go to medium well ni how about
small zero an extra small yeah I haven't fiddled with those
at all okay I'm just okay go back to
large and so it stops at number nine you said right eight yeah I I get eight and
then 9 10 and 11 uh okay let's go to number nine well let's look at the settings on number
nine M Advanced positioning so it's column two row
five okay um so I I I did ship an update
last night uh to Bento and um I've completely kind of revamped these rule
settings okay um I've made them I think easier to use and I've
also um fixed a lot of bugs in the process as well so it's possible that my
update will fix your issues um I'm just using the grid I'm not using the uh the ruer one yes oh
well I'm well I mean the rules in in each individual item stack and so in Bento item you you create rules yeah um
and and those settings have been completely revamped um
and uh I was actually today during this live stream I was going to um give uh give kind of an overview of uh of what
it will be um and the changes okay um so
why don't IE and it will be a little bit of work to I'll have to show you on on in mine on terms of what you'll have to
change because the settings are completely redone you haven't lost all your layout that you built um but yeah
it they're very different okay okay yeah well just checking it now I I got the
update uh I I tried it earlier in the day when I saw and it was not showing up so okay cool make sure you restart rap
Weaver after the update too always restart after updates yeah okay okay um
give me a few minutes and we'll we'll hop into that maybe we can answer your questions then okay um anyone else have
any other questions anything else any other topics we want to jump into no okay if if not I can I can hop
into and show you some of the updates I did to Bento um over the last week um
for those that didn't that don't know um Bento I did the pre-launch last
Wednesday during the live stream and um it is kind of a pre-launch
so uh I am actively still working on it so like I did a pretty big update yesterday that modified how a lot of the
settings work I don't normally tend to do big updates like that um willy-nilly after launch but this is
kind of a pre-launch thing and I think it was it makes everything a lot better based on the feedback and the designs I
saw people trying to make um which is exactly the point of me doing the pre-launch for bento so um thank you for
those that are that are actually doing that uh and share my screen and then we
will uh we'll hop on let me get these Zoom windows out of the
way okay need that okay um
watch so so actually before before I I get going on
this what what um ah it's fine let's let's just go straight into
Bento um okay so first off I created some new layouts with Bento which is pretty cool okay um I'm just playing
around with new ideas um so here I'll show some of these some of these new
ones that I created okay so this first one so far a
lot of Bento um layouts that I built have been pretty much like
oops not what I
wanted oh open on my other display okay um so far a lot of the Bento layouts
that I that I have are like um these colored boxes where each item in the grid is this is the box right um but
someone uh I think it mosimo was asking for some uh some interesting different layouts and I was trying to you know
wrap my brain around what he would want and he kind of wanted this kind of kind
of a more random kind of layout where there was a lot of white space in between the items um and so what what I
did with this layout I don't think it's a beautiful layout but just I I kind of created it so he can get more ideas that
guy's a very good very talented idea generator uh for pretty great layouts so
um in this example here um instead of like the the colored
box being the entire grid item it's inside of the grid right so like for
example here uh let's inspect this kind of show off show it off
here man I lower the resolution of my screen now it's like I don't have enough screen space
okay uh I don't need that right so here we have each grid item okay and and just
just what I wanted to show you is if you look at this grid item right you'll see how large that grid item is however the
content is not like doesn't fill the entire space right um I just think it's
it's interesting this isn't necessarily a great layout you should mimic um
however I I think this demo proves a point where kind of you can visually see
how grid maybe is working okay um and that you know the content doesn't
necessarily need to fill the entire space okay um okay now let's go on some
some demos that actually do look nice um so here's I was just playing
again just with different sort of layouts um so I I thought this was an interesting uh pretty nice you know
layout for Content okay which is pretty
slick um and then let's go to with this other one this one was pretty
interesting I like this one where it was kind of like they're all like centralized around this um you know this
D and it kind of all Lays out around it um I really really enjoyed
that um so as we go down then it kind of just
morphs and do a different layout so um pretty I mean very different layout from small all the way up to large but um I
really love the large layout I was trying to come up with a diff with an interesting layout on how it would react
on a mobile device but eh it's okay but that layout is money I think that is
just really really great okay um and then the last one this one is
interesting in that um all of this was done with one rule
right um so really the Only Rule I have is on the this very first item here the
Only Rule here is on this first one and the rest just kind of morph right so as
you see here a is large and then kind of have and think of this as maybe like a portfolio or you know some products and
this is kind of your featured one and all these others could be you know other layouts and as we get down they kind of
you know uh go drift below and then as we we go here um a is still wi wider now
it's not very tall that's because it doesn't have much content um but then all of these other ones kind of um you
know flow below it so anyway I thought that was a really great layout all right
um so I wanted to show off I told you I completely revamped um the Bento rule stack okay
and Bento Rule and the the settings are exactly the same as in vento item okay
so um they're very different now right they're I think initially it looks maybe
a little bit more confusing but the workflow I think is a lot better okay uh because before it was just a bunch of
number boxes and that's it okay so let's go over um what we what we can do here
so I'm going to go ahead and uh let's add oops uh I'm going to add a Bento rule here just for fun um
instead of a item but this again the settings are exactly the same um and let's go to number two now these
um the way these new settings um work is
I think it actually benefits if we start from small and move and build our layout
up to large okay and let me explain
why if we notice here when when I added this new uh rule okay you'll see that um
each basically breako is now has its own settings group so here I have extra small which is also the default sizing
then we have small medium and large okay now by default small medium and large
inherit right they basically they they'll take in whatever is above it so
for example here on uh I'm looking at number two if we were to go to uh actually
let's go to large okay um if I go to let's say I want two number two and let's change the color just so we can
differentiate it okay there's number two different color there we go all right and let's make number two
too wide okay now I'm currently previewing the large layout can we can see that right here okay but because
large inherits from medium medium inherits from small and small inherits from extra small um this extra small go
you know basically propagates up so I don't if and if I'm good with that a lot of times s if you set a sizing on on an
