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Total CMS 3 Beta 2 Sneak Peek thumbnail

Total CMS 3 Beta 2 Sneak Peek

I am coming down the final stretch of getting the next beta of Total CMS 3 out of the door. Total CMS 3 now boasts full gallery support with this latest update. Now that we have galleries, image watermarking is now supported! But that is not all the features that have been added. Chime in and get a sneak peek at the power that will be coming to your Stacks' library soon.

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okay how's everyone doing today let's see we got anyone coming
on says I have three oh streaming to three different
Services Mr Jones in the house Mr Cole here yeah we got some people coming in
sorry for being a couple minutes tardy
who gave the thumbs up for waiting I don't know wasn't
me excellent excellent The Jock is in the
house H Mr Powers got a couple minutes let some
people are St up now we're up to 35 we're good okay
sweet um audio and visuals okay I hope I know sometimes I don't
know I swear I don't change anything and some weeks you guys are like it's great this week and other weeks it's not great
this week I didn't change the darn thing so I don't know one day one day I'll figure it
out so oh hey guys guys I've been working my tail off on
total CMS 3 and actually you know what I just realized all the latest work was on my laptop so while we're while we're
setting this up I'll have to pull down all the latest version um and install it on the on my ma on my Mac Studio
here um yeah Matias uh we uh yep you can uh you can watch the recording and uh
yep we're good to go thanks for everybody the grammar cop is here nice
so okay so before I um sent out the or
you know sent out all the posts about the stream I just quickly typed up you know in the
image uh I typed out uh sneak peek but I spelled Peak p p e a
k and um didn't even think about it and as I was typing up um the the summary in
email the I use a a browser plug-in called linguist or Ling lingu or
something like that and uh it caught my grammar mistake and it said hey this should be peek and I was like oh shoot
so I had to go and update the image good thing I I figured it out before I posted it um so
anyway uh total CS 3 it's coming along pretty nicely um let me go ahead and like I said I'm going to pull down the
latest version that's my bad um pull that
down and hopefully I pushed everything up from my laptop else we'll see stuff
from earlier from yesterday um else I can run down and get my laptop
really quick nope we're good to go I see all the latest changes that I
did I'm just go ahead and rein reinstall that really quick
um while I'm doing this I I did release a nice update to Foundation 6 last
night um it fixed an issue uh DAV had an issue like a very off-the-wall one where
um he was us passing some certain characters to fill a form but anyway um the other cool request was from a new
user actually on the community um bill I believe it is off top of my head I think
it's Bill and uh he asked hey can I how can I open up a pop-up window and I was
like there isn't an easy way to do that so um it wasn't too difficult to do
probably half hour 40 minutes later we have the feature so I shipped that in the button Stacks we can now open up a
pop-up window if your browser supports it obviously some browsers nuke it some browsers open it as a tab instead so um
but yeah um if your browser supports a pop-up window it will open up a pop-up window um um there we
go okay let me run this install Alex is that Alex Martin
excellent good see you it's been a while what are the what are the screens
behind me I'm not sure what screens you're talking about that's cabinets that's a 3D
printer uh those are posters that's ET
ET um yeah not sure what screens it's actually quite clean look at my office it's actually clean okay here most of
the time okay here here's a little behind the scenes thing so when I'm standing here like a lot of my office is
like covered up by my body so I my office tends to be quite messed
I always have something up here right so and chances are uh if if I ever move
you'll see a ton of stuff like all right here like I'll be like I'll move it all right there because I know as I'm
standing here you're not going to see it
so um okay I see I'm all installed now and uh let's go ahead and uh me launch
browser here let's share the screen okay and
uh let's go go up to My Demo and uh for fun let's go ahead and
launch up my demo project uh I won't go over all I know
some of you might not have seen the beta one stuff the stuff that's completely new in total cms1 or sorry total CS 3
beta one um so I'm not going to rehash everything today I am just kind of going to going to go over um what's new and uh
what I'm what is still in progress um there uh you know it's been really great
seeing people use um some of the stacks and obviously they're beta 1's beta 1
right so seeing people use it I got some really good feedback have some ideas um
and yeah hopefully we'll we'll make this Stacks even better okay um okay so we
got my project file um and did I completely oh no it's just hidden I
forget what I changed in my project here okay
okay so let's go ahead and do I have Gallery I do I do have Gallery in here
not many we can add more though okay
sweet so um first off here what we'll notice is um this image that's right
here on the homepage has a nice beautiful crisp Watermark christe how's it going thanks
for coming on good seeing you how's the uh Northwest doing I think you're still
up in Portland area or is it Washington I forget it's Portland OR Washington um I think maybe you moved um okay uh so
this image on the homepage here if you notice has a nice watermark on it and
this Watermark is actually added to the image by total CMS pretty cool right
um so just want I'm going to quickly review what's new uh and then we'll go
into kind of into the details a little bit um on the content uh side or on the
admin side sorry um first off I should I should note someone asked is um our
emojis supported so um we can give a big fat uh come on my keyboard shortcuts we
can give a big fat thumbs up right there and we can save it
we can go back and we'll see voila we have emojis right so emojis work great
in total CS 3 not so great in total CS one so um there we go okay um so that's
nice further down we'll notice uh we have Gallery right so we have a gallery
uh this is also another Gallery um this is something for the watermarks okay uh we'll we'll play with that in a little
bit um there's a few things so um feeds got a
the feed okay got a slight update actually remove tags um from this beta
um so a feed will not have tags um because I thought it would that then made it too much like blog so I wanted
to really make feed a very simple version of blog um and so yeah so remove
tags we have title content image and featured that's it um and uh
at some point I think was Scott Williams had a great idea I think feed will also be available inside the light version of
total CS which will be nice okay um so yeah there we
go um blog I worked a lot on blog yesterday we'll dive into some of that I haven't
done any work on custom collections that's going to be all beta 3 okay um so let's dive into some of these details
here um first off let's go into the admin side okay
and I updated oh it wasn't this one sorry U well one thing I did update okay
is if you edit any of this data okay let's say I just I go ahead and
um I'm going to put hello world if you remember the current beta
that is out has a save button in here now the the save button's gone and that's because as soon as you close this
light box all the data is autosaved okay so just by closing the light box you can
either click the close button or you can just click out all that data is saved so if I just let's go ahead and refresh
this page and if I go and look there we go hello world is there okay so pretty
cool all that data is auto saved um actually you know for
fun nah it's fine we'll keep that for now um next up is we have uh oh another
thing in here sorry um okay inside the image Builder
you'll notice that there is uh there's now a new thing here called presets okay so uh you can go ahead and set
everything here but uh we will we have the ability to set up presets in the total CMS configuration um it's just a
file you'll need to configure uh and then you can go ahead and uh when you create those configurations they will
all show up in here um well I'll have documentation on how to do that uh later
on but uh there there is the ability so if I click on small um let's go ahead and delete anything in here because that
anything that you have here will override the preset so you just click on your preset make sure everything else is done preview and there we go that's a
preset for small we can do like a preset small crop right and there we go right
so uh you can set up presets so if you you're like I want this particular size
for everything and it also makes the uh the macros a lot nicer right so you
don't need to do like w whatever you can just set up your preset and Bam you're done so pretty nice okay
so uh presets are a big addition here um and now watermarks work okay so uh let's
just go ahead and say none here uh let's set this back to 600 oops
6 100 uh let's go to Watermark and if we
do Watermark you'll notice that I have two water marks uh here and those are
watermarks that I uploaded to the watermarks gallery okay so you do have to specify you have to create a special
Gallery just for watermarks and you can upload as many images as you want in there and those are all the possible
watermarks that you can use they will show up in this dropdown so if I go ahead and choose WS logo okay you can
then do things such as position let's say I want that to be in the center and I want the alpha to be
80% okay and the width let's just say that to be uh
100 uh width okay and let's go and hit preview and voila so that's how we can
set up water marks right let's go ahead and if we set up uh we can choose a different Watermark we can choose that
and while that one's a little bit big maybe instead of that we do like uh 50
W preview voila okay and maybe 80 is a little bit too much for that particular
one so you like 5050 voila right pretty cool and all these again these water marks
they're not overlaid um they're not you know separate images they are in they are
baked into the image okay which is pretty
cool um Gaston says uh you need a cancel
button um so can you can you revert back um I I might add that eventually I did
think about that um so we'll see how the autosave goes but for right now if you change and close um if you do want to
cancel if you made a bunch of changes like oh shoot I don't want you could just refresh the page and uh and not
close the light box but I can agree cancel button probably a good idea okay
um okay so that was I think that was it for
um how do you apply the watermarks all the various options okay um and uh and
then presets all pretty cool stuff there quite a bit of work
there okay um gallery now here if you see here here's the watermarks um and uh
the watermarks gallery now this particular one the text on the Weaver space is white so yeah I'm not sure what
to do about that I don't know I'm open to ideas um yeah because the it's a
trans it's white text on transparent uh you know background so it it on my white
website it doesn't look so great uh which is interesting okay uh
galleries uh galleries are pretty nice so let's go ahead and let's just uh add in um some new images so I can go ahead
and drag and drop and we can add in images let's add in a couple more here
we need that one and uh let's see we don't have this
one in there right now one thing I I was trying to do
is that's fine let's just go ahead I'm going to open up this and finder
okay and let's just go to thumbnail View and let's just go ahead and upload a