element you don't need to size it for every single uh break point right so
maybe I I just want number two to always be too wide and at that point I don't need to set the sizing on small medium
or large okay um for example maybe this would be
good if I if I just completely rebuilt a layout here let's go ahead and I'll show
you the new workflow in let's do this layout I think this layout
was a lot of fun okay um just for Just for kicks here um I'm going to take a
screenshot of of this layout since I already built it and then this
layout just so I can rebuild it quickly
okay wait and uh let's just pin it and
pin it okay cool
oh pinning it actually makes it like you can't hide it or I'll just I'll move them over here to my other display so
you guys don't have to look at it okay cool right so I'm going to go ahead
and I'm G to delete everything
here right so let's go ahead and
uh I am going to be building this layout here can I resize this oh I can nice
okay so we're we're gonna be building this layout do you guys see this little hovering window I'm just curious oh okay
cool excellent excellent so I'm gonna build I'm gonna be building this layout again okay so um we're going to start
off with the small layouts okay and um oop that's the large layout we we want
the small one there we go so this is going to be my layout on small
devices was it I think it's quite complex for us of all but hold on one
second I this might cause rap to crash let's
see let's go back oh
oh no that was my small layout okay never mind okay so we're going to go from small to large okay never mind
let's uh all right there we
go oh no did I get rid of my dang it I closed my little preview window darn it
how do I get that back and clean shot now where is clean shot here
capture history
ReStore in it yes ha cleanshot a great app it it is
expensive for a for a screenshot utility I'll admit that but it is very good
okay um so we're going to build we're going to be building this layout and um let's go here and essentially if we
look at this layout um what you want to do is you want to figure out your smallest cont your smallest item in a
grid right so in here I have um I obviously have three
tall okay um and then over here I have number two um five and six and they're
kind of uh
interesting so what we're gonna do is we're going to have three columns wide and four and four rows tall
okay so how do we do that we do um number one is going to be one column and
then number two is going to be two columns right so uh let's go ahead and do that so number one is just going to
be a uh a one by one okay on small on extra small right cool done let's go to
number two number two we want that to be wide okay so that is going to
be uh and why am I oh that's why I'm not seeing the the items
um hold on one second um something I I don't I'm not sure if I explained this before um after you've solidly developed
your entire layout this this item setting that is what you set Last by I
recommend just keeping it to at zero at the beginning okay um
so so number two is then going to be too wide and Too
Tall okay so let's go ahead and go to number two it's going to be twoo wide
and twoo tall okay um and let's go ahead and let's do number three and number
three is going to be one wide and you don't see it here it's going to be too tall though okay um so let's go ahead
and I want number three to be one wide and two tall
perfect and then uh let's go ahead and number four okay number four um is going to be
oh this is interesting I forgot I did this and now number four by default goes
here okay um but what I want I want number four to be a one by one right so
we're going to do that right and we'll we'll get it there eventually watch out right so then
number five go ahead and do number five uh number five is going to be a a
one by two oops and that's number five okay and then the number six is
going to be uh the same thing as number
five all right so number six is going to be a the same thing now my layout's a
little funky here okay what's going on so I knew I wanted number four to be
here okay so what I'm going to do is uh we're going to go to number four and I
want to explicitly place it right there because I know it that's exactly what I
want now if you wanted you could do you could do it slightly differently okay uh
whereas number four was too tall number five was too tall and then number six could be a one by one but I just thought
this was an interesting exercise so um so what we're going to do is on number four I'm going to do Advanced
positioning I want this to be column number one row number four and there we
go okay so I explicitly told number where number four to go and now my
content grid is in place okay now um now my extra small grid is
done I can say oh the number of items is six and we're done we're we're locked in
at six items and then we can go to small and um and then we can build our
small layout now for here I my small layout is going to be exactly the same as my extra small layout so I'm just going to lock that in and I'm going to
set that to six items done and now let's go to
medium now medium is slightly different we have a different layout okay and that layout is going to be this guy right
here okay maybe I'll put this up top so we can see it up up
there okay so uh in order to build this you'll see that I have a five columns by
six uh rows okay and why is that well let's look at let's look at my design
here so um in this design I have my smallest Square here is four so number
four can be a 1 by one okay so that means number one is two of
those um and so and then number two is going to be uh one two three of those right so
that is two plus three is going to be five columns okay and then if we look at my
number of rows we have six rows so this is going to be one
two three uh hold on one second so this is
one this one's going to be two that one's going to be two this one's going to be uh two as well this one's going to
be three and this one actually is going to be three I think as well the way it comes up so let's just let's go ahead
and start building that out so now we're going to go to number one and let's let's tweak
that um oh I already had medium sizing set so medium sizing uh is set on number
one to be a 2 by two by default it would look looked like that but um I didn't
delete number one so there we go so we're going to turn on medium sizing and then that is now a 2X two okay um
because that's what we want it too wide and Too Tall we go to number two um this is
going to be a 3X3 actually okay oh and all of these
were because I copied and pasted the other rules hold on one second let me just turn off all of those there we
go uh if you if you don't know what just happened I was copying and pasting rule number one which had a medium siiz set
so I just unset all of those so that they're all inherit okay so um now now
we're building now we're cooking with Chrisco okay um so now rule number two
uh I want this one to be let's set medium sizing I want it to be three wide and uh two tall actually three
tall okay um now let's go ahead and let's go to number three
um number three here I want that to be too wide okay and Too
Tall go to number four number four is going to be a 1 by
one right we're getting there number five is going to be a
3X3 or or no 2 by two or 2 by3 sorry okay
and then number six here is going to be a uh 3x
two let's go ahead and go to medium and I'll do a 3X two and there we
go and if we well preview
that come on Boom pretty
cool so um I did that pretty much just kind of show you um hopefully bill that
that helped you out how I kind of built this so basically you're just GNA you're going to build each layout individually
by breakpoint size and this is also the first time I've actually explained out loud my changes that I've been working
on the past week so um I did fumble a little bit so bear with me on that thank you very much um so anyway here we