bunch of more images here and I'm just going to drag and drop these in
there okay and as you see it uploads them all okay
so you can drag and drop multiple images um I need to add a couple more because I'm trying to show off another feature
let's add in a couple more hiden here
and how come it's not showing up uh oh uh I think that one H interesting
didn't like that image let's just keep going I'll figure out why that image didn't wasn't like oh
now oh now it Scrolls all right I was trying I was trying to get this to scroll I needed to add enough images to
just show you that there was a uh a scroll element in here um so once you re reach a certain point um this does
scroll so that your your gallery doesn't take up the entire page right um just
for fun let's add in one more just so we have a decent amount of scroll so there we go
okay um you can drag and drop to reorder um just like the current version of total CMS um drag and drop is autoa so
all you have to do is just drag and drop and you're done okay um so yeah nice
works really good uh let's go refresh this
page all right next up is um just like uh the image we can go ahead and all
these are functional for galleries so uh we have the ability to edit the exf
information and the focal point and all this is unique for every single image
okay um the image Builder um you'll notice that there are slight differences the macro is different because this is
getting a gallery image so if I wanted to display this specific gallery image
somewhere um here's the macro that we can use to get that okay and uh we have
access to all the same things we can use presets we can use watermarks and all that jazz um for our Gallery images as
well okay okay um actually guys I have I have
something I I need to go get my laptop really quick because I just realized there is something I need to get um off
of it so I can show it off okay give me one
e e
okay sweet sorry about that guys I put all the changes up to my uh computer from downstairs
okay um wanted to get that done all right so galleries uh you can also
favorite all your all your images oh wait I'm not I stopped my screen sharing
voila okay um I have to restart this project because I copied up a new one
really quick let's don't save okay um I'll open that in a second
for uh let's see oh starring your images so you can go ahead and set any image to
featured okay and then maybe on the content side of galleries you can then
show all featured images or something like that right so there's different things you could do we can clear the
cache for this particular image we can delete an image right so if I wanted to go ahead and delete this image right
here it confirms that image is gone right um um and then you can download
the original image right so if you click this this will download the original image um that we uploaded not a modified
version okay watermarks watermarks are just a
normal Gallery there's nothing special about it um the only special thing is its name the gallery is called
watermarks so um so yeah um and the name of that Gallery is configurable in the CMS so if you want to call it something
other than watermarks you can but not sure why you would um so yeah I just set up a gallery called watermarks
you can drag in all of your um actually this is another feature CU these are pngs so as you know the current version
of total CMS only supports jpegs um these are transparent pgs so we can you
know upload whatever we want in um galleries for total CS3 which is
nice okay um let's see I I see a bunch of questions sorry I haven't been looking at the chat um can you put a gridlike
background to show the PNG oh uh that's a good idea uh Christie um yeah if it's a PNG maybe show like a a transparent
like a yeah grid background that's a that's a great idea um I do like that actually I can just show it all the time
and then if you have a if you have a JPEG you just won't see it because the jpegs yeah great great idea Christie um
I will do that um I do that somewhere else I forget where I do that
that I have to remember where I did that I I remember creating a SVG that was
that transparent pixel grid so that it was super cool and I remember being patting myself on the back for doing that maybe that was in total CS 2 I'll
have to look into that um good idea Christie thank you very much that's a that's a great one I will I will get
that done okay um can you bulk upload several images Into The Gallery at the same time
yes um I did that earlier maybe you posted that question when I did that um but yeah I uploaded 50 images um but I
think maybe what you're referring to is you have like hundreds of images and you
want to uh batch upload them into the CMS um you know or a thousand images or
something like that um I don't have that available yet um but I I think that
should be a feature uh like some sort of you know folder import of images where
um you know you can upload a folder to your server um instead of having to dragon in dropping them online just have
them all on the server and say Here's my folder images and it'll just move them in and then it'll analyze each one for
the exip information and all that stuff because it needs that stuff so um I do like that idea and let me let me make
sure I let me add that to my to-do list actually right now one second before I forget because I do think that would be
a very uh good thing to have
okay uh Gallery import from
folder okay added that to my
list uh uh he showed dragging a but okay
yes make a star visible in the gallery thumbnail if an image is selected as
featured you can do that Johan or or um yeah um yeah you should be able to do
that um I mean because we'll have I haven't built the content side of
galleries yet okay um I'll show you what I have so far
actually what I built last night I was when I was like in the wee hours of the night and I was half falling asleep so I
don't even know how well it will work um so that's hot off the press um I