go cool any questions I know you guys are you guys are like Deering headlights
or what I don't know it's just it's a lot of settings you know but I mean for good reason yeah
uh it is um I think Bento scroll actually is is going is a little easier
to use because you're just creating the rules right um uh so
yeah uh I think with uh and actually this another thing is in this update I
renamed Bento grid to be just Bento um so while you you can create very
intriguing layouts it does take a little bit of maybe forethought um and I do
think having an idea of what you your design is going to look like before you go to design it is beneficial you know
so maybe like I had all these design layouts I I kind of was just scouring YouTube and the web just like okay what
are interesting layouts and then I'm like oh I like that and then I'm able to build it because I can visually see how
things are going to lay out you know um so I I do think it is kind of important
to try to design your things first maybe you know what I mean like at least get a
general idea a chicken scratch you know um so yeah that's interesting
idea it'd be cool to have a like a template in Affinity designer with different size grids that you could
maybe just start moving around yeah just moving stuff around that's an interesting idea yeah maybe yeah make
some like Lego Lego brick type thing you know where you just have a different color or different and just pull them in
make your L now I I do have a third stack uh for bento coming um and it's
going to tackle it's going to be a different way of doing similar layouts as Bento it's going to be called Bento
areas and um it takes a very different approach
but you could do similar things with it um so it'll be interesting um I I don't have anything to show you right now um
but hopefully by uh next week I'll have something or maybe if we're lucky maybe
by the hangout on Friday I might have something uh for those that join the Hangouts on Friday very cool um it won't
you won't have to you won't H you won't have to
Define um you know like this one is going to
be how do I how how do I articulate so in the current version you have to say Okay item number one is going to expand
two things to wide okay it's going to be very text based okay so um here uh might
as well tell you guys how it will work even though I I I don't have it built right so let's say in this area here
okay um a lot of times I think this will be most beneficial when we are building
let's say a page layout not necessarily a grid on our page okay but a layout for
our page itself okay so let's say for
example okay um we tend to I'm going to use columns
to to Showcase this okay just for fun okay so in here um this is our page
layout is at the top we have our hero header right okay just pretend that has a a
header with you know menu and images and all that stuff right um and then below
that we tend to have let's say a two column right that has
and this is our main content right and then over here is a
sidebar okay um and then uh then we also have our our obr let's see this one's
going to be like uh 925 okay right so we have our main content and our sidebar
and then further down in the page then we have our footer right
so this is let's say the a base layout for um a web
page okay now if you notice this is kind of like this is a grid right we have um
if we look if we look here I have potentially I have two columns here right and then this one spans two and
then the header up here spans two right so let's say for example then I could do
something like oops uh like this so I Define let's say I Define I
give each of these areas a name okay so I give I give each of these areas a
name header main sidebar here let's do this content right here let's say
content okay content sidebar litter okay
um and now let's say content here um what's the smallest the sidebar is
our smallest unit in this layout right and content is three times larger than
sidebar okay so um what we would do is let's say let's make this a lot
bigger right so in in this made content basically we have
content content content and
sidebar okay basically I'm creating a grid where content is three times larger
than the sidebar does that make sense do you see how this here this this line of text
correlates to this layout right here yes yes you see that yeah okay
so then uh above it we have a header and that expands the entire
width right so all we do is we just
do oops so there essentially this here is
my layout I'm defining my grid with just some
text right so I'm defining hopefully is that making sense now so I defined my content we we're we
have a we're creating a grid here that has four four items wide so um my
content and my sidebar kind of Define that right um because content is three times wider than the
sidebar and then I want my header and my footer to span that entire WID so we're
going to go ahead and make that span the entire thing all four of those
columns and that is my definition for
um for my grid so basically it's it's uh you
define it and then and then basically when I when I uh Define my grid and then when I create my content I say okay this
content is a part of the area header and then that will expand that entire bit
and then when we have a content for our sidebar it will inject it right there and it's going to inject our content
guess where right here and then when I have my uh content with footer um I'll
Define it I'll say hey this content is part of the footer area and it's going to put it inside and ex and it's going
to see that these four things are right next to each other so it's going to create one footer area that spans that entire that space on the page
am I explaining that well at all I know it's I I think it's pretty interesting I'm interested to see it myself um and
maybe does that sound interesting at
all it does sound interesting okay yeah okay now that you
made it that way can you update it in total CMS because it's just it's just text
right so if you put ITT something something like that could be done yeah
um you can make the the layout up updatable
and and then and then let's say Okay um so let's say that is my my um large uh
grid right so so this is my setting for a large grid
right okay and let's say um you know but my small I want I don't want it to look
like like this right I I want it to be different okay so on small maybe we just want everything stacked on top of each
other so at that point we just have header
content sidebar Putter and at that point this is
my small
right right because then at that point they're just all on top of each other
and then of course you can then change that to be you know here if we want to do medium we could do like uh I don't know like header
header um and uh you know maybe we do uh
content content sidebar I'm guessing I don't know something like
that right so now on medium devices um the sidebar is going to take up a little
bit more space because content is only two times bigger than
it right so it's interesting it's different than
I think anything that we've had before and we won't know if it's amazing until we actually get to play with it
so so that that's my idea I mean I think it's interesting being able to Define these grids using just plain Simple
Text um in my brain it's brilliant we'll
see we will see when I implement it if it will if it will Converse to my
Brilliance into your Brilliance um we'll see I have faith in you
Joe sometimes I have brilliant ideas and they completely flop and I go oh oh well that was a and maybe this will be one of
them but I don't know we'll see
because while I think Bento is is I really do think it's it's great and that
that edit mode interface is um like nothing we've had I think and
yes it it does take some work to design your grids
um but we can actually design them now like we couldn't do this before right so
it's something new um and that edit mode interfac is I I do think it's great so
but anyway okay I'll stop I'll start stop talking about it just turn into a