do I do plan on having one Gallery option um and yeah I I want to try to make it as
flexible as possible now uh with the power of twig though you can in theory
do whatever you want okay so um you'll have the ability to check to see if
something's featured um if it's feature then you can add a little SVG and then you can have a Swatch that will then
position that SVG um or something like that right so um if I don't add something like that myself um
then adding it you're adding yourself isn't rocket science okay um it's doable
because uh really I mean my my main goal for total CS 3 okay um
is I wanted to the beauty of total CS 3 let me back up a little bit is that your design and
your data your content are are separated okay that's the beauty of
it I can can add a thousand blog posts or you know upload a million
images okay and I can modify my design without having to worry about messing up
my data okay that is the beauty of total
CMS now obviously from a design perspective um total CMS isn't going to
be able to do every single layout that you would ever want to integrate your data in right now total CMS 1
um does have some flexible like the blog list right but the the blog list while it's nice um it it it doesn't do a lot
right um so where total CS 3 is is trying to go is to allow you to
integrate it with whatever your favorite layout and design tools are okay whether
or not they're mine or not now with that said I I do think I
need at least some basic level of tools okay such as a gallery stack okay I'll
I'll need to have some sort of gallery so that you can um you know create and have a gallery using total CMS um I'll
probably have some sort of simple blog list style thing right so you can have a
blog list um will it be different than the current blog list yes um will it do
everything the current blog list does no probably not will will it do more
different things than the current blog list yeah I'm sure it does right um yeah so I'm not going for feature parody
between one and three I I'm trying to do this how I would develop a product now
okay um and uh yeah I'm always as always I'm open to feedback to making the best
products that we have out there okay um I forget where I was going with
this I effectively the important thing is that
um CS3 is really geared towards managing the data and doing that like the best
way possible okay and then giving you really good tools to integrate that data
with your favorite layout tools right but with that said I know um that
that some of those tools can be scary even although I think I've done a pretty decent job so far I'll show you where I'm going with those things in a little
bit okay I I do I do see the need
for simple things to get started quickly okay now maybe you'll graduate
from those things quickly and then you'll learn to use you know either a block Grid or you know some sort of
column layout or Bento or something like that right where's a lot of really great layout tools out there that I want to
make sure that we can leverage so that you can use those cool layout tools with
total CMS okay let's get back into the
demo um okay I think that's Gallery I mean oh another thing uh I forget who I
think I think it was Irwin I don't know if Irwin's here um he had mentioned um I think it was on maybe the hangout on
Friday when I was talking about this CU none of this none of this Gallery stuff existed on Friday so um yeah I worked I
worked my butt off all weekend and this week to to get this done and we needed a
I I didn't want to have the upload inside here like on images an image you can have an upload didn't make sense to
have it on in here in the gallery so we have kind of a global upload button that you can access um especially for mobile
right where um you can't really drag and drop images so um having this just to
click to open up a file upload dialogue there we go okay pretty
cool um feed there's really not much to show with feeds or blogs I think at this
point um well there there is stuff to show with blog there I did a lot of work on blog uh in the past two days and uh
but that kind of requires us to dive into rapid Weaver for Stacks so let's go
ahead and launch Stacks
classic yes Alex I am using the arc browser um it's grown on me there are some things I still don't love about it
but um all in all do like it um actually I signed up for their I'm now a part of their Early Access program and one of
the coolest things is their their icon for their Early Access actually is pretty cool I like their icon so um if
you sign up for the Early Access program I I think it's open to anybody um you can go ahead and that's their that's the
icon for Ark um I did have some issues this morning a minor thing like it duplicated when it updated to the latest
beta version um it duplicated my favorites up here so I had like two of everything so and it was easy enough to
clean that up but yeah it's it's definitely beta um okay um
Stacks the gallery Stacks I mean pretty pretty simple looks pretty much the same as
images um one thing I did want to note for oh this is the admin stack I want to show the content
side hey we have a new uh a new image for edit mode um during the beta okay
until I design a a nice Banner for total cms3 uh we have this awesome new edit mode image uh for uh content images in
total CS 3 but what I want to show is down here we now have the ability to add a
watermark um options into here now since this stack doesn't you know it it can't
pull all your existing water marks from the CMS and inject them here you you
have to know the name of your watermark that you want to use um put that in there and then at that point it'll go
ahead and use all the other options that are the same right so uh we now have the
ability to add water marks directly in the settings um one thing that I didn't
add which might be useful is the ability to have a preset in here um so if you
configure those presets I haven't added that yet um I could though it wouldn't it wouldn't be difficult to add
I don't think so if you add a preset here um that preset would you'd have to type it
in so you have to know the name of the preset uh that you created type that in and at that point that preset would be
used so um that's probably something I should add okay so that's all that I added for
I added for images uh was all the watermark stuff um in the image stack
okay um let's see uh the admin side we now have
again we obviously we have Gallery admin Stacks um the help or the the settings here are pretty much identical to the
image you have all the same upload rules as you did before okay um you can now that now that we have Gallery you can
use this uh Max count um so you can if you want to limit the number of images in a gallery you can do
that okay um blog admin uh this one got quite
uh quite an overhaul okay um and so now there is a uh well as you
saw from beta one there's a Blog form stack okay um for those of you who are new and haven't seen it before um
basically it's just an all-in-one blog form okay pre-made for you um so that
you don't need to add all the individual Stacks or fields that you want um it's just kind of done for you okay now by
default I don't show all the fields but in in here you can go ahead and add various Fields right so if you want to
add all of the fields you can go ahead and add in all the fields and you have one big huge honkin form with all the
fields okay um now this is just kind of like the set
it and forget it mode um if you wanted to create a custom form with for blog
you can do that and at that point um I don't have the the custom stuff all ironed out and pretty yet so I'm not
going to show that right now um but you can create your own custom forms just like you could now in total cms1 one um
but I like having the option of just H dragging out a Blog form and then yeah turning on and off fields and it's just
an admin side so you know you're probably going to be good with the layout that I choose right um it's it's
a decent you know two column layout you do have some C customizability with the
with the help Styles so if you wanted you know um you know help on hover or help box and all that other Jazz from
helps the different styles of help you can do that okay
um so yeah this this doesn't look like much but this like took like an entire
day of like very tedious work um so there we
go that is the blog form okay uh feed form um if you notice I I didn't do much
um I did increase like I fixed some layout issues that were here um and also
uh as we saw before um I did remove tags now with feeds since there's so little feed Fields um you can't turn it on and
off Fields it's just this is what you get okay for a feed Uh custom admin I said we're going
to ignore okay um on the content side um so I actually haven't used this at all
yet I haven't tested it at all I created the stack I haven't tested it at all
okay um so this will be interesting actually maybe we could test it with feeds because actually um I have a feed on this page um but it's the same
similar concept let me let me review so prior actually let's look at what we had
in beta 1 in beta 1 we had this thing called a loop stack and in here you had to specify your collection and you had
to like create something called a loop key and when I made it I was like this
is really clever and intelligent and and uh yeah it wasn't so user
friendly okay so um so this is version two of it okay um the loop stack is
still there for I think it's it's perfect for advanced users um but this is the simple version okay um all you
need to do is you have one setting that's it okay um and this setting is to
create a blog or you you basically the name of your blog okay um which by
default is
blog okay um then I have all of these little
macro hints these aren't settings these are just little things that you can actually copy paste to um to quickly
learn how to inject this data into your content now how would you use this okay
um if you're familiar with feeds um actually you know I'm going to since I know I have some feeds turned on we're
going to we're going to go into this feed admin stack I'm actually going to delete this entire thing right there and
we're going to create the same thing but with a feed since there's less Fields it's a little little more user friendly
um feed right no that's a form I need feed Loop
okay okay so um here we have feed loop it's the same exact thing as blog it's
just for a feed okay you you define what your collection is which by default is feed um and then we have uh some macro
hints right some ways that we can access the data um from our
feed okay um now funny I again I created this last night I actually haven't
tested it at all so this is live me testing this and I hope it works okay um and just to verify if I
refresh this I think this is going to have some data oh I have to publish for it to have data that's okay um and we'll
publish it here I see I have three posts okay so what I'm going to do is uh we're
going to start creating um some layouts in here okay so let's go ahead and I'm going to I'm going to add in I'm going
to do a two column layout okay um and maybe I have an image on this side and
the the text and the content on that side seems simple enough okay let's uh let's just do that so what I'm going to
do here is we're going to go ahead and oops one thing I haven't so one thing I have to do um and this is going to be
experimental because I have again this first time I'm testing this is an easy way to getting the image do I need to
have a do I need to create a specific image friendly version for these I don't know but for right now I'm just going to
use the image I'm going to use that okay oh I need to make that responsive that's not
responsive and edit mode um okay and then my object ID is
going to be I need to I'm going to zip through some of these settings really quick I'm going to do post.