game like Tetris [Laughter]
[Music] Joe any other any other
questions yeah tell us tell us again how you uh how you Target and uh an item in
from feeds to a specific uh Bento Box in Bento scroll or
Bento uh either one okay so
um so in um in all these demos that that we've seen so far uh today um all the
content um in them is is automatically being generated by I use particle
generator but you could do the same thing with feeds okay um so um inside uh here let's show you
an example with feeds since you since that's what you asked uh I know I have a feeds in here
somewhere here it is okay so this particular demo uses feeds okay and it's
actually using Bento instead of Bento scroll okay and you can use it in both
okay um so basically what you do is actually in the new version you can actually add feeds directly from Bento
now okay I made that a little bit easier so you can add feeds total Loop and particle generator
um all from there those are separate Stacks that don't come with Bento okay um but if you have them they will show
up here okay um so you can just click on feeds and it'll it'll add your feeds in
here okay I already have an instance in here um and this instance is just a CSV
data that has just some names okay and then in your feeds content area you have
to add a Bento content stack
okay because what feeds is going to do is it's going to basically it's going to generate however many number of feed
items it's going to generate these Bento content Stacks automatically okay so if I have here I
have one two three four five six names in the CSV data it's going to generate
six Bento content uh areas right and then all each of those
is just going to contain the name does that make sense how how do I put
David day's name in box one okay so um
so inside uh the rule um in so there's
different ways you can do it with Bento and Bento scroll right now I'm in Bento which is the static explicit grid okay
and here you can just Target the item you can just Target number one number two number three number four number five
number six you that's the only way to do it so the order in this data okay is Joe
Scott David Josh Chris and Tav so item number one is always going to Target the
first item in this case Joe number two is gonna Target Scott number three is
gonna Target DAV number four is gonna Target Josh Chris Tav so on and so forth okay so um but that's the Bento
one we'll we'll look at Bento scroll we have a little a little bit more flexibility but with this grid uh with
the normal Bento stack you can only Target by the item
number okay so if you want them into in an explicit order make sure that you sort them or do whatever you need to do
either in your in in your CSV or your data or via the feed stack because feeds
can do sorts as well so if you want it to be alphabetical you can go ahead and you know you know sort um you know uh by
natural sort and sort by name at that point feeds will sort the data first
then it will generate the content does that make sense so I could
put a sort column in my uh in my feed stack then yes you could you could you could sort in feeds and then that will
that will Define the actual you know so you can guarantee that the order of your data that shows up in your layout yeah
yeah same thing in feeds you could also do filters right so if you want to filter out some data you can do that
too lots to play with yep okay now in Bento
scroll um we have we have a lot more options with our rules okay
um do I have a Bento scroll that uses feeds let me see thought I
nope darn I don't okay
um inside here um well first off let's go over the the how rules differ here so
in Bento scroll it's impos since Bento scroll can have an infinite number of items right
um we can't really create rules for each IND individual item it wouldn't it wouldn't wouldn't be possible right so
that's why we have more Logic for the rules here that way we can we can say you know I want to Target the first item
last item every odd one every even one you can Target an exact item but that's
kind of a maybe a one-off thing right so if you want to Target the fifth one or the sixth one right
um uh and then you can do nth item I think this is probably the going to be the most frequently used so you can
Target every third one every fifth one every 10th one um you can create rules based on that now there's a couple other
things here we can Target class and CSS selector okay class is a new one I
shipped that that's in the update from last night okay here you can Target a class and so let's say in that example
you wanted to Target Dava day okay remember before in that CSV you wanted to Target Dava day okay um so what if I
just put David in here as a class okay then let's just look at this CSV
data so the name here in my data is Dava day okay because it it outputs it what
if I were just to put the name as a class okay so if if you inject the name
from my data as a class um then inside Bento scroll I can then Target
everything with that class and do something with
it does that make sense I swear I had an example of this
um what what does this example do oh this one does something similar okay um
so in this example I'm using particle generator here instead of feeds okay but basically I'm injecting a color and a
name inside of a class I could then Target those so here
let's look at this I don't even remember what this preview was oh it's this one okay so if you see here um I I have a a
uh what was it size and color name and color okay so if we if we
look at these so let's look at this Chris one for example okay we see here that this grid
here let me make that a little bit bigger we'll see that this grid item
okay um has a a class of blue and a class of
Chris okay and this one has orange Josh red Chris orange Joe there are no orange
Chris's because those combinations never work out in in real
life inside joke for those that that'd be even uglier
yeah um so um because I I now have my name um and data as a part of this I can
then Target those with uh with Bento okay so um let's go ahead
and let's say I I want to Target everything with Chris okay now case does matter Chris is
a Capital C so my class needs to have a Capital C okay I don't know let's say I want to have this um you know un llarge
I want it to be like four columns wide okay no I want to make all Chris's full width let's do
that so anything with a Chris class is going to go full width okay preview
that and uh there we go oh here's Chris he's full wi here's Chris he's full wi
Chris is full width so you see everything that has Chris is always going to be full
width right so that allows us to Target our data um using a
class does that help and make
sense so we can build out rules based on our data as well which is pretty
wait um I did add um for those of you I I did a really cool update to particle
generator this week um because I was I was using it I found it really nice to
to to demo layouts um for bento um and I
was playing with it I found some new features I wanted to add let me let me show let me show that
off he quick side note yeah and the when you go uh in stacks and you look for
updates when Bento comes up the logo beside it is uh Foundation 6 or
Foundation or yep yeah I I uh I I need to uh put the official logo in there
that's that's a good point thanks I did notice that when I saw Bill uh when Bill looked for updates I saw that and was
like oops I need to fix [Laughter] that um cool uh so what was that oh yeah
particle generator um so if we look at this demo here um I just wanted uh if you notice
every single cell here has um a letter an increment so a b CDE E F G H right
um and so in particle generator um what
particle generator does if you don't know okay I could just say I want to generate a certain number of an item
okay um here let's take it outside of um Bento really
quick okay just so we can kind of see so here I'm just going to create uh some data if you look in here uh I can give
particle generator data so in here I have two data points I have size and color Okay um and size has small medium
large and color has uh a few different colors okay now if you look what I do is
I actually have some class some swatches here okay now I'm using this to kind of add classes to things but it could
contain actual you know text Data okay um so here I have small medium and
large um so when something has a a small class it it's this height when it has a
medium class it's a different height when it has a large class it's a different height and then I have some different wallpaper swatches um that
have different names so basically all of the all of these classes I in I inject
uh I get options via particle generator and then inside there I take
the uh color and size and particle generator it will do is it'll say okay out of this sample set it's going to
randomly pick a color for each one it's going to randomly pick a size for each one and basically I just tell it to
inject size and color inside of this class now I could just go ahead and here
let's do um let's change this I'm going to do size right now okay if I preview
this you'll see that here it just created it added the size into each one
so we have medium small medium small large um so it's just generating these
and you can generate as many things as you want so right now it's nine I can generate 90 of them if I want okay and
it's generated 90 of them and it randomly picked a color and
a and a size value out of from my data and assigned it to this thing so I I can me put in um uh
color right so now we have size and color in our content and there we
go now obviously I'm being a little sneaky here and that I'm I'm taking this size and color data and I'm in and I'm
adding it into the class field and when you obviously when you add it into the class field it will look at your
swatches right so I did take things to the next level here now um what I wanted to do was um I
didn't want all of these I didn't want to put in small I just want to have one two 3 four 5 six
seven or a B CDE e FG right so what did is I created um a couple new macros that
you can use that you don't need to supply data for it's called index and index ABC okay so um let's go ahead and
use that so if I do index inside particle
generator uh what that will do is it'll just put in the number so this is the first one second one it'll just keep
going it'll just increment the number for the next one okay and then lastly if we do index
ABC um that will create a letter index so it starts from a and what's kind of
cool is this actually um once it hites Z once it hits Z it'll go to AA so then it's still kind of a unique value um and
if it keeps going down after it reaches ZZ it then does Triple A and so on and
so forth right then we go to quadruple a quadruple B quadruple C so it's pretty cool I was pretty happy with that um I
thought that was a pretty clever piece of code um but anyway um that was the update to particle generator um again
allowed you to add this index and index ABC code so there we
go what how is this how how are those useful in like real life like on a on a
web page I don't know I'll be honest with
you like I think particle generator is great for testing okay I I think it is for like quickly generating like I want
to see what this looks like with 500 blog posts you know like what is my page
going to look like I think particle gener is really cool for that um for just creating like sample data sets um
you know I did add on the demo of slot machine um I have maybe one of the few use cases for
like maybe doing this on um on a on a web page okay um
slots sh man I cannot type today there we
go um so on this page I just I created a bunch of squares okay and then like um
these these are all generated particle generat when you click on this it animates them with drift okay
um I just think even that's kind of interesting like if you just wanted to kind of randomly create a certain number
of things on the page and you know actually what kind of Be Cool is I'm just thinking out loud like having it
start out like this and then as you scroll down the page they kind of have a like if each one kind of moved a little
bit as you scrolled that would kind of be an interesting effect right so particle generator can do stuff like
that where well it'll generate the items then it's up to you to use drift or something else to animate them but um I
think that is an interesting use case um with with dri is just to generate a ton
of something um they don't need to be displayed on the web page they could just be as you see like on page load I
could just have those automatically do this on page load and then you know as I scroll they can like drift or something
like that cool effect to show something underneath yeah exactly yeah I mean
obviously probably the Z index of this would be underneath and maybe or have an opacity right so that you know you're it
doesn't cover your content but it could be an interesting effect on the page right and I mean as you scroll down it
would it would Reveal Your content by exploding the yeah yeah yeah so and imagine if
they weren't squares they could be I don't know little snowflakes or something I don't know you know actually that's another another cool one you know
like I don't know maybe do it with Let It Snow or something I don't know I'm totally throwing ideas off top of my
head here but
whatever cool any other ideas or stuff we want to play with
questions can you show us an example of how you created the squares on the
stacks product page with Bento sure uh well that square of the squares on oh
that was uh that was the slot machine product page um so this product is
called slot machine um and it it contains the particle generator stack
okay um so yeah if you're curious on um I think this is in the slot machine demo
file but you you have uh images and texts that move when you go to the
stacks product page I thought that was done with Bento and other Stacks about
the main Stacks product page yes oh you're talking about this page yes okay
um yeah so this page um is at one point this page mimicked that
one but I've really messed it up
um so what Bento will do where's my web
page okay what Bento what Bento will do is it will it will help you create this
layout okay here let's go ahead I I'll I'll create this lay I'll recreate this exact layout with Bento right now okay
however what I will say is like the hover effects and stuff like that Bento will not do that okay um those you can
do with swatches or whatnot but Bento what it will do is it will create this layout for you okay but how do you
superimpose the text and the images within the Bento area um so it's just a part of your your
content right so um so here like for example in
this okay so in this Bento Grid in this example here let's go to a larger
example okay I have my image and my content right so you can add in your
content right and then it's inside of my Bento grid right so you just you would just add in content um so here let's go
ahead and I'll build that really quick okay
um we want to start from
scratch what do I have here oh let's just build it from scratch why
right okay and uh actually here just to help myself I'm just going to look at
that exact grid we're build that same exact grid just to save me a little bit of
time this
page where is here's the
grid oh okay I am
doing grid setups Auto grid just give me a second while I set up this grid here so we have autog
grid separate window uh
okay yeah then column size fit fill line
content top gutter 15 pixels
oh and I had fill or fit
okay all right um so what I'm going to do here is
um I am just going to generate a bunch of dummy data for right now um and then
we'll I'll show you how you can insert your own data as
oh and I need those swatches over here
oops okay um and this is going to generate let's generate 100 items
okay and then let's look at my rules that I have set up
here all right I have uh first child