ID okay uh I need to do custom collection property this is going to be
feed yeah see th this is what I'm doing right now is not
um not user friendly so I need to make this better okay um whether that is a
new stack and keep this stack for advanced users I don't know okay but um what I just did right here
is is it works and it's it makes sense if you understand under the hood but
yeah we need to make it better okay um and it will be all right and I think that should do it so that gets us our
image over here um but let's show you how we can get the content right really really easily um so we're just going to
use some uh Foundation header stack and then I'm just going to do now
if if you don't know I'm going to go over into here and oh I want the title how do I get that well let's just copy that okay and let's go into here I'm
going to paste it in there and that will uh that will be the title for my post
okay and uh below that let's do our post content okay and uh what I'm going to do is I'm actually just going to put in
a uh I'm going to put in HTML
stack and I'm going to put in oops what's our post content macro which is
right here now what's useful if in here um is you'll notice that for post
content it has this little doohickey called this pipe raw okay and
um the reason for that is the post content contains HTML and if it contains HTML it's just a twig thing we need to
have that syntax in there so um yeah making this copy paste just kind of makes it a no-brainer which is pretty
nice okay let's go ahead and add a little bit of gutter okay and essentially what this is
going to do is so I built my layout for a post in the feed okay and what this
will do is it's going to Loop through and it's going to it only has three Fe three posts in this feed on my published
site this is going to Loop through and and create this and they're just going to be sitting on top of each other right
so let's goad and publish that I'm actually going to do a republish all because I know this has a some new stuff
that I haven't published yet there we go right and let's refresh
there we go okay uh and none of my posts have content oops okay
um I guess I was lazy um so yeah my posts don't have content but uh yeah
there we go we we have our layout of our image on the left and our title and
content on the right um and for fun actually what I'm going to do is I'm going to I'm going to link this entire thing and then make it uh you know so we
can edit the data in the form so let's go ahead and what I'm going to do is here we're going to go ahead
and I could probably make this a little simpler too um but it's not too difficult I'm just going to Chuck the
whole thing in a link container and I want to edit the link
and I'm going to do uh question mark ID equals um and then uh post. ID right um
that that macro is also in that feed stack but I knew what it was off top of my head so I just type that in there let's go ahead and publish
again let's refresh okay so now if I click on this it should load that post
it does here and we're just going to go ahead and and add in some lauram ipsum text
here okay we're going to save that the heck all right one thing that
bothers me about Ark is it hijacks command s sometimes oh man what did I do
there uhoh I broke feed forms for
something not sure what I did there all right I'll have to fix feeds
um oops um but yeah we we'll have to fix feeds not sure what's going on there um
oh I think I know really quick or U let me just quickly go in because I removed
hold on one second I'm going to I'm going to
speculate what the error is really quick take me two seconds hold your horses
all right let's try that
again nope oh well
uh tags is missing but it shouldn't be oh uh hold on one second uh I thought I
republished all hold on one second I really would like this to work
so let's just take me two seconds to fix this
up uh
oh that's my bad that's actually a bug I need I need to fix this okay I know
exactly what it was wasn't what I
thought okay now let's try
let's save that again yay okay sweet uh let's go ahead and uh here I'm going to
go ahead and just quickly add some content to the other
posts come on save it that's going to drive me nuts about
Ark um just let you know
all right I'm going to have to oops
cancel right all right there we go um let me just remove the ID from the from
there all right so this is all about I just want to have some data in here so we can
test so as you see now I have a simple layout um in the stack it just basically
took all the items in the in the feed okay and it replicated that layout for
every single post okay obviously eventually we're going to have to add more logic to this such as
you know limit the number of items you know probably have some sort and filter options and all that jazz okay but um
for now as you see just the basics um it can do this now what if you don't want a layout like this what if I don't want
them right on top of each other right this works very similar to feeds okay
let's say uh I'm going to I'm going to transform this into like a more grid based layout uh probably what we're more
used to okay um so what I'm going to do is here I'm going to use a block grid I'm going
to use this um and what I'm going to do here is I'm going to drag my Loop into the block grid now on block grid you can
go to full width edit mode which is useful especially for stuff like this now instead of this uh two column in
here uh what I'm going to do is I'm going to drag in my uh grid item grid cell into Loop and all I'm going to do
is I'm just going to I actually don't want or change the layout I don't want a two column anymore I want the image with
the header with the content there we go okay and then inside
the block grid we can add in our margins and whatnot and we can say how many items we want um so let's say three on
medium two on small and inherit on large that's fine okay
so let's think about this okay I did that quite fast okay I I probably should
have uh slowed down a bit I think I think everyone understood when I had um
the previous layout where I had let's quickly build that up again maybe okay
um just so we actually we should just have both on the page here do I do I
risk doing command Z to get the old layout
back I'm playing Russian roulette
here oh look at that okay Russian