is 11 two2 one22
okay so we have there there one one two two one one two two
first item right then I have every ninth
item is going to grow to 3 by one okay let's do
that F let's change the color okay something different so
every nth every ninth item is going to grow
to three by ones okay and then I remember the next
one was every eighth item okay every eighth item was 2 by
two all right so everything else that's gray that's in
this layout is going to be basically the default size um all of these are going
to uh grow and change and it didn't what did I do
here did I break something it's been a while since I've used this Auto
grid interesting that might be a bug let me go ahead and use this columns grid uh hold on give me a second to to
redesign this in the columns grade instead of the autoit I shouldn't have done
that okay so here we just have one two three four right that's a four oh let's
do we'll do five on large five on large
four on medium three and two let's just do that
and gutters were 15 pixels
okay right see how that looks ah there we
go okay so this this is just show you how how you could create this this is
the same exact grid that we have on Weaver space okay
um well it's not Weaver space does use this Auto grid which there is obviously
a bug in that um so I'll have to fix that so thanks for making me do
that um okay but your question was how do I get the content in here
okay now what we could do um is you can
manually add in content in here okay so I'm GNA add I'm just going to add in
some data in the very first one okay um so so you can manually add in this data
so let's just go ahead and I can go ahead and uh add in a picture
stack right so I can add in a picture stack and then I can put in a little uh
let's put in h fun go into here get my Bento
PNG boom okay we can do uh let's scale the
image to like 256
okay want to Center the image and then below that we can I don't know just put in a
centered let's just preview that there we go right so now I have Bento roxes in
there right and it's you know all this other is just sample data but at this
point I mean it's just content that you add into Bento okay now obviously on my
web page I had you know hover effects um so that let's say the if you notice when
I hover over this moves up the the image um Zooms in as well as
kind of blurs and all that's done can be done with swatches
right okay so um yeah I mean I you know I'm not going to take the time to to you
know mimic this exact thing maybe eventually I I can oh but then everyone will have that on our website and
they'll copy all my layouts but all right but I mean it is all just
swatches right so like for example the the the price button on this one can't
be seen until you hover over right it's just has an opacity of Zero by default
and when I hover it has an opacity of one right so um it's just taking those I
know it this might seem daunting but it's all very simple stuff if you just take it one bite at a time okay let's T
you know let's do this button right also the buttons probably it has a position Swatch that makes it positioned at the
very top right corner right so it's just you know breaking
down our design and you know implementing one little bit at a
time now um in terms of if you were to use let's say total
CMS you you can use total CMS in here as well so if you have a Blog um you could
then you know use you know the total CMS at this point you would do the total CMS
macros I haven't done a demo of that yet I'm not going to try to attempt to do that now um live um I will have an
example of total Loop eventually that will then show you how you can integrate your blog layouts into a Bento layout
like this where your blog post image can be displayed you have the title summary
maybe a read more button all kinds of stuff like that right um but you're you're just building the layout directly
into here now obviously this one um it didn't have a background color right I mean you could easily you know Rectify
that just by adding I don't know BG secondary or something like that on there okay MH oh that's gray that's
that's boring let's do and I spelled secondary wrong let's say I want to give
it this uh uh spring let's give it the spring background so I could just go ahead and say
spring there we go there go now it kind of fits
okay um so thank you very helpful excellent no
problem thank you Dan Joe the atom acement is the square can can it be something else a circle a triangle
or uh yeah I mean yep so I mean like for example I mean anything anything in HTML
is always going to have um it's going to be a box by default
everything is a box right um but let's go ahead and let's uh let's use like uh
the clip path Swatch and say Circle right and so now whatever I add
this this clip path to uh should make it a circle
right get gets cut off a little bit but um yeah we could probably figure that
out right so here let's do here let's do the entire thing as circles it'll be interesting I don't some of it might not
work like this H how's that going to work out because it's it's not a square you know U but I don't know let's see
what let's see what happens yeah it tries to make it a
circle you know it doesn't make it around the rectangle yes yeah yeah yeah
yeah but it's nice yeah interesting
yeah thank you no
problem I didn't plan on this hangout being the Bento show by the way it just sorry sorry about that my favorite
show just quickly Joe um I saw the one
um um Q the Q code one you oh yeah the QR code yeah oh that's a
good thing to talk about that was really good I was wondering though would it be
possible because um to make it like sort of could you have a download button for
that Q code yeah uh if you were saying to S
someone they could create their own Q code for this that and whatever yeah yeah yeah yeah um you know that's
actually it is on my list so the the problem is here let let me explain that
the problem the other thing A lot of people do online is you can put an image in the middle as well yes um so my stack
doesn't do that yeah um yeah um that would be cool I admit but yeah my my my
QR code generator isn't that intelligent um yet maybe eventually um but what he's
talking about for those that you don't know uh what was it Dynamic there it is
okay so I created this I created this little web page yesterday I shipped an update to my QR coder stack and
um if you just put in a URL in here and you click submit it actually it'll
dynamically generate a QR code and that is a QR code to the URL that I put there
right and um and obviously it works right you can use your phone and scan it
and it'll it'll do that but U what he wants is he wants to be able to download that and I agree that would be cool my
thinking um so what this does I'll I'll tell you
what my QR code stack does okay actually we inspect it well you'll see what it does it actually generates an SVG file
okay so it this let's my screen is right so it actually creates an SVG
which is interesting because it's a it makes it very detailed and very crisp it doesn't create like a JPEG right um
and I when I coded this I was like that's really awesome but then like downloading that is a a different can of
worms um that I never thought about um when I initially developed it so it is a
feature that I would like to add to my list um but yeah as of right as of right
now it it it doesn't it doesn't work um so either they'd have to take a
screenshot of it which then they have an image that's what I generally do yeah another thing that you could do I was
actually gonna tie it into this demo was was to do like a print button yeah that then prints this that
prints this here let's do that really quick here it could be interesting um or we don't need this project open think of
that uh I don't need
that Joe but is that image uh stored
somewhere it is not it's not stored anywhere okay it's just created on the spot it's
generated on the fly as an SVG yep yeah yeah um which is yeah which in hdand
sight I was you know and then I can't really because I generate an SVG I can't
send it I can't download an SVG for you because a lot of devices you want it as a JPEG basically right
um so yeah then that opens up a whole can of work then I have to like have logic where you know I created it as a
JPEG instead if you download it and yeah I just it's on my list but timate it's
not very high on my list at the moments yeah exactly exactly um but I
think this print option could be pretty interesting so here's the page be useful
um so if I print where is my print let's just add a print button
right uh to the page I'll add print Styles at the top
is that your printer stack yeah this my printer stack yeah right um and then if we wanted we could even do like um print
show oh wait um here let's do like uh let's do print
hide wait that's fine I you know my printer stack allows you like to show and hide things from the page like here
let's for say for example I don't want this when I print it I don't want this little text right so let's hide that
when I print okay um and oh I need a
button so let's just Chuck a button oh and I want to hide my button too
um although I think my print button stack M might hide it by default but it's okay I think it does I don't
remember here let's test that really quick let's I'll remove that let's just put that and I got to make it at least
look semi pretty uh print
code there we go all right so let's uh let's publish that no clue if this is gonna
work but I think on like because on mobile I think this is where it's mostly
going to be for mobile right um
okay so now um I've refreshed that and if I click print QR
code there we go interesting and it doesn't have my button right and then you could do do like save as PDF you
know and there you go um but what's interesting I want to see I'm G to test
this on my phone if anyone here I'll put this in the chat if anyone wants to test this right now I'll put this you got you
gotta exclude the text the top Jo oh did I not do that I thought I I
thought that thought I saw I thought I saw in the print preview that there was some text in
there what's that text enjoy no it says enjoy your code I kept the enjoy your code there oh oh and then this this here
the links oh I could turn that off that's the I think that's in Styles append URLs to Links you could turn that
off T which is cool for for text links but
for something like that probably not it's probably not the best so I can agree with that oh thanks that's only 510
[Laughter] files for that little change thank you rapid Weaver exactly it's a heavy
code this would be good there's the URL if anyone wants to
play it whenever it finishes publishing here let's let's test it right now let's go to sandbox start that
let me just cancel I've never thought of a reason to get that print one but this
would be now the print stack all right let's
all right so I got the QR code let's say print QR code what does it
do can I save it to photos I got the print
dialogue does anybody know does anyone print from IOS very often
usually requires a special app not very
reliable copy with absent run script edit actions oh save to
files Bo save to files um save it to iCloud Drive oh
let's check it out
boom show some yeah it it's there I promise
promise yeah it's in my iCloud drive now cool and it's yeah the document with
exactly what we printed it has the enjoy your QR code with the QR code and it still has the link down there but I
think that's because rap weer didn't finish publishing that's interesting I'm about
to get the print one print stack now yeah yeah so again I I do think I I
agree oh there we [Laughter] go actually so another thing I talking
about QR codes is I I'll I'll put in a plug for actually a Mac app which is
really nice now I think QR code my my stack is interesting it's cool and
having QR codes on your site is a cool thing and I think this new Dynamic generation thing awesome too but
sometimes you just want to create a QR code and download and have the image maybe you want to have it on something
right and um I think this app QR QR Factory is pretty
awesome um and funny enough okay um I didn't know this until after I already
bought the app but so this is the developer it's a foundation website made
with Stacks pretty cool huh so so yeah QR
Factory from tuna belly software um it's a Stacks website made with foundation so
pretty cool look at that my name's right on there actually he's Foundation one but he actually did last month I I I
looked him up and I was like oh wow what does this guy use so he recently got Foundation 6 so I assume he's going to
redo his website in Foundation 6 so there we go if you're watching sweet thanks I
think it's uh Matt Austin I think his name I forget off top of my head but
yeah I I do think QR Factory is pretty interesting um and uh it's a nice app
and so it has calendar events crypto email location uh person uh SMS I don't
know what sepa is who what's sepa does everybody know I see I I see Bank stuff here so it
must be some sort of Bank thing it's a model for bank transfer sepa ah okay
um just have a Cod people can send you money oh and see and and this app will
actually do the images inside the QR codes that my my stack can't it doesn't
do that QR Factory QR Factory
yes that's good I have to say the the reason I I
originally bought this app is because I was trying to do research on how to uh do the Wi-Fi QR
code and I could not find any documentation on it at all and I knew
this app could do it um so I kind of reverse engineered uh you know how how
it was generating the QR code with the with the Wi-Fi Sid and the password so
um and then I I emailed the guy and realize that he's a Stacks user too so
pretty awesome stuff that's cool yeah
that's good right how much is the print one then a
look Joe I put the uh the first ver first round of uh Beno designer in the
other chat oh
yeah nice it's just using the uh what's it called
um oh my God what's it called the thing around the boxes what's I
call no well yes stroke good Lord oh stroke like I had one
uh a thick Str a thicker stroke to make it look like this has padding or
margin there you go oh man it opened up
ginormous heck there he
goes Josh will be busy on he on my P doing all this one so yeah you can just like take the
take the block or the bricks and just move them in there and or you know copy them in cool
okay maybe maybe we'll play with this and refine it a little bit yeah I mean it's quick and dirty so cool I like it
so as I was saying earlier you know I was saying you know kind of pre-design your grids a little bit so yeah cool I
like it oh I should add numbers to it too okay I'll add a maybe make a little
sidebar with numbers just you like drag them over cool I like it that could be
fun all right cool I got a robotics class to teach you guys have a good one oo fun take care bud all right guys
thanks for everything this was a very insightful like those new controls are
nice all right see you guys at the Frid hangout cheers take care bud see you Chris I gotta get back to work thanks
you see you there
scottt I haven't had much chance this week to play with B been playing with a lot of other things trying to I got that
um M oh you got M okay I got that so um I
was just been doing everything change Al I'm changing from chili dog to Blue to
dream host so I'm setting up me my qsl databases but I'm sort of getting
everything organized so I'm trans doing everything I'm publishing now to the sonology
ready for playing with bamp oh [Laughter]
okay s but's a good workflow especially if you're using like total CS heav site I
think I think it's really cool for testing locally um it could it could save a lot of especially with publishing like you have to publish a ton of files
and sometimes it just takes a long time to publish to your hosting company you know but publishing locally should be
quick you know super quick yeah mean using M or using the Synology if you