Roulette I think the trick the trick sometimes is don't command Z too
fast go slowly look at that I did a lot of command Z's all the way back to
that okay um I think everyone can understand this
simple layout where um I have a loop and then basically what it's doing is it's
recreating um this link container multiple times for each it for each
object in the feed right so it created this and then this and then this right
okay um how does that work with this block grid
though so essentially here let's just go ahead and uh I'm going to add in just a little bit of content into
here okay
he here's a block grid right and as you see if I were to uh create a block grid
of of content without any sort of CMS involved this is how I would do it right
I'd have each entire each block grid would have its own bit of content
okay well essentially all I'm doing is is creating is replicating this block
grid cell that's essentially what we want to do hopefully that makes sense okay so um
instead of me adding my own content okay I want to create block grid cells with
total CMS okay so let's go ahead and I'm going
to manually do this now we're going to go in here we're I'm going to add my feed Loop okay and I want my feed to
generate block grid cells so at this point um this block grid cell
here let's just do this something simple I'm going to go ahead and I'm
just going to add a header in here and I'm just going to put post okay
so if I if I publish
this there we go all right so as you see this created three items in the grid with the word
Post in it and why why did it create three because there's three posts in my
feed so now obviously instead of creating static content we want to take
the data from each individual post and integrate it into that cell right so to make this easier like I
said earlier in the blocker cell you can do full width edit mode and that makes the width of each block grid full width
just so it's a little bit easier um so now we can go ahead I'm going to delete this header okay what I'm going to do is
I'm going to take this I'm just going to copy that in there and then I'm going to copy this inside that and then I'm going
to take that content and put it right below there right so now my block grid cell contains an image the header and
the content hopefully that made sense we're just going to add in a little bit of gutters we're going to change the number
of grid columns and
publish so there we go two different ways of doing it right up here we're using the block grid to generate the
data okay in the layout and here we're using it just straight on top of each
other which is pretty cool
let me see if there's any questions I saw the the chat room kind of going off a little
bit all browser uh oh I can change the command s to show and hide the sidebar yeah I
should do probably do that um yeah I know that there's settings in the in the arc sidebar to change that command s
you're you're you are 100% correct um so yeah I should definitely do that
okay now we we saw this with feeds the way to do it with blog is going to be exactly the same um you'll just have
more Fields available to you okay um and yeah I definitely need to redo this
image stuff to make that particular thing simpler okay um and it's all my
goal to to achieve that before I ship this beta because I I want to kind of get that feedback and remove these hard
to use understand features so um
um similarly okay so you saw I added it for blog and for feeds there is also a
gallery Loop okay stack um and I'm not I'm not even going to attempt to do this
right now um because I'm pretty sure there's bugs I literally was falling asleep as I made this last night um and
you see there there is a ton of data that you can access for each image in the gallery so but just like a feed
right this is going to Loop through every single image in the gallery and then you can build out your own custom
layouts with Bento with whatever you want and then you can integrate all of
the images all of the data for the image inside that layout as well right so all
of the exif information all the all every kind of thing right all the stuff
that we can access in here and there's a ton of data that total CS stores for every image so we
have the focal point we have all of the exip information all the camera information the GPS
information um colors stored within the image um and some you know readon type
of metadata okay um so yeah there's all kinds of stuff that you can access and
integrate within the gallery Loop um and here's all the just copy paste all of
that data directly into there okay um another thing actually I want to I do want to say something that's kind of
cool and blog has this as well um if you know feed doesn't have a date field okay
however um if we go to this feed Loop you'll notice that there is a date created and a date updated date okay um
let's go ahead and I'm just going to go ahead and add those into here just so we can kind of see
those let's just make them uh here we're just going to make them a p right and
we're going to do let's copy and paste we're going to do date created
and I'm going to do um created colon and then my
macro okay and uh we're going to do updated now you don't have the ability
to change these dates okay um because they are managed by the CMS so we have
post. updated I think it's updated let me just verify that uh oh I didn't oh there's a bug I
got to fix that in the in the stack that says create I'm pretty sure it's updated right and let's publish
that can we ensure the geographical cordinates or photos are systematically removed before publication um yes you
can so the G you know um the exf data it is customizable uh you can you can um
and I think I added a setting to to remove it or not or to store it or not
um but if the photo doesn't have um you know GPS coordinates in the exf data
then it's not stored so you can you can strip that out beforehand if you don't want any of that data um and I'm pretty
sure I do have options that don't store if you don't want to I which I forget
what the default is okay um but I do have to say the the images
that are created don't have that data okay um and if you don't display it
then no one no one's going to ever know that data okay um so there we go oh uh
let's go and preview this uh oh wrong page so there we go we have the created
and updated times although created should be different I'll have to verify
that I'll do some more testing on that but the updated time
interesting let me go ahead and I added this the created field when
I after I um oh wrong wrong it's not even that
one where is it here it is interesting I think I added this
created feature after I'm going to go ahead and create a third here we're going to just for fun oh but then it's
going to be the same created and update date it's going to be the same um I I'll do some testing but I added
that created feature after I created this feed so um the data probably wasn't
there so it just added the latest Tim stamp um to it because if we look at the
actual code I think yeah it's the same exact time so that's exactly what
happened yep but if I here for fun though I'm
going to go ahead and I'm not sure what this one is but let's go ahead and edit one of these
um updated
save right and this one was 4
R this one oh well I need to fix that
apparently created and updated both get updated on update so I will have to
fix that darn bugs okay um there we go
let's see um shame you can't change the dates uh you will be able to change the
date on blog so Blog has a um Blog has a date field okay um and you'll be able to
change that but blog essentially now has three date fields you can have the date field and then you have create and
updated okay the created and updated Fields aren't updatable okay um via a
form so yep um there we
go so yeah in blog you do have the ability to change the date for a date field but again in blog you'll have
three date fields effectively now for every single blog post okay um but in custom collections if you want to have
10 date fields you can have that and they they can all be updatable it's upd to you okay um so that's custom
collections um I think that's about it that I have
to show off um I I still have some some more things to do I need to test out obviously there's some there's some bugs
with some of these looping things um that I need to fix out U mostly these some of these macros were not correct um
the created versus updated uh thing um I wasn't aware that that was a bug so that's that's good to know get that
fixed um yeah in general generally like for
those that have used beta 1 I'm not sure if who's here um hopefully um if you
want to give me some feedback on the community or whatnot what you think of the new feed Loop and blog Loop Stacks
um they're I think infinitely more user friendly than what we had previously um with the loop stack um much much easier
to use so I'm happy with that um I think I think we did it right there so okay um
that's it guys that's all I had to show off today um hopefully I'll I'll have I
want to get this released this week okay um so I I do have quite a bit of more work to do um but I think it should be
possible um bang out this afternoon and all day tomorrow hopefully um we'll have that
done um just a little ETA on what's coming up
so beta 2 um Gallery um as you saw is done um
there's a few minor things I need to do I'm going to try my best to create an actual Gallery stack um you know I do
have the loop stack where you can create your own custom thing but I do want to have a um I purchased a commercial
Gallery actually um and um so yeah I'm going to try to get that done um and
have a nice looking Gallery stack so you can just drag and drop and have a fun fully functional gallery um just by
dragging it on there and setting your your gallery uh ID and then you're done right um so yeah I hope they have that
done uh at least a very simple version of it uh this week uh blog got a revamp in this in
this beta um I do also in the demo file I'm going to have a fully functional
like four-page blog setup right so we have the blog admin the
um the blog form and then on the content side the blog list and the blog post
page right so I have all of that set up and functional and I'll probably do a similar thing for feeds um so we can
have kind of a an all-in-one package for feeds as well which will be interesting so that's beta 2 um beta 3
the next beta after that I'm going to be focusing on custom collections okay um custom collections are a thing they do
work now but um they're not userfriendly to create um so um that's going to be a
probably the the biggest thing left is creating all the forms for that um it's quite quite a
complex UI um and uh yeah creating that will be a little challenge but um
definitely doable so um giving you guys the ability to Define and create your custom collections will be a game
changer um that's going to be obviously the big feature of total CS 3 so um those will come in beta 3 okay um and
then beta 4 after that I currently have planned for um file Depot okay those are
two things that haven't been created yet um although now that I've created image and gallery file and Depot are just kind
of subsets of that right because um even simpler because I don't need to actually display an image or dynamically resize
and pull exf data and all that jazz right so a file is just a file um and
and Depot is just a list of files so those shouldn't be too difficult but those will come in beta 4 um and then we
have beta 5 which I won't even get into it's got a whole bunch of other new stuff um um new Fields um that you need
some like some licensing stuff and at that point once we at beta 5 that will then start um you know maybe doing a
more wideopen um beta or give you know further access to people um after uh
beta 5 ships that's my current plan okay um so yeah do I have a time frame I do
not it will be done when it's done I'm literally working seven days a week um
10 to 12 hours a day um or more um getting all of this done um so yeah as
soon as possible I want this I want you guys to have this as soon as possible as well um if you do um yeah let me know um
what what you what your thoughts are so far give me some feedback there is a total cms3 beta group um on the
community so if you'd like to just kind of be a fly on the wall you can join that group um ask questions and
um and whatnot and uh that would be great so thank you very much everybody let me see if there's any other
questions nope cool awesome thank you very much have a great rest of your week
I hope to see you on Friday at the hangout um and have a wonderful week go
forth and make your websites great bye