have a Synology dis server so oh yeah I can publish I've got a web server on theology as well
yeah I mean that I mean obviously that would be a lot quicker than online but
um yeah I mean I think M works I I'm pretty happy with it but yeah Synology works too if you're on the only thing if
if you have M you can it'll work anywhere right if you're on your laptop it could work anywhere but um on theology obviously that would work only
on your local network I've only use it using the sonology for publishing because I back up everything
to the sonology so I was going to use that for mamp as well yes okay yeah so
it's just everything in one place rather than multiple
places yep cool I've actually published sites and temporarily onto the sonology
and used them so does
work yep I know what was trying to do today um because year well a couple of
years ago before I bought well I've only had the MacBook Pro M1 for a year now but um when I had my
Mac Air I had the cloud and I had everything synced up so whatever I
changed over there it would change me projects synced up but since
the Nomo today I just haven't managed to get them synced up you know something that's been
bothering my desktop into F yeah you reminding me about somoma so
one thing I know so when I upgraded I just got recently got this Mac Studio right um two months ago or a month ago
or whatever it was um I never been I never used Ventura before you know a
month ago or so like right before Sonoma was released right and I've been wondering like on my new Mac um you know
I use a lot of I get a lot of stock Adobe art um from Adobe stock so like AI
files but I don't I don't own Adobe Illustrator um I use Adobe I mean
Affinity designer right which I think I think a lot of you do as well but it was driving me nuts that
like all my new newly downloaded Adobe Illustrator files from Adobe stock I
couldn't quicklook them like and there's no preview icon right I mean it just shows it shows the
Affinity designer logo but it doesn't show actual preview of it because before you can quick look it and you would see
the contents and anything that I've downloaded on this new Mac hasn't hasn't
worked and after research I I found out that in Ventura Apple removed the ability for
preview app to open up EPS files um encapsulated postcript files right and
uh that essentially uh AI Adobe Illustrator files are just fancy EPS files right
and because Apple removed the ability for the preview app to um read those
files they you can no longer quicklook them well correction you can no longer quicklook old one or new ones funny
enough if I um open up a file or I download on my other Mac that's still
running um Catalina right which is the one before Ventura if I quick look at
there it'll generate the little quick look preview and then I get the quick look on my somoma on my new Mac so it's
it's interesting it'll work for old old ones but not newly generated ones on my
Mac so um yeah kind of sucks it's driving me crazy I I emailed Affinity
you know begging them please just add quickl support because I I it opens up AI files just fine why can't it generate
a quick look for me um but I doubt they will
so I'm on the hunt for either an app that will give me quick look support for
AI files or something I don't know but it would be nice I have to download an app just to
change all of me momes to M MP3s to play on the Hi-Fi system downstairs yeah so
for example like here right here um I mean this is an AF if I quick look it I
just get I mean it shows the affinity logo there but but funny enough if I scroll down if we look at let's say this
one this was this was one that I predates me having this Mac and quick
look works on it so very
interesting so yeah I'm working on a new a new logo for my I'm my son's a part of
The Roc um Air Force RC at school and I'm designing a new logo for them um so
that's why I had all those airplanes but the other one I want to get this week was I think that hazer in
it that's the automation one which um which one Hazel is it Hazel
oh Hazel yeah yeah you automate so you can automate things yep yeah yeah it's a
great one it's a really use super useful app yeah because I got M on here and on
the laptop now working both with the same license which is good excellent
hopefully I can do the same with that as well yes uh yeah I believe Hazel I have
it running on both my Macs too so you should be good yeah good I think long ago it was made for cleaning up to
automate the clean up or files or something like that in the past Hazel yeah Hazel um I mean it still is I mean
basically it watches folders and then you can you know either you know that you know whenever a new file is added to
a particular folder it can do stuff with it right yes yeah you use for
synchronizing uh between two different machines or no I don't use it for synchronization um I do use it to clean
up um my downloads folder primarily like I have a bunch of rules that you know for you know if a file is ex ex like
because I download a gazillion rap weav projects for support right so like my downloads folder before I mean without
Hazel it would have like hundreds of rap weav projects so basically I just say there's a rap project that's been in my
downloads folder for like more than three weeks delete it you know um and uh
so yeah stuff like that and changing the classic to whatever you done I think you
said yes yeah so if anyone sends me because I use rap weever
8.93 um if anyone sends me a rever classic file um you know that has the
extension RWC um basically I just have Hazel rename it to rw8 um and then it
opens just F rap 8 and also like Adobe stock images um If
Ever I download if it finds an adobe stock image in my downloads it copies it into Devon think which I which is what I
just showed you um and then I use that as like my my stock Library basically so it
automatically adds it into a folder that has all the stock images that I've downloaded just so because for a while I
when before I created that rule like I'd create a i' download a stock image and then i' I don't know maybe i' delete it
by accident or something or I move it to somewhere and I'm like where's this I know I got this stock image but where is
it so this rule just kind of archives it to a general location for me yeah well I was hoping to get this
Cloud thing working today so it would just everything will be just the same over there as it is here it working
before y doing me eding so I might have to think of an another because I'm getting fed up just dragging it across
and waiting for it to sink up
yep sweet well guys uh I just realized we've been here for almost two hours now
crazy time flies when we having fun well I forgot the times our clocks change I forgot yours didn't so I was a bit late
oh oh you oh oh time changed over there already haha yeah we change on Saturday
oh that's right so Friday will'll be early then that's good oh good good thanks for maybe I'll
maybe I'll make a note when the when the hangout post goes on Friday I'll make sure everybody remembers that yeah yeah
okay yes that's nice because I've been connected one hour later as well so oh okay
[Laughter] yeah that's probably why everyone is
connecting because if someone tries to join a zoom meeting before I actually start it like I get emails yeah and like
there was like a dozen people from Europe tried to connect an hour
early and that's exact why [Laughter]
interesting so the US is out of sync with Europe again yep yeah for the for a
week be good because when you had the summit it was always perfect timing
yeah this year I think although a couple years I did it I did the summ the same
weekend that that you guys time changed and that that was man that was horrible yeah
hey before we leave any other questions that I can help you guys out with no right moment sweet cool guys
well hopefully I'll see some of you guys on Friday else uh thank you everyone else for joining all right see you later
take care guys bye everybody that good